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Free Sorority Letter of Recommendation Templates (Word – PDF)

A Sorority Letter of Recommendation is a letter written by an alumna of the sorority group, which helps to support a woman’s application to join that particular sorority group in college.

Although some sororities do not need this recommendation letter from any female who wishes to join the fraternity, some require this letter. That is why it is important for a sorority alumna to know how to write this kind of recommendation letter.

The alumna of the sorority should focus on the positive nature and attributes of the applicant as they write the letter. Although the letter does not guarantee membership, a well-written sorority letter of recommendation will help persuade the admission committee and increase the chances of the applicant joining the sorority.

Why is Sorority Letter of Recommendation Written

There are several reasons why a sorority letter of recommendation is written.

Here are some of those reasons:

  • The letter should include the applicant’s life experiences which aim to highlight the benefits they will bring as a member of the sorority.
  • The letter can also expound on how the applicant’s nature will guide them to live up to the expectations and values of being a sorority member.
  • With different aspects of the applicant mentioned, such as their academic performance and extra-curricular activities, the letter will help the candidate stand out from other applicants.
  • The sorority recommendation letter is written to influence the admissions committee into selecting the applicant by mentioning their positive traits and accomplishments.

Who Writes a Sorority Letter of Recommendation

There are a few people that are eligible to write a sorority letter of recommendation in an effective manner.

A sorority letter of recommendation can be written by the following people:

  • An alumna of the sorority that the applicant wants to join, especially one who is close to and knows the character of the applicant.
  • In case this recommendation letter is needed for sorority application and the applicant does not have it, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sorority member will be responsible for writing and providing an applicant with this letter.
  • Other people who can also write a sorority letter of recommendation to vouch for the applicant include friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even family.


The 26 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) member organizations created a rule that enables applicants without recommendation letters to access a letter from a member of the organization without the need for any form of compensation. If no member submits a sorority recommendation letter, the chapter and member of the organization will be held liable, not the applicant.

Pre-Writing Considerations

Before writing the recommendation letter, there are some pre-writing considerations that alumnae should keep in mind. The most important fact is that they should gather background information about the applicant. Whether they know the applicant or not, an alumna should only agree to write the applicant a sorority application letter of recommendation once they have gathered enough background information.

This can be achieved through the following ways:   

Get information about the applicant’s professional experience

The alumna should ask the applicant to provide details of their professional experience. Any work history that the candidate has should be included in the letter as it will increase their chances of being a member of the sorority. The experience should be the kind that might benefit her and her fellow sisters in the sorority.
The alumna can include the candidate’s volunteer work as an example of the candidate’s professional experience in the recommendation letter.

Ask about the applicant’s academic awards

Sorority groups usually prefer members with academic excellence. Therefore, an alumna should request the applicant to provide their academic achievements and awards since including these details will increase their chances of being considered.

Find out about the applicant’s hobbies

Having information about the applicant’s hobbies is also essential for gathering details about the applicant before writing the sorority letter of recommendation. Mentioning their hobbies will help them to stand out among the many other applicants. An alumna can also mention how their hobbies helped others out in the letter.

For example:

The applicant might love playing an instrument, and they usually play for the elderly over the weekend.

Ask for general information from the person you are recommending

Another meaningful way is to gather general information from the applicant being recommended for the sorority group. An alumna can interview the candidate and learn about them even more. Alumnae can ask for information regarding why they wish to join the sorority fraternity and their skills to better the group.

This will help to provide a general and important picture of the candidate for the admission committee. In addition, the alumna can ask for a list of their awards, activities, hobbies, interests, and academic honors.

Writing a Sorority Letter of Recommendation

With enough background information collected from the person the alumna is recommending, here are the necessary steps that the alumna should follow to write a sorority letter of recommendation.

These include:

Start with proper address

The sorority recommendation letter should always start with a proper address. The alumna should address the letter to the sorority group the applicant is applying to and include the university’s name.

The most important part is the salutation. A sorority recommendation letter usually begins in the same manner, that is, “To Whom It May Concern.”


The introduction of this kind of recommendation letter is usually about 2 to 3 sentences long. It introduces the candidate, highlights the relationship the alumna shares with the candidate, how long the two have known each other, and highlights some brief qualities that make her suitable to join the sorority.

The alumna should also include details about what makes them qualified to write the recommendation letter. The best option is if the writer was a sorority member; this will create a powerful impact with the members of the sorority and increase the applicant’s chances of joining the sorority.

Suppose the alumna was a member of the sorority. In that case, they should include the sorority, name of the chapter, position held in the sorority, and state the number of years as a sorority member.

For example:

In the example below, the alumna knows the applicant and can comfortably write about their nature, personality, and characteristics.

I have known (Applicant’s name) for about six years now. Therefore, it was an honor for her to request me to write a recommendation letter to back up her application into XYZ Sorority of QRS University. As an XYZ sorority member for three years during my university years, I believe that (applicant’s name) will be a great addition to the sisterhood. She is mature, intellectual, and compassionate, which makes her personality exactly what the XYZ sorority is looking for in their members.

Body paragraph 1

A sorority letter of recommendation letter should have about 2 paragraphs. In addition, an alumna should include details about the candidate’s academic performance, hobbies, awards, and interests to increase her chances of being considered for the application.

All these details should align with what the sorority stands for and should help her stand out. The alumna should discuss as many of the candidate’s successes as possible. This is because it is beneficial for the candidate if the alumna brags about their accomplishments.

For example:

For this example, the alumna knows the candidate and shows interest in their life. In addition, the alumna has highlighted the candidate’s specific achievements and the opportunities that resulted from the candidate’s successes.

(Applicant’s name) has always been successful in both her academic work and extra-curricular activities. She has won several awards in different subjects throughout her high school years. She has also been excellent in her extra-curricular activities as she played and won trophies as a basketball player. (Applicant’s name) loves singing and painting. She is passionate about her art which has seen her gather funds for various projects in the community through her many victories.

Body paragraph 2

For the second paragraph, the alumna should focus on the candidate’s personality, character, and traits that will benefit the sorority and help build a better sisterhood. The alumna should highlight examples of the applicant’s great personality; for example, the candidate is fun-loving.

The alumna should give details concerning their personality and give reasons as to why her personality will make her suitable for the sorority. This paragraph should focus on how welcoming and friendly the candidate is by providing relevant examples.

This will help the sorority establish the applicant’s value if picked as a member of the sorority. For example, an alumna can split the second paragraph into two paragraphs if they know the applicant well and have more to say about their personality.

For example:

The example shown below is written by an alumna who knows the candidate well and can provide extensive information about their personality and how it fits them into the sorority.

I find (applicant’s name) to be very charismatic and enthusiastic. She is charming, loveable, and great to be around them. She is respectful and always stands up for her family and friends. With such a personality, she would be great for any sorority family. However, I believe that at XYZ, sorority (applicant’s name) will flourish, benefit from the sisters, and help her new sorority family grow. I also find her commitment outstanding and commendable. I believe that she will be a great pick based on her impeccable personality.


In 2 to 4 sentences, the alumna should conclude the recommendation letter by recommending the admission committee to select the candidate. Next, the alumna should try and summarize the aspects of the applicant that make her suitable to join. They can also add their own experiences that align with the candidate to improve their chances of getting into the sorority. Finally, they should provide their final thoughts regarding the applicant and sign off formally.

For example:      

This example highlights the alumna’s confidence in the applicant as she expresses their qualifications concisely.

Based on her talents, qualifications, and personality, (applicant’s name) would be the best choice for the XYZ sorority membership. I highly recommend her to be the new member of our sisterhood. Please reach out for more information about (applicant’s name) on my (phone number) or (email address).

Best regards,
(Name of Alumna)

Sorority letter of Recommendation Sample

This is a sample of a sorority letter of recommendation that an alumna can use as an example:

To whom it may concern,

As a member of the ABC sorority of (name of university or college), I am pleased to write this letter on behalf of (applicant’s name) based on her intentions to join our sorority. I have known her for 3 years now and during that period; I have interacted with a humble and mature individual. (Applicant’s name) has become more than a friend and accepting her into the sorority will introduce a new and loving sister to our family. She is well-rounded and her character and value are what the ABC sorority is all about.

She has always had and maintained good grades and won prizes for her academic excellence. (Applicant’s name) is outstanding not only in class but also in other extracurricular activities like painting and swimming. She got a scholarship to be part of the swimming team in her town. Her victories, dedication, and hard work helped the town to raise funds for various children’s homes. (Applicant’s name) also volunteered at an animal shelter during summer and the staff did not fail to recognize her humanity, helpfulness, and kindness.

Her maturity, enthusiasm, and kind nature will be beneficial to the ABC sorority. She is friendly and welcoming which is an important attribute of any sister of the ABC sorority. (Applicant’s name) will be a great addition to the charity department of the sorority as she is willing and ready to help others. Finally, she is very loyal and supportive of her friends and family, which makes welcoming her to the family a great choice.

I am glad that (applicant’s name) chose to apply to ABC sorority. I view her as an obvious and best choice for the ABC sorority. I am honoured to recommend her and I hope that you will select her to join the sisterhood and flourish. For more information, please reach out to me on either (phone number) or (email address).

Best regards,

(Name of Alumna)

(Signature of Alumna

Free Templates

Following are some free downloadable templates for you:

Tips for Writing the Letter

For an alumna to write the perfect and most effective sorority letter of recommendation, they should observe these essential tips.

These are:

Don’t go overboard

A sorority letter of recommendation should be brief and straight to the point. It should be short but still have all the sections mentioned above. The alumna should not go overboard by writing more than one to two pages.

Address the letter properly

An alumna should ensure that they address the letter correctly. This means that the recipient’s address should be adequately and correctly written, especially if they are dealing with many applicants. The letter’s address should be specific to their sorority organization’s name and correct address.

Proofread your letter to avoid any errors

Errors and spelling mistakes will make the letter seem unprofessional. It might reduce the chances of the applicant being considered for the sorority membership. Therefore, an alumna writing the letter should proofread the letter and edit out all the errors before sending the letter.

Final Words

A sorority recommendation letter is a document that supports a woman’s application for sorority membership. Alumnae usually write this letter of the sorority group the applicant would wish to join.

An alumna should know how to write this type of recommendation letter before accepting the request to write one. The alumna can use the sample provided in the article as a reference for writing the letter. They should have a close relationship with the candidate and gather background information before writing the letter.

The letter should highlight all the applicant’s positive attributes, traits, character, and extra-curricular activities that would benefit the sorority. This is meant to increase their chances of gaining membership by persuading the admission committee that the applicant will be a suitable member of the sorority.

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