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20 Best Consulting Proposal Sample and Templates

A consulting proposal is a document sent by a consultant to a potential client describing a job they wish to take on and the conditions under which they will do so. A proposal is a detailed outline of the problems, and the proposed solutions, together with the method you intend to use to solve the problem as well as the promised results. Consulting proposals are usually written in response to a formal Request for Proposal or after the consultant, and the prospective client has discussed the job at length. One must dedicate their time to drafting and designing the document.

Why You Should Write a Consulting Proposal

Writing a consulting proposal can often be viewed as a time-consuming, tedious, and thankless proposition. However, if done correctly, a consulting proposal can be one of the best ways to secure new clients.

There are several benefits to writing a consulting proposal, including:

Legal implications

When you are providing any commercial products and/or services, the client will have their set requirements, whereas you, the supplier, will have the understanding and the means to fulfill those requirements.

While trying to fulfill the requirements, however, you may find the client’s requirements and your proposed solution becoming confused due to lack of communication or other unforeseen circumstances.

By having a consulting proposal, you not only enable the client to come back to you regarding any part that does not meet their requirements but also protect yourself in case you deliver as proposed but fail to be paid by the client.

Measuring results and progress

Consulting projects are never a simple affair. A simple mistake may lead to litigations. By setting out the problems that need to be solved and the method which will be used in solving such problems, you will be able to measure and report on the project’s progress to your client. You may also use your proposal and any supporting documentation as part of the overall agenda, to help in establishing the progress made.

Procedural compliance

Major companies and government entities often have a rigid procedure in place for the award of tenders and the issuing of written orders for goods and services. In such cases, even after receiving informal instruction, you cannot be appointed or paid for your work if your paperwork is incomplete.

By issuing your paperwork, even if it is only for formality, makes it easier for the client to hire and pay for your services.

What Should You Include in a Consulting Proposal?

A consulting proposal is made up of the following sections:

  • The cover-page
  • Executive summary
  • The client’s problems/challenges and the goals
  • The project proposal’s outline
  • A solution to the problems and key deliverables
  • The Pricing
  • Terms and conditions

Before Writing a Consulting Proposal

There are a few guiding principles you need to follow before you start writing a consulting proposal:

Meet and discuss with the client

One of the key things you should do before writing a consulting proposal is meeting with the client. If the client ahs a tight schedule or if you are unable to set up a meeting with them, you should do your best to reach them over the phone. Putting a voice to the name or a face to the name is an excellent way of earning the client’s trust.

Understand the requirements

Understanding the client’s requirements is very important. It is not all about understanding what they want but the drive and motivation behind the project.

Get as specific as possible about your products and services

The client must understand what you are offering. Make your consulting proposal simple and easy to understand. Don’t make the mistake of adding accolades and fleecy jargon to your proposal in a bid to make it sound important.

Evaluate the scope, timeline, and the value

If you are new to writing a consulting proposal, you will probably find this as the hardest part of your writing. To make your work easy and make sure that you have properly timed yourself, it is advisable that you send a questionnaire to your client and then follow up with a phone call. By doing this, you’ll be able to collect all the data you need to evaluate the scope, timeline, and value of the proposal.

Be open to making mistakes

If it’s your first time writing a consultation proposal, you’ll probably make mistakes when it comes to evaluating the scope and the timeline. Having no experience in such matters, you won’t be able to accurately estimate the time you’ll need to finish the proposed work.  That’s okay!

As you gain more experience in writing proposals, you will be able to make accurate timings. Be open to making mistakes; you will learn quickly from them.

How Do You Write a Consulting Proposal?

Start with a cover page: a cover page is exactly that, a cover for your proposal. The cover page should consist of both your name and the clients. also include the date of submission and add your branding, i.e., your logo

Write an executive summary: The summary should cover the client’s challenges, how you plan to solve them, and the metrics you will use to gauge your success in solving the challenges. Simply put, an executive summary is basically the entire project summed up on a single page.

Outline the project scope: the scope of the project outlines what you intend to work on. You must be very categorical when writing the project’s scope to prevent any misunderstanding that may lead to litigation

List deliverables: what will be the outcome of your work. What are you planning to deliver once to the client as the final product?

Create a timeline: when writing a consulting proposal, it is important that you set a timeline for when you anticipate completing certain aspects of the project that are geared toward the final product

Outline the costs: include the total cost of the project. Be clear from the start how much you’ll charge. Make sure to include any payment structures, like a deposit or payment installments, and how you would like to be paid

Knowing how to write a clear and effective consulting proposal can help land a new client for your practice; therefore, this is an essential skill for all independent consultants. To make your work easier, we have provided several samples and templates to help guide you throughout the process. You can download the templates for free and sample the ones that you feel are a perfect fit for your proposal to make a one-of-a-kind consulting proposal that will increase your odds of being selected for the project.

To recap, here are the basic parts of a consulting proposal:

  • The cover page
  • Executive Summary
  • Project scope/outline
  • Project deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Fees and payment terms
  • Client requirements
  • And lastly, the Expiration date

When writing a consulting proposal, you must consider where your client is now and where they want to be. Think of the proposal as the plan that lays down how you will get them where they want to be. By doing this, you will be one step closer to landing your next project.

Consulting Proposal Examples

Consulting Proposal Example: 1

Name of the company: Comic Solutions Ltd.

Our Motto: To provide Business Solutions To all

Documents attached to the Consulting Proposal: our business consulting proposal has been supplemented with a PowerPoint presentation describing the capacity of our company, as we have kept the proposal short and precise.

Our Resources as a Consulting Company: we have a dedicated team of experts in various fields who have vast experience in their line of work as well as impeccable references. We are providing an outline of both our technical and personnel resources to assure you of competence in our handling of large volumes of work.

Project-in-charge, if awarded contract: Brian King and Michael Stevens

Our objectives through this proposal: To show our contingencies for both troubleshooting exercises and technical glitches. Other than that, we are also looking to capitalize on our experience from previous clients. Enclosed with this business proposal are the reference letters.

Fees: we intend to charge a semi-annual fee of $30,000, after which we shall reconfirm the decisions. We ensure transparency and accountability in all our business dealings, and our business consulting is of no exception.

You can reach us on comicsolutions@email.com or [email protected] with regards to this proposal.

Thank you,

Michael Timwoods,

Executive Director

Comic Solutions Ltd.

Consulting Proposal Example: 2


Tylerize, LLC.


5625 K Street

New York, 2562

Brian King

Project Manager

NeoFunction Interim Developments

After reviewing NeoFunctions Interim Development’s Consulting request for proposal, Tylerize, LLC, would like to bid on the project. Attached is our consulting proposal detailing the expertise and services we can offer. Please see at the end of the proposal, some of the clients we have managed to help with similar projects. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company.


Tylerize, LLC Interim Developments would like to integrate their current research and development with new technologies. Tylerize, LLC can manage to help with this project by offering our expertise and training current employees.


To integrate with 2.0 technologies from internal use, marketing, and client use.


To roll out a new and updates 2.0 presence by September 2020.


i. Create an application to help market research to clients and the public

Strategy: use a top-rated developer to create an application with a smooth and user-friendly interface that will push both research and projects in development to clients.

ii. …


Programmer: 120 hours

App Specialist: $40 per hour

Designer: 50 hours

Consulting rates:

On-site training $170/hour

Hourly rate consulting: $250/hour

Strategy provision and documentation: $100


VuisasaApp: Social Media Management

RMC Development: App Strategy and Development

Groovy Delivery: Back-end web development

You can reach us at [email protected] or [email protected] with regard to this proposal.

Thank you,

Tylerize LLC

Consulting Proposal Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a consulting proposal be?

An effective consulting proposal shouldn’t be too long or wordy. It should be as brief as possible and only contain an accurate description of the project’s scope and expectations. Making your consulting proposal too long may discourage the client from reading it till the end. Therefore, you must maintain the average length of one to two pages maximum and be sure to make your proposal engaging for the client.

What is the format for a consulting proposal?

Consulting proposals are formal documents that must be written professionally, using the right tone. Whereas there is no one-size-fits-all way to format all consulting proposals, a typical consulting proposal must be simple, straightforward, and clear so that the customer quickly understands it.

The general format to follow when writing such a document includes writing the introduction, defining the issue/problem, clarifying the objectives of the consulting services, describing the solution (step-by-step plan, benefits, potential obstacles, required personnel, and qualifications), and providing an appropriate conclusion that reiterates the main point and purpose for writing the proposal.

In addition, be sure to include an appreciation note for the client and provide your reliable contact information.

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