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The follow-up email after sending a quotation may play an important role in clinching a new business opportunity. First things first though, a quotation is the format statement a potential supplier sends to a client for the supply of goods and/or services. After sending the quotation a supplier can use a follow-up email to keep in touch with the client, a key part of securing the client’s business. The follow-up email conveys the suppliers’ keen interest and this may just be enough to convince the client to choose them. The email also allows the supplier to know the areas of the quote that the client may need further clarification.

When writing the email, it needs to be professional and formal in order to maintain the perception of competence. In order to do this, it is important to keep the next few points in mind.

Tone – maintain a serious and formal tone when communicating with the client, this will increase the suppliers’ credibility with the client and make the email professional.

Brief – keep the letter as short as possible and to the point, no one wants to read a long email especially the client.

Reference – to make the client understand that it is a professional email, the supplier should reference the quotation already sent to the client. This will ensure that the client knows the point of the email and keeps the flow of communication logical and sequential. Here is where the supplier may want to inquire about anything that the client would want to be explained further regarding the quote. The supplier may also add details that they may have left out in the initial quote.

Be Polite – being formal and serious is not the same as being curt. Politeness is key to maintaining a healthy working relationship between the client and the supplier.

These guidelines will help anyone when writing a follow-up email after a quote. But just to drive the point home, please consider the following sample follow up email for a catering company.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr./Mrs.

Following our recent discussion, the company has sent you the quotation for catering to the wedding on 10th March 20xx and we hope you received the same in good health. (any name of the company, product/service, and date can be put in this sentence)

If you need further information regarding our services or the quotation the whole staff and I are available to answer any queries at any time. We assure you of our dedication to providing only the best catering services for our clients and with our experience catering for weddings, we will do our part to make the day a resounding success.

It is our hope that we will work together in the near future and we await your favorable response.

Thank you for choosing us.


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