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Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist (7 Printable Templates)

Every baby deserves a celebration, whether they are the first child in a family, second or third. Planning a baby shower can be much work, especially for new parents. There are a handful of things that need to be taken into consideration when planning a baby shower.

Whether you are planning for your baby shower or if you have already planned for one, you must have already figured out that planning a party like this involves many tasks. From food and themes to RSVP management and gift tracking, there is a lot you must put into consideration.

To help you in planning and making sure that everything runs smoothly, we have created an easy-to-use baby shower checklist for you to use.

When does the baby shower happen?

There is no definite time set for one to host their baby shower. One can decide to either host the baby shower at any point before or after the baby comes. If you are planning on having a baby shower before the baby arrives, you must throw it early enough to enable the parents-to-be to have enough time to sort through the gifts and put together anything that comes in multiple pieces, such as swings or bassinets.

On the other hand, if you are planning on having the baby shower after the baby’s arrival- which is common in some religious and cultural traditions- you must give the family enough time to settle down in with their newborn, get used to their new routine and, if you are planning on sending them gifts, figure out what they need. This simply means that one can host a baby shower from one to eight weeks post-baby arrival or later.

Do I have to follow this exact timeline?

You don’t necessarily have to follow this timeline. Depending on the type of party and your preference, you may decide to set the baby shower to a date that is of more convenience to the parents-to-be. Timing also depends on who is planning the party and how much time they plan to invest in planning the baby shower.

Baby Shower Checklist (For Parents)

Baby showers usually take place during the end of a pregnancy, which is usually a hard time for the guest of honor as they are busy getting ready for their newest addition.

A simple baby shower checklist includes the following sections :

Three-Four Months before Baby’s Arrival

When there are three to four months in the baby’s arrival, the baby shower planning checklist includes the following:

Decide if/when you want a baby shower

The first thing you must do as a parent-to-be is to decide whether you want your baby shower to be before or after your baby arrives.

Create your baby registry

You may have already planned your baby registry, though not complete at this stage. If you haven’t created one yet, you can simply download it from here to get started.

Create a guest list

The next step of planning your baby shower is deciding on whom you would like to attend the party. You may decide on Adults only, kids allowed, or mixed gender. The only limitation you have when deciding on the number of people you want to invite to the party is the venue’s capacity. It is important to ensure that the guests will fit in the venue.

Day of the baby shower

After going through a hard time of making sure that everything is set for the guests, it’s now your time to relax. You have done your part; it is now your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the party.

One-two weeks after the Baby Shower

After inviting people to your party, it is good etiquette to thank the people who attended the baby shower. The sooner you do this, the better.

Baby Shower Checklist (For the Host)

For the host, the baby shower checklist includes:

  • Decide who will host the shower: Most people prefer having their close friends host their baby shower while others prefer having their close family members or co-workers host the party for them. We recommend getting someone close to you to host the party for you as they will be able to know your tastes and preferences easily.
  • Set the Budget: In as much as one may see a baby shower as an easy event, many things must be fulfilled for the event to be a success. Whether you are planning on hiring outside services like catering, event planners, or if you are going to buy everything yourself, it is important that you set a budget early to ensure that you do everything according to the set budget.

Six Weeks Before the Baby Shower

When there are six weeks left in the baby shower, the parents and the host as well need to set the date, theme, location, etc. So, the baby shower checklist at this time will be as:

Set the date

Whether you are planning on having the party before or after the baby’s arrival, it is important that you keep the parent’s schedule as well as the guests’ schedule in mind. Make sure that the date set will not only be convenient for the parents-to-be but also the guests to have everyone in attendance.

Set the theme

“Modern parents” prefer having trendy or unique themes for their baby showers. It is important that you consult the parents before deciding on a theme since the theme of the party could have some influence on their overall experience.

Set the Location

After deciding on the theme and the budget for the baby shower, it is now time to decide on the location where you would like to host the party. Whatever venue you decide on, it is important that you inform the parents about it in advance so that they know the number of guests they will be invited to the party.

Order Invitations

Before ordering the invitations, it is important that you first gather important information about the party, such as the date, time, and location of the party. It is also important that you include your name and contact information for RSVPs, baby registry information, and directions to the party.

One Month Before the Baby Shower

Send Invitations

It is important that you send out invitations early enough to give the guests enough time to prepare usually four weeks before the baby shower.

Plan food and drinks

No matter the time or the type of party you are hosting, the partygoers are probably going to want some refreshments. It is important that you start planning the menu ahead of time so you can secure catering or ask friends and family to help with the food and drinks.

One-Two weeks before the Baby Shower

Finalize headcount/confirm RSVPs

When planning your party, it is always common that one or two invitees won’t RSVP by the deadline. It is, therefore, important that you check on those to ascertain the headcount a week or two to ensure that there is enough time to make any adjustments and any reservations if needed.

Confirm reservations for location and/or food

It is always important to confirm that everything is as planned. If you have booked a venue, catering, or any other services, it is important that you confirm the reservations about a week out. If the party is at friends or a relative’s house, or if the guests have volunteered to offer their services at the party, it is important that you check with them.

Day of the Baby Shower

Prep snacks or any food that isn’t ordered

Have everything ready to be served as early as possible to avoid smaller inconveniences. Set the food, snacks, and everything that will be needed at the party ready for use by the guests. If you are planning on serving cold drinks, put them in the fridge or ice at least four-five hours before the guests arrive for the party.

Set up/decorate party space

Have decorations set at the allocated space? Make sure that the decorations go with your theme. You can have some balloons set outside the venue to make the location noticeable for the guests.

Assign someone to keep track of/write down gifts

It is important to keep track of everyone who sends you a gift; this way, you will have an easy time drafting and sending the thank you letters after the party.

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    There is nothing better than having everyone you love under one roof. Hosting a baby shower isn’t always about the baby; several people are just as desperate to welcome the baby into the world. Being prepared to have everyone around for this significant event is very important. We hope that by using this guide, you will be able to make the special day unique and memorable.

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