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14 Free School Transfer Request Letter Templates

Perhaps your dream has always been to work extremely hard and reach the zenith of academics. However, everyone around you appears to have preferences that oppose yours in this sphere. There are many other reasons that can encourage you to transfer to a different school. Writing a transfer letter can help achieve this objective.

A school transfer request letter refers to a formal notice that informs the top management of your current learning institution that you are planning to move to another school.

Every year, a good number of students from across the world transfer to different schools. However, some students are motivated by superfluous reasons to seek a transfer, only to discover that they made mistakes in doing so. However, a majority of the students who relocate to different schools have genuine reasons.

You can also request for transfer because of financial challenges. Perhaps you cannot afford to continue with your studies at the current learning institution. In some cases, obligations to family members may take precedence, thus forcing you to move to a different school. Your current school may not be challenging enough. You have probably earned grades that can enable you secure admission into a superior institution.

Do you Need a School Transfer Request Letter?

A transfer letter helps you get clearance from the current school. When granted, it provides proof that you had genuine reasons for seeking transfer. It also proves that you have nothing to hide. Typically, it is addressed to the head of that school (usually the principal). On receiving the letter, the principal will most probably carry out due diligence to ensure that there isn’t any pending or upcoming disciplinary or another case against you that could be a motivation for seeking transfer.

A school transfer request letter addressed by the principal is a testament that you have been a student at that school, and not someone who dropped out of school at some point.

The letter showcases when you joined that school and general performance in the duration of your study. It also contains information about your character traits. The principal would want to indicate your level of hard work, discipline, and commitment (or lack thereof).

Writing a Transfer Request Letter

You must properly address the letter by commencing with a good introduction. You have to reveal any academic and non-academic achievements.

Additionally, you must explain what you have been studying.

The following few basic components are what your school transfer letter should ideally be based on;


Briefly introduce yourself so that the school administration may have a clear understanding of who you are. Remember to include any student ID number assigned to you during your time at the school along with your name and other such information.


Provide an account of what you have achieved academically so far.

Besides your GPA, mention any awards won over the years. Offer details of activities that you took part in and the outcome of these activities i.e the awards and how they bettered you.

The reason for your request to transfer

Perhaps you cannot afford the college fees anymore, or you have secured admission into a more prestigious school. Give explanations as to why you need to move elsewhere.

Gratitude to the intended recipient

Say how grateful you are for all the time spent in that school, and that you will appreciate it if the request for transfer will be granted.

School Transfer Request Letter Samples

Following are a few samples for better understanding:

School transfer request letter sample from a student

Anthony Martial

1244 Mountain Top Road

Connecticut 80173

June 5, 2019


Prof. Peter Kenneth

Dean, School of Business & Economics

Catholic University of America

671 West Road

Northland, Connecticut, 80142

REF: Transfer Request Letter

Dear Prof. Peter Kenneth,

I am writing this letter to let you know about my intention to discontinue my studies at the Catholic University of America. I lost interest in commerce since my junior year, and have since developed a keen interest in law. This is despite the fact that I have maintained a high GPA since the commencement of my studies.

Sadly, I lost interest in what I have been studying (Bachelor of Commerce degree), and all its prospects. I am convinced that it would be wise to transfer to a course of study that I care about, and to a different college.

Therefore, I am respectfully requesting for issuance of a transfer letter from your office. I have already secured admission to Cornell University, where I am expected to hand in my testimonials together with a formal transfer letter.

I’ll appreciate any help that you will extend my way.


Anthony Martial

School transfer request letter sample from a parent

Griffin Teddy

St. Mark’s Elementary School, New York City

47 W 13th Street, New York

NY 10011, United States of America

Subject: School Transfer Request

Dear Sir,

My daughter- Elsa Georges – is a student in grade 7 at your school. Last month, my wife and I set up a new business in San Francisco, and we are in the process of relocating to the city.

Elsa would have loved to continue with her studies in your school, but it would be impossible for her to commute to and from San Francisco daily. For this reason, I’d like to humbly request that she be transferred from St. Mark’s Elementary School, NYC, to Sunshine Adventist School, California.

We pray and hope that our request will be granted.


Mark Georges

School transfer request letter from the principal

Transfer Letter

Name: Gloria Harold

Nationality: Venezuelan

Date of birth: 9th December 2008

Class admitted: Grade 1 in the year 2014

Current grade: Grade 6 in the year 2020

Last day of attendance: December 22, 2020

Results at the tail end of last year: Gloria has passed with an overall A grade. She has scored straight as in most of the subjects.

Additional comments: The parents of Gloria have requested that she be transferred from this institution to a school of her choice. Apparently, her parents have been transferred to New York City on work-related assignments, and they can’t possibly leave her behind.

Gloria has been in this school since the year 2014. Over the years, she has been very hardworking, disciplined, and focused. As a matter of fact, she has been one of our top students ever since she joined us.

It’s unfortunate that we have to let her go. We hope that Gloria will settle down well in her new school and that she will continue with the same spirit of hard work, commitment, discipline, and focus.


John Trump

Principal- St. Mary’s School Elementary School, Boston

Free Templates

Transferring from one school to another can be daunting. However, the process can be flawless if you seek help from the right people. Once you realize the need to move to another learning institution, begin checking out other schools. The strength of your application will be primarily determined by how early you commence the process. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start now by using our professionally crafted templates:












    Effective Tips to Consider

    Remembering the following guidelines will prove to help with your case;

    • Honesty: There is no need to give fake reasons. Even if you have secured admission into a more prestigious school, be honest about it.
    • Correct format: It is important to make use of the correct format given that it’s an official document. The school transfer request letter must be made up of heading, your name and address, name and address of the intended recipient, subject, a few paragraphs, and closing remarks as well.
    • Brevity: There is no need to write a 10- paged school transfer request letter. Simply express your intention in two or three paragraphs.
    • Proofread: The school transfer request letter should not contain silly mistakes regarding grammar and sentence structure. Even if you intend to leave, don’t create the impression that you are careless or dumb.
    • Formal language: The school transfer request letter is meant for official use, so you must make use of formal language. In most cases, such letters end up in the hands of school principals, and they would naturally want to be addressed in a formal manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is responsible for writing the school transfer request letter?

    The document is usually drafted by the student if he/she is old enough. If the student is still too young, the responsibility of communicating a request for transfer falls on the parents/ guardians.

    Can I send a hand-written request letter for school transfer?

    A request letter for school transfer written by hand is generally acceptable. However, it’s advisable to have it typed because of many reasons.
    Firstly, you may have poor handwriting, and it would be unfair to force the intended recipient to go through the bad handwriting. Secondly, a typed letter is more durable and clearer than a hand-written version.

    When should I send the letter?

    Ideally, the request letter for school transfer should be drafted and dispatched soon after the decision to transfer has been made.
    It shouldn’t be sent too late because you will expect feedback, and there may be unexpected delays. The general rule of thumb is to send it within the shortest possible time.

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