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Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template For Excel®

Having the right kind of bi-weekly timesheet template is something that makes organization at a workplace something truly awesome. Therefore, with this said, it is crucial to have just the right bi-weekly timesheet working for you from the onset. This is why it is paramount to only choose the right bi-weekly timesheet template from the get go.

What makes for the very best from the rest of all timesheet templates? Please do read on to learn more. The right bi-weekly timesheet template is one that makes for great efficiency and results on all fronts from the get go. Here are two fine examples of awesome and dependable bi-weekly timesheet forms. Both of these bi-weekly timesheet template formats are great in their own individual ways. The purpose of both is to record the working hours of all employees and to help calculate payroll based on the per hour category that is applied.

The first bi-weekly timesheet template called Biweekly Time Sheet With Sick Leave And Vacation is truly a great bi-weekly timesheet to create your very own company bi-weekly timesheet template from overall. This is because it is every inch detailed in all the right ways that a working and reliable bi-weekly timesheet template should be. It also helps a person to keep an employee’s sick time, as well as, vacation time perfectly organized all in one place. This, is in addition to, the working hours for said employee as well.

The second bi-weekly timesheet is no other than the Biweekly Time Sheet. This Biweekly Time Sheet is the perfect bi-weekly timesheet template to record all of the basics that go along with regular working hours from Monday to Friday. What makes this bi-weekly timesheet template very ideal is that it can be used to keep track of all working hours for any pay period or all pay periods. The person that uses this bi-weekly timesheet template can be creative if they so wish or they can just go along with the basic format that comes along with it. The choice is totally theirs alone.

What is great about both of these fantastic bi-weekly timesheet formats is variety. You can pick and choose between the both of them. You can also choose to use both. The choice is yours on which one to use for your own business record of bi-weekly worked hours and for payroll calculation purposes.


Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template For Excel :

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template For Excel

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Biweekly Timesheet With Sick Leave And Vacation :

Biweekly Timesheet With Sick Leave And Vacation

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