Terms of Use

If you wish to use the site you must follow the terms and conditions that are provided so that you can then use the template and download it from the website. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions then you will not be able to access any of the template on the website and will not be allowed to download it. There may also be changes to these terms and conditions at any point and you must be willing to accept these if you wish to continue using this site. A license agreement is also offered and these are specifically concerned with the types of templates that are available to download and install. These are the following terms which are related to the site.

Using links to our website

If you wish to link to the webpages that are contained upon our site, you may do so through your blog or website. We suggest you only do this if you do not have any harmful, pornographic or illegal content contained upon it. If you do wish to create a link then you may only use a extension through a HTML link and not in any other format.

Using our content

You must remember that the content contained on our website is copyrighted and owned by us. This content includes the text, software, files, graphics, documents, photos, video, music and other information.

The copyright laws that we enforce will be issued with notices from DMCA if they are broken.

  1. Visitors will be able to gain access to the content from the website as long as the proprietary notices, the trademark and all of the copyright is retained.
  2. You must make sure that you do not create content from the content contained within this website.
  1. If you choose to use our material you must make sure that it is not linked with our events, brands or products.
  2. The content must not be used in a commercial way.

You will also not be allowed to alter or duplicate content that is contained within the website and if you do so it will be considered a security breach.

You should also not display the content from this website on any other webpages or forms of social media.

If you have any concerns regarding the content of this website on how to use it then contact us and we will be able to provide information concerning the consequences that may take place with the law if this does happen.

Submissions that are made upon the website

Submissions means that a user has provided comments or ratings onto the site. Once you have provided this content it then becomes part of the site and is owned by the site. Individual who uploaded the contents should not try and seek payment for any content they have uploaded.

The individual must therefore agree to the submissions terms and conditions. The individual must control or own the content.

This content must also not expose any confidential information. If it does so then you may be liable to a tourney fees and could face further charges.

Ideas and suggestions

If you have any ideas which you wish to submit to the site then you are welcome to do so. You must understand the terms of use upon the site before you submit your creative ideas.

We also cannot keep all submissions to be confidential and cannot guarantee any compensation.

If you do wish to have your ideas protected then you can contact the site for more information.

Ways of conduct upon the site

When you make a submission upon the site they should follow a selection of rules. These submissions may not contain information which is legal without proper codes of conduct. The submission must not violate any third parties and should be related to the business in which you are working. The content should not contain any harmful content of viruses and should not stray from the original topic. The submissions should also not be spam in any way and should not be misleading.

Information on accounts

When you open an account on the website you must make sure that you provide correct information that is true. If you do not do this it will be considered illegal and unacceptable and you must therefore be in control of your computer when you are logging into the site.

If you violate the terms and conditions then the website has the power to terminate your account

Disclaimer for liability

Fine our disclaimer at: https://www.doctemplates.net/disclaimer/

General Outlines:

The website will not be liable for any injury or damages or losses that takes place when using the site or by the informatoin provided on the website or that may be caused by failing to operate on the site. This is also true if you are using the site from a hyperlink of another site or if the site does not behave in the way that you expect. The site is also not liable for any errors that are contained on the website and any commissions that are put onto the site. It will also not be liable for any interruptions that take place when the site is being used, any defects that are found on site or any delays that can take place or any viruses which may be present.

The website is not liable for any of the following damages

  • Damages which may be seeking compensation due to loss or injury, damages that are consequential, or incidental damages.
  • If the website was negligent then liability still is not to arise and in some states the website will not exclude liability for any reasons that are incidental or consequential.
  • Linking to other sites around the World Wide Web
  • The website contains a selection of links to other sites around the World Wide Web and these links should not be seen as an endorsement. They are simply there as a means of information and you can find out more information about the URL address to see if you’re still on our website.

Termination of agreement

The agreement will remain effective until either of the party decides to terminate it. Individuals may choose to close their account at any point and can destroy the documentations that is linked with the website. The website may also choose to terminate any agreements if it feels that there has been a breach in the terms or conditions that are outlined in the agreement.

The website also has the right to alter these terms and conditions at any point that they choose to and this can be done simply by updating the site. The web site does also not need to provide notice of this.