Recommendation Letter for an Employee (How to Write)

A recommendation letter for an employee, also known as an employment reference letter, is a letter written by a manager about an employee, detailing his/her attributes and what he/she is best at. Employees can use this letter when they go to apply for another job, giving them more of a chance of getting it. If you are the employee, you should ask your boss for one, and if you are a boss needing to write a recommendation letter for an employee, read on. Today, I will show you some tips on how to write the best possible employment reference letter.

Ask for the job description

Request for the job description of the job the former employee is applying for. If you get this information, you can put focus on the needed qualities of that job. If they are not looking for a job, for example, they are going to be traveling, you could request for the types of jobs they will be searching for in the future and write your recommendations towards that.

Request for their resume

If you are able to get hold of the ex-employees’ resume, you can talk about their previous experience and fold the writing around this information.

Use current work examples

In your letter, use examples where they showed specific skills at work if you are able to talk about numbers and solidify your example. This will prove to their new employer that they are actually capable of the skills, you said they were capable of doing.

Keep a positive theme

In the letter, state that you think the old employee is a good candidate for the job. Saying that you would definitely hire this worker again is always an effective line in an employment reference letter. It is best to add similar lines when you are writing the letter because it would stand out a lot more.

Put your contact information in the letter

At the end of the letter, you should provide your contact information, such as phone number, address, and etc. This can be useful to the new employer if they have any more questions about the former employee.

Make sure to follow the guidelines for submission

Ask the employee about the submission requirements, such as where and how you have to submit the letter of concern. There may also be a certain time frame to deliver it or a certain format as PDF, Word, physical letter, email, etc.

Be sure about going ahead with it

Make sure you can write positive things about the employee before accepting to write the employment recommendation letter. If you are not able to say many positive things, then it is best to decline the letter as it won’t be comfortable to write.

It is best to look at other examples of employment reference letters before writing your own as these will give you an idea of what the letter should be set out like. But, be sure to be unique; otherwise, it will look like you are just using a template and lying.

Sample Letters & Examples

Here is an example recommendation letter for an employee:

To whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Miss. Bernard Kate. I would highly recommend Miss. Bernard Kate to work as a manager in your company. At our company, Bernard worked as manager after being promoted many times from 2002-2015. In these 13 years, her skills were always admirable with both what she did and how well she did it.

Miss. Bernard was of utmost importance to our organization. Her verbal communication skills really stand out, motivating the whole of the workforce. She is also very punctual, with only four times in 13 years that she has been late. Some other fantastic features about her are, she’s great at multitasking, independently working, and talking to customers.

She was so great at verbal communication that I let her create a listening program for our interns; later, it was concluded that the course helped them a lot, with an 87% improvement rating. This tested her abilities, but she came through, as ever.

Miss. Bernard was never defiant towards orders and was always willing to stay after work if we needed more of her assistance. She has had excellent reports from both of our owners, mainly for verbal communication, which are perfect for your job requirements.

Miss. Bernard will be a great worker for any company, and I honestly recommend Miss. Bernard to dive into any adventure she wants to. Please contact me on any of the following contacting methods for further questions.


Bernie Holt
Job title

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