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8 Job Proposal Templates [Free Samples]

Organizations are not static. They evolve from time to time. In the course of their evolution, they tend to demand newer skills, fresh manpower, and fairly new expertise. As a shrewd employee of your firm, you have to be on the lookout for such needs and take the first step to call for the creation of a suitable vacancy. That requires you to draft and send out a job proposal letter for a new position to the company management.

In this article, we have included a how-to-write guide along with professionally crafted job proposal templates. But first, let us understand what a job proposal is and why is it needed.

This letter explains to the management of the organization you work for why they need to create such a vacancy and the benefits it potentially brings to the organization.

How to Draft a Proposal for a New Job Position

Drafting a proposal of this kind basically entails demonstrating your suitability for the position. This is typically by showcasing your capabilities and skills to prove that you are the best candidate for the opening. Below are the steps you will follow to be able to draft a great proposal for your new job position:

Find a suitable need

Assess the company to find whether, indeed, it requires a new opening. That will require you to study the organogram and find out the flow of authority from the company head to the last cadre. You truly have to be convinced that the company is in need of that opening before embarking on a write-up.

Emphasize its potential benefits to the employer

Next, emphasize the potential benefits to the employer. Explain to your employer what he stands to gain from the new job opening. The benefits need not necessarily be in the form of increased revenue. It could also take the forms of improved personnel relations and efficient workings within the organization.

Compute the financial impacts and benefits

Even if the new position is purely for qualitative benefits, it has to at least justify its existence from a financial standpoint. That is something you can only do if you compute the cost-benefit analysis of the position. Do that and then go ahead to tell your employer

Draft the job description

Move ahead now to draft the job description. This is a detail of the job opening you have in mind. It spells out the scope of the contract, the duties and responsibilities to be performed, the duration of the contract, and the success indicators of the job opening.

This description has to be in-depth and vivid enough to allow for an annual review to be successfully carried out on an annual basis. Lastly, it should also include the skills, abilities, competencies, educational background, certifications, and training of the job holder.

Match your credentials

Obviously, you have to demonstrate that you yourself are qualified for the position. This is something you can only do if you match your credentials with the job opening at hand. Tell your employer how suited you purportedly are for the job opening at hand. Explain particularly how each of your ability is bound to suit the work to be done.

Create the proposal document

Having gathered all your facts right, you now need to incorporate all those in a proposal document. That simply means drafting a monolithic proposal that captures every detail in one letter or write-up. The proposal should include a table of contents, a cover page, the main body, and an executive summary.

In its entirety, the proposal has to showcase these details:

  • Company problem or opportunity
  • Solutions that the position intends to provide
  • Financial impacts of the job opening
  • A detailed job description
  • Your qualifications versus the job requirements
  • Summary and recommendations
This infographic shows how to write a job proposal template.
This infographic shows how to write a job proposal template.

Job Proposal Template

Following is a job proposal template that will help you understand the format better:

Monday, August 3, 2020,

3218 Pringle Road

SE Suite 110,

Salem, OR 97302-6307

Dear Sir,

RE: Sample New Position Proposal Letter

In the course of working for this firm over the last 5 years, I have noted that there are some gaps that need to be filled. There is no one to run errands on behalf of the company with other firms and individuals.

Yes, we do have a messenger, but his role is purely to run errands within the organization i.e., from one office or department to another one.

Also, I have noted that we do receive or need to send out an average of 10 parcels, letters, and other packaging in our office premises on a typical workday. This volume is too huge for our messenger to handle well.

As a matter of fact, such uncoordinated and later deliveries have been noted to waste too much time and money for the firm.

The only feasible way forward is to create a position of a Logistics Officer whose role shall be to run these errands on behalf of the company. He shall liaise with the office messenger to coordinate the delivery of these packages.

I volunteer myself to take up this role as soon as the position is created. In the job, I will:

• Run errands for and on behalf of the organization
• Keep accurate records of the packages and correspondences
• Liaise with the office messengers for effective deliveries
• Cut down the costs involved in delivering the merchandise
• Communicate effectively with the clientele of the organization

Kindly consider the establishment of this position favorably.

Kind regards,

Kevin Samuel – Office Administrator

Job Proposal Templates

Following are editable job proposal templates and examples that can be downloaded for free:





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    We live in a truly competitive world. If you do not seize the opportunity at the earliest realistic time possible, someone else will. That is why we urge now to be extremely on the lookout. Be the first one to hunt those opportunities and position yourself for them. You reading the explanations here is the first step towards such a positioning. Do not stop at reading the explanations in and of themselves.

    Move ahead now to implement the same within the shortest time possible. You can also use our ready-to-use job proposal templates. It is also wise of you to share the insight far and wide. But that has to be after you have created your own position first and foremost.

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