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45+ Free Sign-up / Sign-in Sheet Templates ( Excel | Word)

It is important to control access of the attendees when managing workplaces and organizing events such as fundraisers, dinner parties, etc. This is so that you can be aware of who is allowed and who is not allowed to access/enter the premises.

Two tools commonly used for this purpose are sign-up and sign-in sheet templates. In the past, you would typically write down your name on a visitor’s book or log when visiting a workplace or building. However, sign-in sheets have replaced visitor log books. On the other hand, sign-up sheets are used to record the names of guests or participants expected in an event or activity.

This article will discuss the basics and types of sign-up and sign-in sheets.

Sign-Up Sheet

A sign-up sheet is an event management tool that records the attendees who would like to participate and attend the event. It allows the event organizer to tally the number of people to expect at the event. As a result, these sheets are completed before the event. Then, the interested attendees write down their names and other details like phone numbers or email. Sign-up sheets are often used to organize fundraising dinners, conferences, weddings, dances, and other social events.

Types of Sign-up Sheets

Different kinds of sign-up sheets can be used in different events and circumstances. The common types of sheets used to sign-up attendees are:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sign-up sheet

Alcoholics Anonymous is a non-profit organization. To participate in AA meetings, you need to be an AA member. Interested participants will typically sign up for meetings using this type of sheet. This type of sheet will highlight the name of the AA meeting group, location, date and time of the meeting, and the signature of the group chair. 

Attendance/guest sign-up sheet

This type of sheet is used to record who will attend an event. It is a generic sheet and can be used for different events such as social events, company meetings, etc., or establishments like a church, offices, restaurants, and reception halls. This allows you to plan for the number of guests who have confirmed they’ll attend the gathering.

Baby shower sign-up sheet

The baby shower sign-up sheet is used to record the baby shower attendees. It can also record attendees who are expected to bring gifts. The shower host can then make appropriate arrangements to accommodate the guests who have confirmed attendance.

Bathroom sign-up sheet

The bathroom sheet is usually used to record the names of people obligated to clean a shared bathroom, such as an office or apartment. In addition, the sheet records the name, cleaning date, etc. This will avoid confusion about who uses which bathroom among other users in the building.

Day-care sign-up sheet

A day-care sheet registers parents seeking day-care services at a day-care facility. This sheet registers the day-care name, parent’s name, the child’s name, type of day-care (1 day, daily, weekly, etc.), time of drop off, and pick up. This allows the day-care organizers to plan depending on the number of children they expect. 

Employee sign-up sheet

The employee sign-up sheets is used to record the names of employees who are expected to work on a particular shift, certain access areas, or undertake a particular project. This sheet also records their workplace, emergency phone number, time of expected attendance, etc. It is used to manage employees, monitor access to restricted areas, and keep track of attendance.

Parent sign-up sheet

Parent-teacher conferences are vital for most schools to discuss the student’s academic progress and performance. These sheets can be used to tally which parents will be attending and to let the teacher and administration know that the parent is aware of their child’s activity.

Patient (medical) sign-up sheet

This sheet type is common in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions. It will typically be used to keep a record of medical appointments. It registers patients visiting the medical facility at a particular time. It thus records the name of the patient, doctor’s name, date, time, and reason for the visit.

Real estate open house sign-up sheet

An open house is an advertising technique used in real estate to sell or rent a property. The realtor will often list the properties for sale or lease and set up a specific period for interested parties to visit the property. This sheet is used to record the names of people who are interested in viewing the property and contact details. This type of sheet can be used to collect information from the interested buyers, like the type of property they are looking for.

Safety meeting sign-up sheet

Most companies and organizations will have a safety meeting to inform their workers about new equipment, procedures, personnel, etc. The document can indicate the type of safety meeting, the attendee’s name, and activities to generate interest and motivate employees to attend. This helps keep a record of all employees who have been educated on safety protocols in the company.

Student sign-up sheet

This sheet keeps track of students participating in specific classes/lectures, extracurricular activities, and school activities. It indicates the type of activity, the name of the attendee, and the date. In addition, a student sign-up sheet ensures the educator or supervisor has a record of all students who attended and participated in the event or activity.

Training sign-up sheet

Training is essential for employees to keep up with the latest trends in the market and improve their performance and productivity. The sheet records the names of the employees attending a training course for a particular skill or new equipment. This allows the trainer to make appropriate arrangements, schedule accordingly and promote attendance. It also serves as a record of employees who showed interest in the training program.

Volunteer sign-up sheet

Most non-profit organizations or foundations that have charitable events such as fundraisers need people to volunteer. A sign-up sheet can be used in such cases to determine the number of volunteers available for different activities and responsibilities. This sheet records the volunteers’ names, dates, affiliation/event, the reason for volunteering, and other details.

Sheet

A sign-in sheet is used to keep track of the people who have signed into an event, establishment, or out of it. Other important information that needs to be recorded when signing in is the date and time of arrival, the purpose of visit, date and time of departure, and signature (if needed). The sheet will typically be placed at the entrance, and attendees can sign in before entering the premises. The document serves as a record of who attended the event or entered the premises.

Types of Sign-in Sheets

Sign-in sheet templates are designed according to the purpose of use and the information that needs to be recorded. There are a few common types of sign-in sheets. These include:

Seminar sign-in sheet

As the name implies, it is usually used during seminars and workshops. It is usually used to record participants’ attendance and lists their names, addresses, and contact numbers should follow-ups be necessary to plan future seminars. It can also record the topics discussed and facilitator(s).

Conference sign-in sheet

It is used at conferences. It contains details about the conference organizers, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, etc., and records the names of attendees and contact details, feedback, etc.

Meeting sign-in sheet

Meeting sign-in templates are used for meetings, business, and personal use. It records the attendees, the purpose of the meeting, and other vital details. It helps moderators keep track of who is present and schedule effectively for time management. The meeting sheet can also include the nature of the meeting, location, and date. With the sheet, the meeting can be held in an organized and smooth manner. Meeting sign-in sheets also facilitate accountability for attendees.

Visitor sign-in sheet

For security purposes, a visitor sheet is used to keep records about visitors to an establishment, such as a home, office, or exhibition. It records who enters and leaves the premises. In addition, it contains details of the date and time of the visit, name, address, contact number, and purpose. The sheet should have one column for visitor information and another for signature and can include a column for comments. By listing the visitors, the sheet can be helpful in case of an emergency where you want to account for people within an establishment or event. 

Patient sign-in sheet

It records the details of patients who have visited a doctor or hospital. The sheet can record their name, address, contact number, and access time. It is also used to record comments from the patient during consultation and suggestions/issues raised. It can be used to evaluate the arrival and departure times to optimize visits.

2-day class sign-in sheet

Classes, workshops, and other events that require double signing in would require this type of sheet for attendees to sign in. For example, a 2-day class sign-in sheet combines and allows attendees to sign in for the two days in one sheet. The sheet will indicate the name of the class, location, dates, and instructor(s). It also records the arrival time for both days and can include departure times.

Blank attendance sign-in sheet

This fillable sign-in template can be used to record attendance at different events and activities, from classes to employee meetings. It records the attendance but can be personalized to collect more information if needed.

Open house sign-in sheet

Open house sign-in templates are used in real estate. It records the names and contact details of visitors who visit an open house. It serves as a record of visitors and can be used for follow-ups. It can be modified to collect information based on viewing, e.g., office space, residential home, warehouse, etc.

Generic sign-in sheet

A generic sign-in sheet contains the essential components of a sign-in template. It can, however, be custom-built for a specific type of situation. Thus, it can befit any event or activity.

Benefits of a Sign-In Sheet

There are several advantages to using a sign-in sheet. As such, they are used by teachers, employers, event organizers, facilitators, customer service, etc. Some of the benefits of using the sheets include:


The sheet helps keep track of the people who have attended an event, activity, or place. This is important to users for different reasons. Employers and teachers will want to know the attendance to determine the impact of absence on performance. It helps keep track of people who visit your place, which is beneficial for business owners, especially those who want to keep track of their customers and their names, address, contact numbers, etc. It also helps in planning meetings, conferences, and seminars. Establishment use records of visitors to maintain security within the premises. In other cases, the records of visitors can be government-mandated to prevent fraud or abuse.

Sign-in sheets also limit access to restricted areas. It thus helps to prevent intrusion into privacy. Also, HR departments use the sheet to record the number of interviewees that checked in for a job opening. Larger corporations also use the sheet as an asset utilization tracking tool for every department. Lastly, as part of a visitor management system, the sheet helps companies gather data on visitors visiting an establishment to determine the space and resources needed to be reallocated. 


When a natural disaster occurs or any other accident happens, the sign-in sheets are used to keep track of visitors, employees, students, or residents who were on the premises at the time of the disaster. Sign-in sheets are, therefore, an emergency preparedness criteria used by most establishments.

Format of a Sign-Up and Sign-In Sheet

Sign-up and sign-in sheets are designed similarly and contain the same amount of information more often than not. The difference between the two sheets lies in how it is recorded – sign-up sheets are filled before the event, while sign-in sheets are completed on the day of the event.

Thus, they can be formatted as follows:

  • Open Excel, and in cell A1, type “Sign-up/in for [name of event].
  • Then select row one up to the columns you want and merge. Label columns A3, B3, C3, or up to the columns you need as the type of information you want to be input. You can include name, date, time, etc.
  • To format the worksheet, you need to adjust the size of rows and columns. To adjust the size of rows, select rows of the number of people you expect to complete the sheet.
  • Next, go to the “Home” tab, “Format,” and select “Row Height,” and a dialogue box will pop up. Increase the row size to any figure between 25-35 and click “OK.”
  • Repeat the process for columns, but select “Column Width” and adjust the size to between 25-35.
  • Finally, save the sign-up/in sheet.  

Sign-Up & Sign-In Sheet Templates

You can create sign-up or sign-in sheets using templates like the ones provided on our site. Templates simplify the process of creating personalized sign-up/in sheets. The templates are easy to navigate and can be customized to the user’s specifications. The best part is that they are free to download. Once you have downloaded one, personalize it to suit the intended purpose. Then, print the sheet and make it available so attendees can start filling out the details whether it is meant as a sign-in or sign-up sheet.

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    Sign-in sheets are used in many situations to keep track of different types of information. Depending on the situation, the arrangement or type of information collected can be customized. However, they should respect the confidentiality of attendees and should thus not request sensitive personal information that can be used to compromise a person’s privacy. 

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