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12 Best Refund Request Letter Sample & Templates

A Refund Request Letter is a formal letter written to a seller by a customer who is unsatisfied with a purchased product or service and wants to ask for the payment back.

The letter is meant to outline pertinent details about the transaction and the request.

The refund request letter communicates to the seller why the product was unsatisfactory and the customer’s expectations regarding repayment. The letter gives the seller an opportunity to remedy the situation and improve. Additionally, it acts as proof of the outcome of the transaction between the customer and the seller, should follow-up be necessary after the refund.

The refund request letter ensures that people don’t settle for poor quality, faulty or broken products, and unsatisfactory services as customers. When writing the refund request letter, customers should provide specific information related to the purchase.

The following items should appear in the letter:

  • The customer’s contact information
  • The date of purchase or delivery
  • Type and name of the product
  • The purchase price of the purchased product or service
  • The seller, store, or website (if any) from which the purchase was made
  • The reason for dissatisfaction

Note: In addition to the items mentioned above, the transaction receipt should be attached.

Refund Request Letter Templates


[Customer name]

[Mailing address]

[Phone number/email address]



[Seller’s/company name]

Seller’s mailing address]

Subject: Refund Request

Dear [Seller’s/manager]

I’ve written this letter to inform [company name] that the [product or service] I purchased on [date of purchase] was unsatisfactory. This is due to [reason for dissatisfaction].

Therefore, for these reasons, I would like a full refund of the money paid or [other forms of refund, e.g., replacement]. I anticipate a response by [last date of deadline]. Attached is the receipt of the transaction.

Kindly contact me through [phone number] or [email address] if there are concerns regarding my request.


[Customer signature]

Customer’s name]

Following are some more free downloadable templates.















    Communication Channels for Requesting a Refund

    Most sellers or companies will often have a preferred channel of communication customers can use to ask for refunds. Among the different ways of requesting a refund available to unsatisfied customers are the following:

    Visit the store personally

    The first way is visiting the seller personally and returning the product as one asks for a refund. Sellers will often have a return policy that customers should observe. Most companies have a 30-60 days after the purchase date refund policy. It is therefore recommended that the customer visits the seller as soon as possible. This way, they can communicate their expectations in person. Some sellers prefer the concerns to be raised through the receptionist, and some have customer service stations set up to handle such claims.

    Call the seller

    Customers can opt to call the seller through official communication channels. Different sellers will have different places where customers can get the official telephone number, such as on product packages, on posters in the store, on the website, or on social media pages. Local stores will typically have in-store phones, while online shopping platforms provide a customer service number to address such issues. Big corporations have support lines that deal with different issues and direct them accordingly. Calling the seller saves on time and the effort that a face-to-face meeting requires.

    Use refund request letter from the website

    Some sellers allow their customers to request refunds directly from their websites. This method is less personal than an in-person meeting or a call but equally efficient. The seller will usually have an online application form for the different types of products and services they offer that prompts customers to provide their details, enter the request and upload it for processing. They will often have all the necessary sections to fill out. Care should be taken when filling out the form, for if the company guidelines are not followed, the request might be denied. Refunds through this method are usually instant. However, they might not be, especially if a textbox rather than an application form is used.

    Send an email

    Sellers sometimes prefer emails to address issues such as refunds. The customer can send a well-written email to the official company email or the customer service email. The email should address all the relevant information if it is to be effective. A refund request letter can also be sent via email. Receipts and other relevant documents are attached to the email.

    Note: Keep a record of any communication made with the seller. For example, always keep a copy of the refund request letter and a copy of the transaction receipt.

    How to Request a Refund

    Once you select the appropriate communication channel to reach out to the seller, it is time to ask for a refund. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to go about the process of requesting a refund.

    Review merchant’s refund policy

    Firstly, one should look for the seller’s official refund policy and thoroughly go through it. The refund policy outlines the terms and steps to be taken by customers seeking a refund. By following the policy’s guidelines, as a customer, you avoid a situation where the seller claims the request was non-compliant, and as a result, it is null and void. Sometimes sellers won’t have a refund policy in place; the state’s consumer laws will govern the request in such a case. It is worth noting that regardless of how strict a seller’s “Non-refund” policy might be, the return of defective, dangerous, and not-as-advertised products and services will sometimes be applicable. 

    Find your receipt

    Next, locate the product’s or service’s receipt. A transaction receipt is an important document when it comes to requesting refunds. A receipt contains information of things bought, the sum of money paid, and is a proof of the transaction taking place. If you cannot trace the receipt, a credit or debit card statement can be used if either was used for the purchase. The transaction statement can be obtained from the bank.

    Give reasons for the refund

    Thirdly, when making the refund request, provide the reason(s) for seeking the refund. The reason(s) must be in line with the company refund policy. Ensure to be as specific as possible. Vague reasons would ultimately raise more questions and might compromise the authenticity of the claim.

    Tip: Sellers disapprove refunds for customer-induced damages.

    Indicate the total amount requested

    Once the seller is aware of why the refund request is being made, the customer can then indicate the exact total amount of money they are asking for as reimbursement. In addition to the refund money, declare the deadline the seller has to honor the request and the methods of payment one prefers. Refund does not have to be monetary; sellers will often accept other options such as store credit and replacement. Once the refund request letter has been sent, follow up to ensure that the seller received it. 

    Other ways of requesting a refund

    Lastly, sometimes the seller might refuse to respond to the request. If all the applicable guidelines of the refund policy were observed in filing the request and the seller still chooses to deny the request, a customer can resort to other options such as:

    • Filing a consumer complaint with the state attorney’s office
    • Reach out to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the local chamber of commerce to lodge a complaint
    • Seek compensation through a small claims court
    • Give a negative online review of the seller on their website or social media page 

    Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Refund Request Letter    

    When writing a refund request letter, one is advised to consider the following do’s and don’ts.


    • Ensure that the request letter refers to the specific goods or services being returned for the refund by including details such as details of the product or service when it was purchased, and at what price.
    • The reason(s) for asking for a refund must be sincere and should be clearly explained.
    • Use formal and polite language in the letter.
    • Include relevant details of the transaction that can assist the claim, such as dates, location of delivery, serial numbers, etc.
    • Attach relevant support documents such as receipts.


    • Do not use false claims or exaggerate any details such as the extent of damage or reason for asking for the refund.
    • Avoid including unnecessary details and ambiguity; be concise and specific.
    • Do not use informal language.

    Refund Request Letter Sample

    Bill Timber

    2464 West Dalton Place

    Harrington, TX 63632


    Tim Brody

    Magical Electronics

    7110 South Mingo Avenue

    West Pine, FL 61612

    Subject: Refund Request

    June 24th, 2021

    Dear Tim Brody,

    I’ve sent this letter is to bring your kind attention to the fact that I will be returning a PXL TV set that I bought from the Magical Electronics shop on June 23rd, 2021. The cost of the TV was $860. The receipt is attached.

    Upon delivery, the TV screen was broken, and as a result, the product was unusable. I am deeply disappointed, for I was guaranteed I’d have a functional TV for my family which was not delivered.

    As a result, I’d like a refund of the total amount by July 10th, 2021, as cash or bank deposit. I’ll be willing to accept a replacement of the same product by the mentioned date.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you. My phone number is 555-1008-422, and my email address is [email protected] if you have further questions about the refund request.

    Thank you,

    Yours sincerely,

    Bill Timber

    Final Thoughts

    If a purchased product or service fails to meet your expectations, as a customer, you can return it to the seller and ask for a refund through a refund request letter. Refund request letters are formal letters issued by customers who are unsatisfied with the product or service purchased. It will typically include product description, date of purchase, purchase price, refund amount being requested, the deadline for the refund, and the payment method. The refund request letter should be issued in accordance with the seller’s refund policy. The refund request can be made in writing, via a phone call, online, or in an in-person meeting. Sellers will generally honor the request if it is genuine.

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