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6+ Trainee Appointment Letter Samples

A Trainee Appointment Letter is a document that is sent to a qualified candidate who has been chosen to attend training at the company. The letter entails all that a trainee needs to know about the job appointment. It is an official way that any company may use to welcome their trainees.

Trainee Appointment Letters tend to vary depending on the type of job and the organization’s guidelines regarding the job. The letter states the trainee’s position and other extensive information.

A company or organization chooses to send a Trainee Appointment Letter as it has various significance.

They include:

  • Since it is an official way of communication to a chosen applicant, sending a Trainee Appointment letter helps to represent the company in an official capacity.
  • It provides the trainee with all the important and comprehensive information they will need to accept the Trainee Appointment Letter.
  • It provides a reference document of the first contact between an employer and a potential employee.
  • It is a document that confirms that the company has offered training to a qualified applicant and the training appointment has been accepted.
  • A Trainee Appointment Letter is also essential in the legal world as it binds the trainee and the employer to the stipulated terms and agreement where both of them are liable.

Essential Elements of a Trainee Appointment Letter

Apart from mentioning the trainee’s position, there are other essential elements that a company must include in a Trainee Appointment Letter.

These essential elements include:

The outline of the job: Here, as the company’s manager, you should briefly mention what the trainee’s job involves. Highlight the main details of their job and what they will be expected to do at the company. Mention whom the trainee will answer to, that is their supervisor and trainer.

Working hours: Stipulate the number of hours they are expected to be at work for a day and also throughout the week.  Mention if they will need to be at work for any extra hours.

Duration of the appointment: Ensure you mention the duration of the training. Highlight when it will commence and when it will end.

If the job is paid or unpaid: Do not fail to specify if the training period will be paid or unpaid. As the company’s manager, you would avoid any troubles and inconveniences if the trainee is aware of this aspect even before they accept the trainee appointment letter.

Duties and responsibilities of the applicant: Even after mentioning their job position at the beginning of the letter, you should also lay down all the duties and responsibilities that the applicant will have at the company. You should also emphasize how important these duties and responsibilities are and the kind of effort you expect from the trainee when handling them.

Sick days and vacations: Highlight all the holidays that the company celebrates and gives holiday breaks to its staff. Also, inform the trainee of the allowed number of sick leave or days. The letter can stipulate the number of days the trainee can have for casual leave.

Address: In case the training department has a different address from that of the company’s, inform the trainee in the letter.

Start date of work: Ensure you indicate when the trainee is supposed to report and start work. Indicate the start date of work.

The position of the trainee: Mention the position that the trainee has been appointed for in the letter. Also congratulate them for being able to secure that position with the organization.

What the applicant will learn: Finally list and explain all that the applicant will learn during the training. The company should mention the skills and experience the trainee is bound to acquire from the training.

Trainee Appointment Letter Template

As the company’s manager, a Trainee Appointment Letter represents your company extensively. You, therefore, need to write a proper and official Trainee Appointment Letter to avoid any mishaps. Download our Free Trainee Appointment Letter Template to help you craft a proper and professional letter. Visit our site and use our templates today to welcome that qualified applicant for training at your company.

[Today’s Date]

Alison Green [Applicant’s Name]


Subject: Appointment for the post of House Keeping

Dear Alison Green, as the Cosmic House Keeping Company, we are pleased to offer you the Custodian Position as per the following Terms and Conditions.

Start Date

Your Training Appointment will start on 17th of this month.

Job Title

Your Job Tile will be HouseKeeper [Title of Trainee] and you will report to the Custodian [Supervisor]


Your salary and allowances will be stipulated further when you come in person with the Human Resource Department.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at [Email Address]


[Closing Details]

Job Appointment Letter Template

File Format: .docx

Final Words

A company will always want to maintain its professional and official ways. so when it comes to informing an applicant that they have been chosen for the vacant position they applied for, writing a Trainee Appointment Letter is the safest way to go.

This document contains comprehensive information that a trainee needs to know before accepting the position. Also, it acts as a reference document in case any issues arise with the training of this chosen applicant. Use our sample today to guide you in crafting a professional and proper Trainee Appointment Letter.

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