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How to Write a New Cheque Book Request | 5 Best Samples

A cheque is a vital official document that allows you to make payments to an individual or company either as advance payments or as a gift. A cheque allows you to make large payments without the risk of carrying along with substantial cash with you.

A cheque book request letter is written to a bank or a financial institution by an individual or company to request a cheque book to make financial transactions.

This letter is usually written if the individual or company prefers to use a cheque book for business transactions to lumpsum bank deposits. The individual or company is incapacitated to go to the financial institutions themselves to collect cheque book. A cheque book request letter is vital to inform the financial institution that you require a cheque book. It is also used to state the urgency with which the cheque book is required, and it serves as a record of communication between the client and the bank itself. Finally, you can also use this letter as a chance to show your appreciation to either of the concerned parties.

Nevertheless, recent technological advancements, such as the advent of credit cards and online banking systems, have had adverse effects on the use of cheques, thereby making them less and less relevant. Most people prefer to use credit cards and online banking methods since they are prompt, unlike cheques with longer holding periods. However, one significant advantage of using cheques while transacting business is that it helps individuals and organizations track and document payments consistently. Another significant advantage is that they do not have any processing fees like credit cards; thus, some individuals still find them relevant and worth.

This article will help you understand how to request a cheque book from your financial institution, tips for writing a cheque book request letter, and provide you with templates and sample cheque book request letters for your reference.

How Do I Write a Cheque Book Request Letter?

Cheque book request letters are addressed to the local head of a bank- a branch manager or the specific department manager. For this reason, you need to be professional while letting the request letter. follow these steps to write an effective cheque book request letter

  • Firstly, include all the relevant personal information such as
  • Your official name
  • Bank/branch name
  • Your bank account name
  • Bank account number
  • IBAN


Remember not to include any sensitive, confidential information such as ATM card pin, net banking credentials, or CVV. Financial institutions or banks don’t ask for such confidential details.

  • In the second part of your letter, write about all the issues and requirements you need to be fulfilled by the bank. Remember to state the urgency with which you need the issues and requirements sorted. Do not repeat the issues twice as it creates a negative influence on your application.
  • The last paragraph of the letter includes your gratitude and acknowledgment to the reader for considering your application.
  • Since this is a business letter, use a formal format. Make sure that the salutations and greetings used are official and professional.
  • Proofread your letter to cross-verify that the account number and any necessary information is accurate and correct.

Essential Tips for Writing

A cheque book might be valuable to you and your business for individuals or organizations that prefer using cheques for financial transactions to cash payments. This is because it ensures the smooth running of your day-to-day business operations. To get a cheque book, you have to write a request letter to your local banking institution. The cheque book request letter must include all the required information, the urgency with which the cheque book should be delivered, and it should be formal. In addition to that, the request letter must contain professional content, and the language and tone must be polite.

Here are a few tips for writing a great cheque book request letter:

  1. Request for the cheque book courteously. Maintain a polite tone throughout the letter. This is an excellent way to show the bank attendant that you appreciate their efforts in making sure your issues and needs are sorted out as soon as possible.

  2. State the urgency of the matter. Include a timeline for which you need the cheque book delivered. This is important as it allows the bank to do their part to ensure you got the cheque book on time without causing any inconveniences.

  3. Give an apparent reason why you need the cheque book. While writing the cheque book request letter, provide a clear reason as to why you need the cheque book as soon as possible. Common reasons may include; staff remuneration reasons or to pay for services rendered to your company or for goods delivered to your business.

  4. Be precise, relevant, and concise. Ensure you include all the necessary information, such as details of the desired number of leaflets to be on the cheque book. While writing the letter, be straight forward and avoid making it lengthy.

  5. Give thanks to the reader for their time, effort, and consideration. Most people tend to overlook this part, but you must show appreciation for the bank attendant’s effort to ensure your matter is resolved urgently.

  6. Use a formal, professional format. When drafting the cheque book request letter, make sure to use a formal tone. This shows that you are professional; thus, whoever is attending to your request will be diligent when processing the request.

Sample Cheque Book Request Letter


The Branch Manager,

Stanbic Bank of Florida,

Duval street


Dear Sir/ Madam

I request you to kindly issue me with a checkbook of 100 leaves since I want to start paying my clients through cheques. I have been your loyal customer, and I have a savings account at your bank, Stanbic Bank of Florida, Duval Street branch. I have attached this letter will provide all the required information regarding my account. Kindly process my request as soon as you can. Don’t hesitate to contact my office or me if you need any more information.

Account Holder Name: John Williams

Account Name: 24667885325677

Branch: Duval Street

Mobile Number: 4129654475


John Williams

(Sign here)


Free Templates

Is it your first time to write to a bank to request a cheque book, or do you want to request a cheque to make a financial transaction? Download our free, premium, and professional Cheque book request letter templates today and customizes them to fit your unique needs and requirements.

Cheque Book Request Letter Sample 01

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Cheque Book Request Letter Sample 03

Cheque Book Request Letter Sample 04

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    How do I write a letter requesting a cheque book?

    Courteously request the cheque book from the bank. Mention the urgency of the cheque book and the main reason you need it. Based on your need’s assessment, including the number of leaflets that you wish the cheque book to have and finally express your gratitude to the bank attendants for their efforts to solve the issue as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the entire letter should contain formal content.

    What is a cheque book request form?

    It is an online feature that allows users to request a new cheque book online. The feature only works for those accounts for which cheque book facility is permitted or enabled. A cheque book request form allows the user to specify their preferences, such as the number of leaflets, number of the cheque books, and others.

    How do I request a Cheque Book?

     Follow these three simple steps to request a checkbook:
    From the Accounts Tab, select the “checkbook” link from the “Request” section.
    Choose the account for which you need to request the checkbook
    Approve/confirm the request.

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