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Construction Proposal Free Templates

Have you received a call for an invitation to a construction job? You have to know how to draft a proposal for the job. As is the norm with each field of work, the construction proposal requires a unique approach that is wholly directed and targeted to the field in and of itself.

We are here to help you in drafting a one for yourself. Here, we shall take a look at the procedures to follow, construction proposal template elements, and the kinds of tips to adhere to if you have the hope of doing a great job overall. How about you taking your time to follow through for the necessary inspiration?

How to Write a Construction Proposal

Follow the steps below to write a construction proposal:

Read the advert/Call for bids

Start it out by reading the advertisement for a call for the bid. Here, you shall get to know the details of the work, the necessary qualifications, and the kinds of implements that the winning firm ought to possess. Some calls for bids are too complicated for a layman to understand. You need a lawyer to help out.

Ascertain your competence

Having read and understood the call for the bid, you now have to ascertain your competence. This simply means assessing whether, indeed, you are capable of meeting the expectations of the workplace and the timelines stipulated therein. Only proceed to the next level if you are sure of your capability.

Draft the letter

At this stage, you now have to draft the letter. This simply entails translating the requirements of the bid in the form of writing. Use a language and tone that the company can understand. Do not forget to include your price and the breakdown of how you have arrived at it.

Attach the credentials

As a standard practice, you have to attach the supporting credentials as part of your applications. These include samples of past works, references from past clients, accreditations from relevant standards organizations, and your registration documents. They go ahead to allay the fears that the company may have as well.

Submit the proposal

Lastly, you have to submit the proposal to the relevant firm, typically by way of certified mail. This is to ensure that it is relayed to the firm in a timely and confidential manner. A certified mail also assures you that the mail shall be returned in case it does not reach the sender.

Sections in Construction Proposal Template

A construction proposal template should incorporate the following vital pieces of information:

Company Details: It is a one-paragraph of the construction proposal template introduction to the company. The description basically shows the name of the company, where it is incorporated, the year of its establishment, its mission, and the physical address. In many cases, these pieces of information are encapsulated in a company letterhead, which also contains the company logo.

Scope of work for that project: This is the core of the proposal. In this section of the construction proposal template is here that you explain the details of the work you intend to tackle and how suited you are for the job altogether. You have to be detailed and precise here by breaking down the work into phases, assigning a timeline in each phase, and the duration that each phase is to last.

Payment Schedule: How would you rather be paid for the work you do? Do you want to be paid a lump sum after completing the work or at the end of each phase? On the same note, what is your pricing? Spell out the total amount of money you shall levy and the costs for each phase of the project you plan to do.

Start and Finish Dates: Mention the start and the finish dates in this section of the construction proposal template. These are the dates when you plan to start the project and also complete the project, respectively. As a matter of accuracy, you have to explain the dates for each phase of the project and the duration of time that each phase is to last.

Construction Proposal Templates & Examples

Following are editable construction proposal templates and examples that can be downloaded for free:







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      What A Construction Contract Should Include

      A typical construction contract ought to incorporate the following pieces of information:

      • The names of the parties to the contract
      • Relevant forms of official identifications
      • Addresses of the parties concerned and their registration
      • Dates when the work is slated to start and completed
      • A vivid description of the task to be accomplished
      • The total amount of money involved plus a breakdown of the costing
      • A timeline when each phase of the project is to be completed
      • Any deposit required prior to the start of the job
      • Signatures of the various parties to the contract
      • How any matters shall be arbitrated in the case of a dispute


      We have truly belabored this matter of construction proposal to the letter. It is now our prime confidence that you can now move with confidence to draft a proposal for yourself or you can also use our ready-to-use construction proposal templates. As always, we also urge you to take the bold step of sharing this information as far wide as you possibly can. Help the others around you to enjoy the selfsame benefits.

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