8+ Staff Meeting Agenda Templates & Samples

When the staff team is together, your organization will always achieve more. If you want to effectively achieve success in your organization, you should assemble as table and strong team of employees and managers. Every staff member is a piece of the success puzzle and every member of the team will help set in place several other important pieces of the success puzzle.

So, do you work in an organization where your staff members do not have any knowledge about the roles of other staff members? Is the management concerned about a staff trend in the organization? The set SOP’s also Standard Operating Procedures set by the company are not being followed? Are there redundant roles in the organization? Do you need a proposed action plan to be implemented quickly in your organization? Is yes, is the answer to all these questions, then a Staff Meeting is the solution you have been looking for. So, what exactly is a staff meeting?

Allow me to decipher!! Staff meetings are meetings that are attended by the members of the staff of a company aimed at discussing specific or different agendas. A Staff meeting agenda on the other hand is a list of the issues and items that are to be discussed during a staff meeting. The Agenda should be clear, simple, short, and precise. It should list the items to be discussed during the meeting. So, why do you require a Meeting Agenda?

Why you need a Staff Meeting Agenda

Do you have regular staff meetings? As a manager, do you believe the only time you need to talk to your staff is when there is a prevailing problem? If yes, then here is why you should have staff meetings and more precisely why you need a Staff Meeting Agenda.

Let us quickly dive in!!

  1. To keep everyone informed of the existing staff meeting
  2. To highlight the challenges affecting the organization and issues to be discussed during the staff meeting
  3. Help achieve organizational goals and to ensure all standard operating procedures are being followed.
  4. Opportunity for the staff to brainstorm and provide feedback during the staff meeting.
  5. A great chance to bond and celebrate with the employees of the organization.
  6. If none of the topics are relevant for one person
  7. A numbered agenda is an amazing organizational tool when referring to a specific agenda during the staff meeting.

Sample of Informational Staff Meeting Agenda Template

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Sample of Discussion Oriented Staff Meeting Agenda Template

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Creative Staff Meeting Agenda Template

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Staff Meeting Agenda Template Example

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Staff Meeting Agenda Template Format

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Regular School Staff Meeting Agenda Template

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Sample of Church Staff Meeting Agenda Template

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With that said, what are the elements of a professional staff meeting agenda?

Elements of a Professional Staff Meeting Agenda

  1. It should contain basic information like; time for the meeting, expected date, names of the participants and the location of the meeting.
  2. The topic and the staff responsible to handle the topic this will help them prepare for the topic prior to the staff meeting.
  3. The objective for each agenda or staff meeting in general.
  4. The format of the Staff Meeting Agenda. Meeting agendas have to be written using a specific format.
  5. Provide a chance for your team to create the agenda. This will ensure that all topics are covered.

Feel free to download the following agenda templates and samples in PDF and Word format and have a clear picture on how to write staff meeting agendas from the practical examples.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts when writing staff meeting agendas


  1. Creating a staff meeting agenda in advance
  2. All basic information about the staff meeting; Time, participants and location of the meeting
  3. Objective of the meeting
  4. The time per every topic


  1. If you fail to write the agenda in advance
  2. Having no clear objectives
  3. No clear schedule on how the meeting will proceed

From the above amazing facts, it is true that you now know how to write a meeting agenda for staff meeting. Feel free to also download the free sample agenda templates to guide you as you create your staff meeting agenda.