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Bid Proposal (15 Free Templates and Examples)

Whenever an opportunity to carry out a given task is announced or declared vacant, many companies or contractors do express interest in undertaking it. This requires the company interested in fulfilling the task to receive bids from the numerous applicants scrutinize them and make an appropriate choice. This requires that the firms interested in tackling the chore submit their proposals. It is only by writing a bid proposal and channeling the same, may the task be accomplished just fine. We endeavor to examine this subject matter in its entirety in the proceeding discussions. Take your time to read through for the necessary inspiration.

In this article, we have included a how-to-write guide along with bid proposal templates. But first, let us understand what a bid proposal is and what are the elements of a bid proposal:

Sections in a Bid Proposal Template

A typical bid proposal template ought to comprise the following pieces of information:

A brief historical background

The bid proposal template should start with a brief historical background of the nature of the bid itself. This is basically a recap of the advertisement and the nature of the task at hand. The background helps the reader to quickly draw a connection between the bid itself and the job at hand.

Official expression of interest

The next section in the bid proposal template should go ahead to officially express an interest in the task that has been laid bare and made open for grabs. It is only by officially expressing interest that you will stand a fair chance of being accepted for the task if and when the bid is opened for evaluation.

Your competence

How qualified are you or your firm for the job? You should clearly state what makes you feel qualified for the job. The following quires must be entertained in this section of the bid proposal template:

  • Do you have the experience and the expertise necessary for the job?
  • Have you, for instance, attempted similar tasks before? If yes, how did you fare on those tasks?


It is important that you give a rough quote of how much you are naturally bound to charge for the project in the bid quote template. This quote will go a long way in helping the project owner prepare psychologically for dealing with you if and when he finally gives you the green light to tackle the task.

Contact details

Wrap the bid proposal template up with your contact details. These are the avenues via which you will be accessed and reached for any future correspondences. You have to drop them so that the owner of the job may get to you conveniently without having to struggle or strain too much.

Steps to Follow to write a Bid Proposal

The steps below will certainly help you in drafting an award-winning bid proposal:

Read the client’s requirements

The entire exercise all starts by reading the requirements of the clients. As noted above, each client is unique and has his own set of requirements. It is imperative hence that you get to know what your client wants and tailor the bid to his desires.

Ascertain your competence

After knowing what the client wants, you have to ascertain your competence for the job. This simply entails asking yourself whether you indeed have what it takes to tackle the task for which you intend to bid.

Draft the body of the proposal

After being certain that you can accomplish the task, move ahead now to draft the body of the proposal. Here, give every detail of your suitability and explain the values that the client stands to reap in case they delegate the responsibility to you.

Attach the supporting affidavits

To strengthen your case further, you have to attach the supporting affidavits. These may be evidence about your past completed tasks and the track record you have managed to garner in the course of tackling those tasks. The same applies to the necessary licensure and other documents of authorizations.

Proof-read for any errors

Needless to say, you also have to proofread the proposal to weed out any errors that may imperil its seriousness, overall. That will also go a long way in strengthening your standing and the likelihood of being eventually picked for the job.

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Bid Proposal Templates & Examples

Following are free editable bid proposal templates for you that can be customized as per needs:






    sample business proposal for cleaning services 01

    proposal for cleaning services doc

    sample proposal letter for cleaning services

      sample business proposal for cleaning services sample business proposal for cleaning services

      proposal for cleaning services doc

      sample proposal letter for cleaning services

      sample quotation letter for cleaning services

      cleaning service proposal with checklist

      hospital cleaning services proposal

      window cleaning proposal template

        Tips for Writing a Bid Proposal

        These tips will help you in writing an award-winning bid proposal:

        Customize the proposal to the unique needs of the clients – Each client is unique, and should hence be treated as such. In light of this, you should see to it that you customize the proposal to the unique needs of the specific client you have in mind.

        Express your competence and expertise vividly – The purpose of the bid is to explain how suited you are for the task at hand. Do not waste any moment hence which you can use to showcase your own suitability and expertise. Instead, make maximum effort to do so to your client.

        Demonstrate how much value you are bound to give off – If contracted for the job, what benefits or how much value are you likely to give off to the client? Clearly tell your client this in a detailed and to the point manner. Make him fully convinced of your suitability.

        Break the bid down to its logical details – To help the client understand your bid, be sure to break it down in its finest details. Use flow charts, graphs, and other forms of references to make the client have a glimpse of what you are capable of doing.

        Be Mindful of other Competitors – Always remember, you are not alone in all these. There are several other companies and firms that are similarly competing for limited opportunities. If possible, try and find them out and know their strengths. To craft a professional bid proposal, you may use our ready-to-use bid proposal templates giver above.

        Read the bid proposal thoroughly – When it comes to the bid proposals, know that the devil is in the details. You should read the proposal carefully to be able to understand it in totality. That will prevent the misunderstandings that come along.

        Carry out further research – Reading the fine print of the proposal in and of itself is not enough. You have to go beyond that to carry out further independent research. Through that, you are going to find out the other details which may be missing.

        Showcase your skills – A client will naturally want to be assured of better outcomes. That surety can only come about if there is a direct correlation between the skillset of the bidder and the tasks at hand. You should, therefore, strike a correlation between these two.

        What a buyer looks for in a bid

        When opening up a bid for grabs, a buyer will naturally look for the following:

        • How urgent you are likely to address his project. Obviously, no buyer wants you to treat him as a second class. You should hence strive to assure him of that topmost position if you win the bid.
        • What experience, if any, do you have in the field wherein you operate? See to it that you let the buyer know the experience typically by furnishing evidence of past work and the feats you achieved.
        • Have you worked on a similar project before? A buyer will naturally prefer someone who has already worked on such kind of a project. The argument behind this is that he is more likely to do a greater job.
        • For how much amount of money are you intending to levy for the project? And how do you justify that amount? If possible, break the figures down to let the buyer know why you settled on that amount.
        • A couple of relevant details will also help the buyer to arrive at a more logical conclusion. These include the reviews from your past clients, your rate of project completion, skill, and expertise in the job, number of projects you have worked on, and the samples of past work. Be sure to furnish all of them too!


        We bring an end to our look into the matter of bid proposal there. As you can see, this is a serious document that should never be handled or confronted carelessly. We ask you to pay keen attention to its finer details as you embark on the task of drafting one for yourself. You can also use our pre-made bid proposal templates and can make a professional bid proposal.

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