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45 Free Sign-Up & Sign-In Sheet Templates (Word, Excel)

Sign-In Sheet Template and Sign-Up Sheets Template are both documents that enable organizations to monitor and manage the number of guests, volunteers, participants in their event.

These sheets enable organizations to identify the names of participants, volunteers, or guests. A sign-up sheet template is a document that records information on the attendees interested in going to an event. In addition, it documents various aspects of the signage, including a name, time, and date of the event and a signature if required by the organizer.

Purpose of Sign-up Sheet

A sign-up sheet enables an event/ activity organizer to identify parties interested in attending. This can be a useful tool for enabling the organizer to come up with an estimated cost for the event and in the acquisition of adequate resources. Therefore, preventing overspending. Charities or nonprofit organizations can also use a sign-up sheet to find and identify new volunteers or donors.

The information obtained may be used to make new connections with the donor/volunteer who can be contacted to participate in other future activities or events by the nonprofit. It can also gauge the event’s success by providing the nonprofit with information on the number of participants. This will enable the nonprofit to assess how it can improve its events or activities in the future to attract more volunteers/donors.

What is a Sign-Up Sheet Template?

A sign-up sheet template is a pre-build form or document that volunteers, guests, or participants fill to show their interest in participating in the event or activity. It informs them on who the organizer is and what the event or activity is all about and guides them on what information they must provide. It also informs interested individuals on when the event or activity will take place.

Free Sign-Up Sheet Templates

There are many types of customized sign-up sheet templates that organizations, nonprofits, or individual event/activity organizers can use. The availability of a variety of customized sign-up sheet templates enables their users to collect a range of information dependent on the activity or event.

The following are the common types of customized sign-up sheet templates used:


Basic sign-up sheet

A basic sign-up sheet is a document that requires attendees/ participants to provide general information about themselves. It collects information on their names, address, and contact information.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Potluck sign-up sheet

A potluck sign-up sheet is a document that requires interested attendees/participants to indicate what they will contribute to the activity or event. It collects information on their names and items they are willing to contribute/donate.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Volunteer sign up sheet

A volunteer sign-up sheet is used to collect information of people interested in helping a nonprofit with an event or activity. The organization can customize the template to include information it is interested in knowing about the volunteer.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Appointment schedule sign-up sheet

An appointment schedule sign-up sheet is document organizations, or individuals use to record appointments for specific dates and times. It collects information on a person's name, appointment date and time, and the appointment's purpose.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Interview schedule sign-up sheet

An interview schedule sign-up sheet is a document used to organize interview dates and times with candidates. It requires a candidate to provide his/her name, contact information, and position he/she is applying for.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Potluck Sign Up Sheet Templates






      Other Templates

      sign up sheet template word

      parent teacher conference sign up sheet - editable


      sign up sheet template word

      free printable sign up sheet template

      sign up sheet template free

      customizable sign up sheet template


        Sign-In Sheet

        A sign-in sheet is a document used to record information on volunteers, visitors, or guests present for an event, activity, or entering a premise.

        For example:

        It can be used by employers or educational institutions to check the attendance of employees or students. Hospitals can also use it to monitor patient traffic.

        Purpose of Sign-in Sheet

        A sign-in sheet can be used to monitor and track if an employee is carrying out work assigned to him/her by the company or organization. This ensures that employees carry out their duties; for example, a sign-in sheet template can be used to assess a teacher’s attendance to classes. As a result, the principal is able to tell if the teacher has been attending his/her classes on time. It is also used in schools to monitor a student’s arrival times to ensure that the school can account for where the student is at all times. This helps ensure that the school can note students that are notoriously late or that are often absent.

        What is a Sign-In Sheet Template?

        A Sign-in Sheet Template is a pre-build document with a numbered list of the attendees. It provides a basic structure of where attendees should fill in certain details and guides them on what information is required. For example, a basic Sign-in Sheet Template will require the attendee to indicate his/her name and the time of arrival for the event, work, or school. It also informs the attendee of what activity or event he/she has attended.

        Free Sign-In Sheet Templates

        There are various types of sign-in sheet templates that individuals, institutions, and organizations can use.  The different types of sign-in sheet templates available ensure that organizations or institutions can register information on visitors, participants, workers, or students quickly and efficiently.

        The following are the different types of sign-in sheet templates:


        Basic Seminar Sign in Sheet

        A seminar/conference sign-up sheet is a document that records information on the attendees of a conference/seminar. Attendees are required to sign up some time before the conference to show their intent of attending.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

        An alcoholics anonymous (AA) Sign-in Sheet Template records information on individuals participating in an AA meeting. Information on the names of attendees, the date and time of the meeting, its location, and an attendee's signature should be provided.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Attendance/guest sign-in sheet

        An attendance/guest sign-in sheet is a document that logs/records, or lists all the participants of a meeting, event, or gathering. The attendee's name, contact information, and time of entry in the event or gathering (if required) should be provided.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        A baby shower sign-in sheet

        A baby shower sign-in sheet is a document used to record the names of attendees of a baby shower event. It requires attendees to indicate their names and a gift description(optional). It can be customized to the event organizer's specifications; therefore, the information required may vary.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Bathroom sign-in/out sheet

        A bathroom sign-in/out sheet is a document used to manage and log the names of individuals required to clean a bathroom.  Information on the individual's name, the date, time in and out is often required.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Daycare sign-in sheet

        Daycare providers use a daycare sign-in sheet to register or record children's arrival and departure times. The child's name, time in and out, along with the parent or guardian's signature, should be indicated.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Employee sign-in sheet

        An employee sign-in sheet is a document used to record and monitor the attendance of workers in a company or organization. It is used to supervise or manage the employee's working hours.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Parent sign-in sheet

        A parent sign-in sheet is often used in parent-teacher conferences or other school events. It records the names of attending parents. It helps schools evaluate the participation of parents in school activities or the student's education.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        The Patient sign-in sheet

        The patient sign-in sheet is a document used to register patients' names and basic details visiting a medical institution. In addition, it helps in monitoring and managing patient traffic in hospitals and clinics.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Real estate open house

        A real-estate open house sign-in sheet is a document used by real estate agents to collect attendees' contact information of the open house. It helps real estate agents or property owners keep in touch with possible property buyers.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Safety meeting sign-in sheet

        A safety meeting sign-in sheet is a document used to register the names of attendees of a safety meeting. It helps prove that an organization has conducted a meeting aimed at fully educated attendees of the safety measures it has created in case of any situation, such as an employee's injury.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Student sign-in sheet

        A student sign-in sheet is an official document used in educational institutions to monitor student class attendance. It may also be used to monitor student participation in class activities like presentations.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Training sign-in sheet

        The training sign-in sheet template is a document used to record and monitor training session attendance. It should contain information on the purpose or agenda of the session along with its date and duration. In addition, attendees must indicate their names and positions they occupy in the organization.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


        Volunteer sign-in sheet

        Nonprofits use a volunteer sign-in sheet to record and track the numbers of volunteers arriving or participating in an event. It helps nonprofit organizers monitor the success of the event by assessing the number of new volunteers that have been attracted.

        Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

          How to Make a Sign-In/ Sign-up Sheet Template?

          A well-structured sign-in/sign-up sheet template can help ensure attendees know what information is required and what slot details should be entered. Therefore, a transparent step-by-step process must be followed when creating a sign-up/sign-in sheet template.

          The following is a guide on how to make a sign-in/sign-up sheet template:

          Open the microsoft word app on your computer 

          The first step is to open the Microsoft word app on a computer. Click on the start button and find the app labeled with the letter ‘W’ or indicated as ‘MS Word’ and click on it to open

          Choose the blank document 

          Once the word app is open, a range of options will be presented. Select the one label’ blank document’, click on it to open.

          Go to layout and add narrow margins

          The workspace should be well laid out for use. Move the cursor to the ribbon option ‘layout’. Go to page setup on the toolbar and select the option “margins.” A range of options will be presented. Click on the option label ‘Narrow.’ The margins will be added to the document.

          Select A4 sheet size

          While still at page setup, click on the ‘size’ option. A range of page size options will be presented. Select the one labeled ‘A4’. This option will ensure that the sign-up/sign-in sheet template has the right dimensions. The dimensions of the document will change.

          Move to insert and select blank header 

          Next, go to the ribbon option ‘insert’ and, on the toolbar, move to’ header& footer and click on the option’ header’. A range of options will be presented; select the one labeled ‘blank.’ The header will be added to the document

          Add the heading sign up/sign-in sheet

          Now you can type the heading of the sign-up/sign-in sheet. The heading should be appropriately formatted to ensure it is visible to a reader.

          The following character formatting styles should be applied to the heading:


          Highlight the heading, and on the ribbon, move to the option labeled ‘Home.’ Go to the toolbar font options. Click on the option indicated as ‘B.’ This will make the highlighted text bold.

          Font style- myriad pro

          Move to the ‘font type’ options on the font toolbar. Scroll down to the font style ‘Myriad Pro’ and click on it. It will be added to the highlighted text.

          Font number-36

          While still ensuring that the text is highlighted, move to the font size option on the toolbar. The font size will be located next to the font type, and click on it. A range of numbers will appear; click on the font number-36. The changes will appear on the text.

          Font color-blue

          Move to the font option labeled ‘A’ on the toolbar and click on it. A range of text color options will appear. Select the color blue. The color will appear on the highlighted text.

          Insert 2×6 table

           A table should be created to ensure that the sign-in or sign-up sheet template is easy to read and fill. To do this, move to the ribbon option ‘Insert’ on the toolbar, go to the option written ‘Table’ and click on it. Next, click on the option ‘insert table and type in the table dimensions’ 2×6 and click ‘Ok.’ The table will appear on the document.

          Add event information

          On top of the table, add the event information. Ensure that the information indicated fits the available space.

          The following should also be applied to the information:

          Write information of the event centered in the first row

          The information should be typed in the middle of the row while also ensuring the formatting options are applied.

          Following are the formatting options:

          • Keep the title bold: The title should be bold to ensure it captures the reader’s attention. This will show the reader that this is important information he/she should pay attention to.
          • Font style-bacci: Ensure that the information is in font style Bacci for readability and visibility. It adds a level of design to the information while also ensuring that information is clearly conveyed.
          • Font number- 20: Select a font size that will be visible to the reader. For example, font size 20 will be suitable in this case.  Select this font size from the toolbar.

          Name of event

          The event’s name should be indicated in the second row, the first column, to provide information on the event the reader is signing into /signing up for. Ensure that the name of the event is center-aligned.

          Name of organizer

          Next, the name of the company/organization, institution, or individual organizing the event should also be indicated in the same style. This will ensure the attendee knows who is responsible for the event.


          After that, indicate where the event will be taking place. Ensure that the name and address of the location are written for clarity in the fourth row, the first column.


          A date when the event will be taking place /is taking place should be indicated in the next row. The date should be written in full for proper record keeping.


          Lastly, the time the event should start should be indicated. The exact time should be written and not just an estimation.

          Go to table design to adjust the border and color of the table 

          Click in the table for the table ‘design tool’ to appear on the toolbar. Highlight the table and select a border style and color from the shading option. The changes will appear on the table.

          For the next table, go to insert and add five columns and the number of desired rows 

          Once the first table is complete, go to insert and add the next table. Click on the table option on the toolbar, go to ‘insert table,’ click on it, and add five columns and the number of rows required.

          Personalize by numbering the rows and naming the columns

          Add numbering on the rows by going to the ‘home’ option on the ribbon, moving to the toolbar’s page option, and selecting a numbering style. Each column should also have a name/title of the information that the attendee should indicate.

          Print the sheet

          Once done, print the sheet to ensure enough sheets of the document are made and that the information is readable. The information must also appear as it was laid out.

          Free Templates

          Following are some free downloadable templates for you:

          Sign-in Sheet Templates








            Sign-up Sheet Templates

            sign up sheet template free


            sign-up sheet word template


            customizable sign up sheet template


              Tips to Enhance Sign-In/ Sign-up Sheet Template

              Maximizing the use of a sign-in/sign-up sheet template can ensure that organizers capture adequate information about the attendees, such as contact details that can maintain constant contact with an attendee.  Organizers may also use the information provided in the sign-in/sign-up sheet template to motivate attendees into participating in the activities taking place in the event. Best of all, organizers can familiarize themselves with the interests of an attendee based on the information provided, which then enables them to formulate a suitable method of approaching and dealing with an individual in attendance.

              The following tips to enhance the usage of a sign-up/sign-in template:

              Customize your template

              Organizers should customize the template by requesting details other than the basic information often found in a sign-in/sign-up sheet.  They may also customize it by requesting short comments or feedback from attendees. This makes the template more interactive and also encourages a form of participation by attendees.

              Don’t ask for too much information

              Organizers should avoid requesting too much information from attendees. Too many columns requesting information can lower an attendee’s enthusiasm for providing their details. The information requested should be clear, direct, and relevant to the event. Often 4 to 5 columns are enough. However, some attendees may decide to leave certain columns blank if they feel too many of them.

              Don’t ask for too little information

              Some organizers may ask too little of the attendee’s information, such as simply asking for a name. This does not make maximum use of the template and can affect other aspects such as analysis of attendance or following up on guests or visitors.

              Ask permission to send an e-mail newsletter

              Sending email newsletters enable the organizer to keep attendees updated on future events. Therefore, asking permission to send email newsletters from attendees can ensure that organizers involve the same group of people in future events.

              Use checkboxes and fill-in the blanks 

              Checkboxes and fill-in blanks can ease the process of entering information. It may also help speed up the process of providing information by attendees, therefore, ensuring that they can focus more on the event. Templates with these types of structures can also be easily used to analyze the information provided.

              Ask people to sign up in person

              In-person sign-ups can help organizers in clarifying any concerns about the information requested that the attendee may have. In addition, this ensures that the attendee feels secure about who they are handing out their details to.

              Reminder for a signed up obligation 

              Adding a statement reminding individuals to sign up can help ensure all attendees have provided their details. In addition, this will ensure that every attendee of an event has been registered and can be contacted after, if necessary.

              Present giveaways or coupons for signing up  

              Providing an incentive for individuals to sign up, such as giveaways or coupons, can help attract more people to an event. This can be a useful tool for nonprofits as more volunteers/donors may be motivated to participate in organized activities.

              Add a thankyou note

              Adding a thank you note can help the attendee feel appreciated for signing up or participating in the event/activity. In addition, this may encourage the attendee to sign up again in the future or even bring some of their friends along the next time.

              Final Words

              Sign-in sheet templates and sign-up sheet templates are both documents that can be used to collect information on attendees of an event or activity. They help organizers register and track the people participating in an event /activity. Organizations, individuals, and institutions can use sign-in sheet templates and sign-up sheet templates for different purposes. The variety of templates help meet the informational needs of organizers.

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