Transfer Request Letter (Samples & Examples)

Whether you are a student, employee, or member of any other institution, transfers are one common thing we can’t evade. At some point in life, you would want to change your designated institution for varied purposes. Usually, a transfer is often initiated for professional growth, personal reasons, or medical purposes. Regardless of the reason, however, it’s always good that you request your transfer formally using a letter.

Transfer Request Letter is formal letters an individual writes to notify their attached institutions of their intentions to translocate from one firm to the other or branch. Usually, these letters are often addressed to the relevant authority in school, church, or company. Since they are official letters, it’s always advisable that you treat them with utmost significance. That being said, you need not gamble your cards while writing one. In this article, we will inform you how to write a well convincing transfer request letter professionally. But first, let’s first take a look at some best tips to consider when drafting your letter.

  • Be professional

As aforementioned, the Transfer Request Letters are official letters hence need professional crafting. This means that you need to meet the standards, format, and structure required of a business letter.

  • Be appreciative

When writing the letters, it’s prudent that you express your gratitude and appreciation to your employers for giving you the chance to work in their company. Also, show your appreciation to your fellow colleagues.

  • Use sample letters as a guide

The other thing you can do to improve your professionalism is to use a sample letter as a reference point. It won’t cost you much getting an idea from a previously written letter. However, be sure to customize the sample to make your piece customized or original, for that matter.

  • Proofread before sending

After writing the letter, don’t be too fast to hit the send button. Instead, take some time and reread your work .this will give you the opportunity to identify possible mistakes or typing errors, hence correcting them. As a bonus, make sure you pay detailed attention to name and job titles.

  • Use a humble and polite tone.

Just like any other formal letter, the tone used when writing the transfer letters should be nothing but a polite and humble one. On that note, refrain as much as possible from using vulgar or irritating language.

  • Send the letter in good time.

One thing you need to keep in mind is timing. As recommended, you need to send the request letters in good time beforehand. This will notify the recipient well in advance hence processing your exit appropriately. Otherwise, if you send the request letter just days to your transfer, your employers may find it hard to process your request.

  • Explain the benefit of your transfer

In order to make your transfer request processed in the shortest time possible, you need to convince the employer how advantageous your transfer will be. For instance, if you are planning to transfer from one company branch to the other, you can explain how the transfer will improve your productivity and performance.

Transfer Request Letter Format

Transfer Request Letter needs to follow an official format and layout. These formats enable you to articulate your issues in a well-organized and convincing manner. Also, following the rightful format presents you with the opportunity to fully explain your reasons for the transfer request. Therefore, the following is a basic format you need to consider:

  • Start with your address

At the top of your letter, you need to write your basic information such as name, job position, location address, and contact details.

  • Date of writing

After writing your personal details, you can jump a line and add the date on which you are writing the letter.

  • The recipient’s details

Here, you will appropriately address the person whom the letter is intended for.  

  • The subject of the letter

The subject should be brief, precise, and direct to the point.

  • Salutations

Salutations act as greetings in a letter. Note that it’s always necessary that you use an officially recommended salutations.

  • The purpose of the letter

In your introductory paragraph, you need to let the reader understand your purpose for requesting a transfer. Note that your transfer request will only be approved if the reason is genuine and legitimate. Therefore, you need to make sure your reasons are factual, legitimate, and convincing as much as possible. Again, you need to inform your reader why the transfer is necessary for you.

  • Keep your options open.

Remember that not all transfer requests go successful. Others will be rejected for varied reasons. Even if you deserve the transfer, the management may still decline your request. Therefore, you need to keep your mind open for any outcome.

  • Conclusion

End your letter with an official sign off, followed by your name and your position/title.

Sample of a Transfer Request Letter

Alexandra Donald

345 West Coast Street

Great town, FL, 3456

[email protected]

(818) 3453454

27th September 2020.

Mary Jane

HR Manager

Wellness Hospital

355 West Coast Street

Great town, FL, 3450

Dear Mrs. Jane,

Please accept this letter as a formal request to transfer my position as ICT Manager at Wellness Hospital to our company’s branch in Hawaii in the same position. My spouse recently got admitted to a local hospital in Hawaii. Therefore in order to give her good care and attention, I saw it good to be in close proximity to him.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your support. Within the past three years, I have really enjoyed working with you. I have had a hard time traveling up and down. This has significantly affected my performance. However, if I move close to my family, I will concentrate my efforts on the betterment of the company.

I am sure my experience and technical skills will be a great asset to our company branch in Hawaii. Also, I assure you of my continued commitment and dedication to the company. Please consider my circumstance and grant me the transfer at the earliest of your convenience.

Kind regards

Alexandra Donald

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Some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Always customize transfer letter templates as required for your individual situation. Do not keep things in the template that do not apply to your situation. Similarly, add anything that must be added according to your company standards.
  • A transfer letter is an important internal record that will usually be placed in an employee file or be part of someone’s records. Make sure there are no grammatical errors, and ensure that the letter is courteous and professional.
  • Try to include the reason for the transfer so you have it for your records. Should anything ever come into dispute, you want the transfer letter to serve as a record of when and why the transfer took place.
  • Include any accommodations or contractual modifications that are being made as a result of the transfer. It is important to have these in writing, and to be clear to the employee about the terms of their transfer.
  • Offer to answer any questions the employee may have. An employee might be nervous, and the invitation to talk can be helpful for employee-employer relations.