26+ Free Sign Up Sheet Templates (Excel & Word)

A sign-up sheet is a form that is used to record useful information or details about people as they enter the workplace, event or a party. It consists of columns where one is required to register their details like name, email and even signature. The document is most at times printable, and it is placed in a clear and visible area like the entrance. Where it’s not to be printed, it can be sent via emails and be used electronically.

Where a signup sheet can be helpful

  1. Record visitors’ information and useful details

There is a wide range of places in everyday life where visitors have to leave their details before they enter a premise. They may include offices and even residential areas. The sign-up sheet helps to know who was around and for how long they were. In case of any problem like theft or danger, at least it is known who was there. It also helps analyze the kind of visitors they receive.

  1. Record employees’ details, sign in and sign out

At the workplace, employers want to know who comes to work, when they come and when they leave. This way, the employer monitors the employees efficiently and at a glance on the sheet. By using the signup sheet the employer plan efficiently for any emergency.

  1. Hospitals to make patients sign in and out

Hospitals management uses the signup sheet to evaluate the time the patients take to be served and leave the hospital. In this case, hospitals improve on service time delivery. The sign-up sheet at times helps them know the area where the patients come from thus understand how far they cover.

  1. Students use it to sign the class attendance

Lectures always want to have a 100% class attendance. this is when the signup sheet helps out. The signup sheet also helps the lecturers to get the details of those who have been attending the classes.

  1. Party, meeting and event attendees’ details for follow-up and feedback

People plan events and parties with the expectation to have high attendance. The signup sheet helps them at the entrance to know who had booked to be there and is not yet in. The sheet also helps make follow up after the event in case it was a workshop or training.

Sign Up Sheet Templates for Microsoft® Word

Club Sign Up Sheet Template

Event Sign Up Sheet Template

Potluck Sign Up Sheet Template

Trip Sign Up Sheet Template

    Creating a Sign-up Sheet Template in Microsoft® Word

    Step 1: Open the Microsoft word and click insert table

    When inserting the table has in mind the details you want to capture. The features you want to obtain help decide on the number of columns to add. For example, you need to have a name, email, phone number and comment.

    The number of people you target will determine the number of rows inserted. To add another row, clicks ‘enter’ and another row will be added automatically to have the number you need.

    Step 2: Above the table type the name of the organization and any other necessary information.

    Everyone gets satisfied and easily give out their information if they know who there are giving and even the reason they are.

    Step 3: Type the information you need to capture in the columns

    The information like name, email, and signature is typed in the columns in bright color and easily readable type font to avoid misinformation. Bold the required details. Ensure there is enough space in the columns for smooth writing. Click, hold and drag to the right to increase the area.

    Step 4: Insert serial numbers.

    On the inserted table, enter one on the columns field and on the rows enter your target number for example 50 and then enter. The numbering will be made clear and easy to conclude.

    Step 5: Save the template in an editable format

    The document is saved for later use, either print or use it as soft copy. The template can be saved as a pdf document or word document.

    To add styles, right click on the table then choose what to style, borders, colors or font.

    Sign Up Sheet Templates for Microsoft® Excel

    Appointment Sign-up Sheet Template

    Blank Sign-up Sheet Template

    Carpool Sign Up Sheet Template

    Classroom Sign-up Sheet Template

    Email Sign-up Sheet Template

    Library Sign-up List Sheet Template

    Mailing List Sign Up Sheet Template

    Marathon Sign-up Sheet Template

    Meeting Sign-up Sheet Template

    Party Sign Up Sheet Template

    Picnic Supplies Sign-up Sheet

    Simple Sign-up Sheet Template

    Sports Sign Up Sheet Template

    Sports Sign-up Sheet Template

    Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Template

      Creating a Sign Up Sheet Template in Excel

      Step 1: Open a Microsoft excel blank workbook.

      Step 2: Add the “form” command to enable you to work on the cells. To add it, click the file, then scroll down to choose commands from, all controls, form, then click ‘ok’ and then add it to the middle of the window.

      Step 3: Type the information into the cells that you want to form the columns. The cells are named cell A, B, C. type the data you want to capture there. For example, name, email, phone number

      Step 4: Click, hold and drag the caser to the top right of the column to create a header. Drag the columns to ensure they have enough space that will allow writing in case of print.

      Step 5: Click on the “form” button formed at the near the redo button then type your data for the first row. When you are through with whatever you want to have at in the first row, then click New at the right side to enter the written information in the spreadsheet.

      Step 6: Whenever you click enter, another row is formed below the one already filled.

      To edit the template to enter more information on the cells, click the “new button” and it will give another chance to enter more details. Click close to update the data in the cells.

      Advantages of Using Excel Over Word for Sign-up Sheet

      1. Excel signup sheet allows more interaction from different uses. This is because the excel data is online and can be accessed at the same time.
      2. It is easy to evaluate and analyze the data in excel than in word. Excel allows calculations hence quick to identify the trends.
      3. It carries a large amount of data compared to word. The data is well organized so much can be covered.
      4. Excel signup sheet can be styled into difference themed colors that make it more presentable.

      More Templates:

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      Whenever you desire to create a list of prospects or even attendees of your event or your organization, you will need a good sheet that can be easily derived from a sign up sheet template. Our templates come in a number of different designs in order to suite your needs.

      The importance of a signup sheet template is that you will be able to ask for the relevant details from people and have no regrets of excluding a column once the attendees have already left. The common things to include as column titles are names and contact details. The sign up sheet template lets you manage the information on the final sheet with ease. The templates are available in Microsoft® Word so you do not need to worry about the formats. Although there templates available in other document formats, they are usually not relevant compared to what we offer. The sign up sheet templates are very important for both internal and external data collection and management to any organization. Do not be left out is smart ways of getting the signup details of your employees or clients. You can customize the template, download it and print for use in less than 5 minutes.