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10 Best Examples of MBA Recommendation Letters

An MBA recommendation letter is a letter written to support a student’s application for the master of business administration program.

The letter gives credibility to the student towards enrolling in the master of business administration program. Usually, business schools prefer professional recommendations over academic recommendations.

With this in mind, a strong MBA recommendation letter is one written either by the current or former employer or supervisor. Nonetheless, academic professionals such as professors, lecturers, and college students can also write letters. However, it is essential for you to understand that in choosing you as the writer of the MBA recommendation letters, the student aims to have the support of somebody with specific knowledge of their academic credibility that helps them attain admission in the program.

Generally, every university has its own method of master’s application. For some, if a student has an MBA recommendation letter, then they stand a higher chance of being enrolled in the master’s program. But before they present these MBA recommendation letters, it is a prerequisite that the recommender should have interacted with the student personally for a period not less than two or three years old. With such a duration, the recommender can clearly provide detailed honest anecdotes and examples backing his/her claims.

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    Basic Factors to Include

    Generally, an MBA recommendation letter tends to capture more specialized information that would benefit the applicant’s future plans.

    The following are some essential basic factors to include in the MBA recommendation letter, on the basis of which, further and detailed information is meant to be added;

    • A description of the relationship between the author and the applicant.
    • An explanation of the applicant’s qualities
    • Specific examples that reinforces the applicant’s qualities and attributes.

    Note that the information provided in the MBA recommendation letter should be convincing enough to the admission committee of the university offering the program. If you fail to provide concrete information, the chances for securing the admission could fade away,

    Pre-Writing Considerations

    Writing an MBA recommendation letter can be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Therefore, if requested by an MBA applicant to write a recommendation letter, you need to first gather every piece of information you can utilize to compile a strong letter. Also, your student will want you to write a letter that matches the tone and message of their personal statement.

    Craft the MBA letter of recommendation keeping the following considerations in mind;

    The student’s relevant experience

    There are various skills of the applicant that you need to put into consideration and could mention in the MBA recommendation letter. For instance, check whether the student demonstrated effective leadership skills, analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills during the time period you interacted with them. Remember that the more skilled the student is the more the chances they will qualify for the program.

    The student’s transcripts and academic certificates

    Before writing the MBA recommendation letter, it’s recommended that you review the students’ academic papers, including transcripts and certificates. With that information, you can explain how the students’ academic qualifications and other extracurricular activities relate to their MBA program.

    The applicant’s ambition and future goals

    Also, it’s necessary that you enquire about the student’s future plans. This will help you stay relevant as you describe the student’s capabilities to excel in the program.

    Any relevant history that you can relate to

    Since you have interacted with the student in the past for a considerable period of time, you need to pinpoint any areas you believe will be relevant to the student’s application. You should only mention the points you can defend or relate to and can strengthen or add value to the student’s MBA application process.

    The influence of their work and academic experience

    Determine whether there was an assignment or subject where the student excelled most. Also, identify whether their input makes them suitable for the MBA program.

    The institution the student is applying to

    As simple as it might be, you need to ask the student the institution of learning they plan to apply for the MBA program. This will help you understand and address your audience as expected. Other than the university, you also need to ask the student the type of qualification the university/college will be looking for.

    A discussion with the applicant

    Decide some time to discuss with the applicant and discuss more the letter. Having a personal discussion will help you share more information about writing the letter.

    Keeping it formal

    Since the MBA recommendation letters are formal documents, it’s equally important to remain formal throughout the composing procedure. Therefore, you need to avoid discussing casual or informal anecdotes as they will distract you from the formal course.

    Writing a MBA Recommendation Letter

    Every university will provide their recommended format for writing the MBA Recommendation letters. In many cases, the letters should be single-paged with three sections, i.e., the introduction, body sections (at least two paragraphs), and conclusion. Ideally, before writing the MBA recommendation letter, you should attempt to review the format for the university to the applicant is applying for the MBA program.

    Nonetheless, here is a standard format for writing most MBA Recommendation Letters:


    Just like any other professional letter, the MBA recommendation letters should begin off with an official format of writing. Start your letter with a formal greeting by introducing yourself, your title, and your institution. Also, you need to describe your relationship with the applicant. It could be they were your employees, student, or colleague partner.

    For example:

    Dear University of Southern California MBA Program:

    I am writing this letter to endorse John Fremont as a potential candidate worth enrolling in your MBA program. Mr. John is an excellent marketing manager with valuable managing and marketing skills. I have worked with her at Greenspace Inc. Limited for a period of three years.

    During this period, John was responsible and dedicated to ensuring the company reaches greater sales. I believe that if he advances his studies, he will improve his career and professionalism to greater heights.

    Body paragraph

    Since the body paragraph is one of the first important things the recipient will pay close attention to, the recommender needs to write it as credible and valid as possible, by utilizing strong facts/observations of the applicant’s positive traits as well as academic qualifications. The recommender also needs to ensure reinforcing these observations linked with relevant examples that could prove to serve as evidence of the candidate’s skills and expertise. The author should also bear in mind to state their facts in a formal manner.

    For example:

    Mr. John started working with us as an intern. However, due to his good intrapersonal skills as well as unquestionable dedication and hard work, the management decided to employ him. Ever since he has continued to show his expertise in marketing skills, ever since he joined our team, we have increased the annual sales by up to 15%.

    This is because the marketing team is not only focused but dedicated to marketing the company’s products far and wide. Also, the writer should put more emphasis on the student’s character, behaviors, and values. Bearing in mind the letter is to review the applicant’s quality to join the MBA program,

    it’s important to remain credible and honest. Moreover, you need to provide examples of how the applicant managed their responsibilities during your interactions and how they dealt with adverse conditions. Last but not least, you can explain how the applicant responded to urgent or adverse conditions.

    Here is another example of how this paragraph could be written: 

    When John got employed in the company, he was very active and promising. He started off his duties with a lot of seriousness. He was punctual and time-conscious of all the projects assigned to him. Having been assigned the duties of assistant digital marketing officer, John clearly performed his duties to the best.

    At some point, the managing director (MD) acknowledged his efforts in the marketing department. She wondered how such a young fellow could perform incredible tasks as he did. The impact was felt in every corner of the company. As compared to the previous annual sales, the year John worked with the company was the highest. In a nutshell, John was an extraordinary employee in the marketing department.


    In the conclusion section of an MBA recommendation letter, summarize the qualities of why you believe the applicant is the best candidate for the MBA program. Reiterate your observations on the student. If the recommender is from an established organization, they need to establish their credibility by mentioning their official details such as position or rank and the preferred method of contact. Then, the recommender can conclude with a formal signoff.

    For example:

    In conclusion, I would like to say that Mr. John has much promise for his future. He has what it takes to be a professional marketer. Since he has proven his ability, character, and behaviors at our company, I believe he deserves the MBA program. If you need more information on the applicant, please feel free to contact me at [insert your contact information].

    Mayer Stevenson
    Digital Marketing Manager,
    Greenspace Inc. Limited

    MBA Recommendation Letter Samples

    Following are some samples to understand the sentence structuring better:

    Sample 01

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing this letter to recommend Jackson Smith’s application for the MBA program in your school. Smith has been an employee at Equity Finance Trust from 2018 up to 2020. During all this period, I was his supervisor at the Analyst Department.

    As an assistant analyst, Smith showed exceptional leadership qualities. His main responsibilities were to collect, sort, and analyze data for the company. At the same time, he was tasked with the duty to analyze financial models and predictions. In all the duties that he was signed, Smith provided the highest quality of work. Besides, he could seek guidance whenever something was amiss. His ability to collaborate well with other departments was also worth recognizing. As the supervisor, I spent little time focusing on Smith’s work. He could handle loads of work with no supervision.

    Ever since he was recruited at the company, Smith has been much disciplined. He could execute all the orders given to him by his seniors. Besides, he was timely and reliable. On our weekly meetings, which happened every Monday morning, Smith was always there on time. Also, he provided himself to possess incredible data analysis, research, and leadership skills.

    With all the qualities I noticed from Smith, I fully support his desire to pursue MBA. Also, I fully endorse him for the vacancy in your institution. I believe that he will thrive in the program without difficulty. Please reach out to me at [insert phone number] if you have any other questions about Mr. Jackson Smith.


    Steve Robinson


    Equity Finance Trust

    Sample 02

    Maryland Business School MBA Program,

    Kindly receive this letter as an endorsement of Ms. Casey Claire to the MBA program at your school. I have directly interacted with Clair for the past four years during my undergraduate program at Stamford College. Being her close friend, I learned a lot from Claire, her responsible behavior, her dedication, and above all, her passion for finance-related units.

    Claire began to grow interested in financial subjects immediately after we got admitted at Stamford College. From then, she dedicated her thoughts, effort, and time to mastering various financial concepts. Her efforts could be seen in the final results. She managed to score highly at the end of the semester. Throughout the course, Claire could demonstrate her ability and willingness to learn with passion. She could complete her assignments on time and accurately. Generally, she was more than willing to get everything done as per the lecturer’s expectations.

    As a close friend, I was impressed by Claire’s moral behaviors. Other than being disciplined, Claire was also a hard worker. She approached matters to do with education with a high level of seriousness. Due to this, she has won a couple of awards, such as the best finance student of 2019.

    To sum it up, Claire is not only bright but also qualified to pursue the MBA program. Therefore, I fully support her decision to continue with her studies. If you would like more information regarding her application, don’t hesitate to contact me at [provide personal contacts].


    Fatima Mohamed

    Sample 03

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to recommend Karim Ali for the MBA program at your school. Mr. Ali has served as an accountant at Blue Tech Limited since the company’s foundation. As the founder member, I have worked with Ali since to bring the business from the ground to a now fully-fledged company with two branches in two major cities.

    When we started Blue Tech, we wanted it to be one of the greatest production companies in the region. But in order to do so, we had to hire a qualified accountant to take care of our finances. Luckily, we found Mr. Ali. Ever since we can’t regret the decision, we made to hire him. During the time of hiring, Ali had only completed his first bachelor of degree in finance.

    Surprisingly, he performed his duties like a professional. Being a startup company, he created a finance plan that managed us to grow and stabilize. Ali is a team worker. He can easily collaborate with other departments and personnel to produce results. Other than that, he is objective oriented and that we can see how he organizes reasonable financial goals.

    I can say that the success of our company is majorly attributed to Ali’s efforts, determination, and expertise. As the company grew, Ali was given more leadership positions, which he performed dutifully. He is not only obedient but also disciplined. His interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are amazing. This is because he relates well with his colleagues and seniors alike.

    As an employer, I have no doubt Ali will be successful in her future studies. Therefore, I fully endorse him for the MBA program. For more information on Ali, please contact me at [email protected].


    James Rodrigues

    Considerations for Submitting the Letter

    Since different learning institutions will have their own method of submitting these recommendation letters, it’s necessary that you first consult with the applicant just to be sure of the submission procedure. In many cases, these letters should be submitted directly to the university without passing through the student or applicant. Therefore, the recommender needs to understand the best time and method of sending the MBA recommendation letters.

    In addition, the recommender should request if there is any other information needed for submission. For instance, an institution may prefer the letter to be sent over the mail or by fax. These questions will make you understand the procedure and requirements needed when submitting the MBA recommendation letters. Note that if you get the submission procedure right, the letter will be received well by the admission board hence serving its intended purpose.


    The MBA recommendation letters carry a lot of weight towards securing the position at the MBA Admission. They help convince the admission board of your qualifications for the program. Therefore, whenever you are requested to write the MBA recommendation letters, it’s important that you spare your time and draft one.

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