14 Customer Service Resume Templates – Examples & Guide

Historically, the customer service department has been somewhat belittled within the company compared to other departments. It has been considered that no great skills or experience were required to cater to “those annoying strangers.” We have even come across cases of people who don’t have great skills to relate to others or communicate, and their bosses have decided to send them to work in the customer service department to practice.

Customers are the source of the company’s revenue, they are the ones who support our project, and for whom we exist. If there is an elite department in the company that relates daily to the most important people in the organization, that’s the Customer Service department. The impact of employees in this department can be crucial to the organization.

Your goal is to establish a positive relationship with clients. As a result, many employers looking for are non-technical communication skills.

In the case of a representative of customer service resume, your work history in reverse chronological order should be at the center of your concerns, with your academic background and skills coming in second. A customer service manager’s resume should include much the same, with the most relevant work experience given priority.

For a customer service CV, it’s important to focus on how you deal with clients, so focus on your interpersonal skills when writing your own professional resume.

The old tips for including an objective statement in your CV are now outdated. Rather, the new protocol consists of writing a professional summary.

What does a customer service representative do?

Customer Service Representatives are the face of commercial establishments, they often work in so-called call centers, in different types of stores, and in companies that provide public services. These individuals are responsible for addressing the concerns that customers may have about the products and services offered; however, their responsibilities may vary from corporation to corporation. The core of this trade is to serve the general public and existing and potential customers.

Forming a Customer Service CV

What is easy to read is allowed. If you’re not a font connoisseur, stick to the standards, such as Arial or Times New Roman. Both fonts have close relatives, such as Futura and Helvetica, with which you can stand out from the crowd without risking much. Leave your fingers off hard-to-read fonts in writing optics. And with Comic Sans, your application almost automatically ends up in the trash!

For font size, you have little room for maneuver. 10 is the absolute minimum for the layout in the customer service resume. Everything below it is difficult to read and does not belong in the cover letter or in the resume. If the place allows it to reach size 12, it should not be more. The only exception is the heading font sizes throughout your resume, which only catches the eye.


Include relevant social media (such as LinkedIn) or a personal website if you think it will impress. Don’t link to your blog if it has nothing to do with the position you’re applying for.

Next, focus on your work history in your call center or retail customer service resume. This shows not only that you have training and practice, but also that you are confident enough to have a long-term job.

Remember that in customer service positions, general skills are often the most valued, so do your best to quantify your related accomplishments.

Customer service positions are often entry-level positions, so if your customer service resume seems a little scattered, you have options to make it more efficient.

If your work history is irregular or you don’t have a lot of experience, you can choose to put the Skills section at the top of your customer service resume. This will reduce the importance of your work history and lead potential employers to consider you based on your potential rather than your work history.

You can also use a strict definition of “work” and include experiences such as volunteering, club membership, and child care. Don’t forget the academic results – they show that you are capable and hardworking, even if they are not directly related to the tasks described in the job description.

However, be careful not to include irrelevant interests just to fill the space — no one cares that you can knit unless you apply at a craft store. Filling your customer service resume is different from its strategic presentation, and it will be obvious to anyone who reads your resume.

Best Customer Service Templates

Following are some of the best customer service resume examples:



    Skills for a CV in Customer Service

    When deciding which skills to include in your resume for customer service, it’s best to brainstorm a long list and then choose the eight to ten most impressive skills. No more than that and your resume will be cluttered.

    Keep in mind that if you are having difficulty, you can check the job description and use words or synonyms to refer to the words in it.

    Check out this list of customer service skills!

    Specialized skills for a CV in customer service:

    • Microsoft Office
    • Email
    • Zendesk/Talkdesk
    • Intercom
    • Technical/product knowledge
    • Computer skills
    • Understanding the client’s psychology
    • Typing
    • Basic Mathematics

    Flexible skills for a customer service CV:

    • Clear communication
    • Skills
    • Leadership
    • Negotiation
    • Resolving complaints
    • Politeness/label/tact
    • Adaptability/flexibility
    • Customer loyalty
    • Service-based sales
    • Empathy and compassion
    • Problem-solving
    • Teamwork
    • Time management

    Customer Service Resume Samples

    Here are professionally crafted customer service resume samples that can be customized after downloading:

    Customer Service Resume Template 03

    This is another infographic customer service resume template with beautiful design against the white background. This kind of infographic template is best for all kinds of customer service related jobs!

    Customer Service Resume Template 04

    This is a 2-page functional customer service resume template with a catchy design. You can add your all information in it without having to worry about the space and that too without compromising the photo!

    Customer Service Resume Template 05

    This customer service template is simplistic in its design without any flashy colors or infographics. Unlike some of the other simple customer service resume templates, you can add a photo in it!

    Customer Service Resume Template 06

    This is a modern customer service resume template with an elegant design and a modernistic look. This kind of modern customer service resume is best for customer service positions!

    Customer Service Resume Template 07

    This is a neat chronological customer service resume template against a white background. Unlike other neat templates, you can actually add your photo. This type of template is best for all kinds of customer service related positions!

    Customer Service Resume Template 08

    This is an infographic customer service resume template. It has an elegant design with beautiful infographic objects against a white background. This kind of template is best for customer service positions!

    Customer Service Resume Template 09

    This is a simple customer service resume template. Unlike some other simple templates, in this resume, not only can you add a photo, but you can add all your details in it!

    Customer Service Resume Template 10

    This is another modern customer service resume template with amazing design and objects with most of the text against a white background to make it easier for HR to read. You can also add your photo to it!

      Customer Service Resume Template 11

      This is a 2-page customer service resume template with an elegant functional Design against a white background. This kind of template is best for customer service positions!

      Customer Service Resume Template 12

      This is a 2-page customer service resume template with beautiful design against a white background. Like other customer service resume templates, you can also add a photo in it!

      Customer Service Resume Template 13

      This is a clean resume template with a simple design against a white background, but like the majority of other clean resume templates, you cannot add a photo in it!

      Customer Service Resume Template 14

      This is a standard customer service resume template with beautiful design and small icons. It has a simple white background, which makes the texts and icons visible!

      Customer Service Resume Template 15

      This is a simple customer service resume template with a very decent design without any edgy objects against a dark background. You cannot add your photo to it.


        When employers review the resumes of candidates, they can predict which candidate can work better within the company and understand which candidate’s qualifications can be used more effectively in the company’s development process. There are specific questions that can be asked about a candidate’s resume, and their answers are different according to each employer.

        That’s why it is very important that your resume is well-formatted; because an unevenly written customer service resume is seen as the mirror of your character. A well-formatted customer service resume can lead you to be considered a person who is out of seriousness and has difficulty planning in business.   We hope that our guide and customer service resume templates will help you with job hunting. If you want to excel in your career, do check our other free resources.

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