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Job Offer Thank You Letter Format (Samples and Examples)

Everyone knows the hassles and difficulties associated with a job hunt. While the situation is not closer to any changes soon, it only keeps getting worse with the dwindling global economy. But after passing the challenging job hunt hurdles such as the interviews, background checks, and salary negotiations, you will at least land the sweetest job offer of your life. This is a fight; not many find it easy.

Therefore, it is worthy that you thank your employers by writing a job offer thank you letter for believing in you and entrusting you with the job.

Why Send a Job Offer Thank you Letter?

The Job Offer Thank you Letters are written to the hiring manager or the person who offered you a job to express your appreciation for the offer. Through the letters, you get the opportunity to extend your gracious appreciation professionally. Also, the letters help you to clarify the terms and conditions associated with the job offer. The thank-you letters can either be handwritten or sent electronically through the mail. However, most of the techniques will still apply regardless of the method.

How to Format Your Job Offer Thank You Letter

The Job offer thank you letters are official letters. You should adhere to a business letter format when writing them.

Here is a detailed guideline on how you should structure your letter:


The header should be the first part of your letter. It should include:

  • The sender’s full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Date of writing

The receiver’s name, address, phone number, and email address.

A formal salutation or greeting, such as ‘Dear,’ ‘Hello.’ If the credentials are not clear, you can opt to use ‘To whom it may concern.’

Introduction paragraph

You can start by expressing your gratitude to your new boss for offering you the job position in the introduction. This part of our letter should be kept brief, concise, and direct to the point.

Body paragraph

In the body paragraphs, you need to expound more on the offer. Let the reader know whether or not you accept the offer. If accepting the offer, for instance, you can seek clarification regarding the offer. These may include the contract terms, salary, and benefits. However, if you choose to decline the offer, you need to thank the company for the consideration, time, and resources they invested while granting you with the offer. Additionally, you can mention the specific reasons why you are declining the offer.


Finally, you need to reinstate your appreciation in the conclusion paragraph of the job offer thank you letter. Again, you can confirm your contacts so that the employer can reach you easily.

Sign offs

Sign off your letter using an official closing clause such as ‘Sincerely,’ and ‘Best Regards,’ to mention a few. A signature should follow this, then your name. If you send an electronic letter, you can ignore the signature unless it’s in electronic form.

Sample of a Job Offer Thank you Letter

[Senders Name]

[Senders address]

[Senders contacts]


[Name of receiver]


[Organizations address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Receivers’ name],

Thank you very much for hiring me as an assistant technician at your ABC Company. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you took to interview me. I am grateful for entrusting me with this opportunity. After the interview went successful, I must admit that I was excited to be part of your staff at the company.

Currently, I am doing everything possible to relocate fully. Also, I am positive that I will report to work on the day discussed. In the meantime, however, I would request you to keep me updated on any information you deem pertinent. Here are my contact details for the same [input your contacts].

I look forward to starting my position as discussed. Thanks again for offering me this job.



[Name of the sender]

Job Offer Thank You Email Format

Subject line: Job Offer Thank You Letter

It is with great honor and appreciation that I thank you for the job offer you bestowed me at your company. I am happy to inform you that I gladly accept the offer and happy to join your team of staff as an elementary teacher.

Note that I fully agree with the terms and conditions of the job, as highlighted in the employment contract. On that note, I will complete all the necessary obligatory formalities before the end of the month. Also, I will submit all the required documentation before I officially join the school.

I look forward to starting my position on the agreed dates. Once again, I would like to thank you for the opportunity.


Your name.

Job Offer Thank You Letter Templates

Here are the professionally crafted job offer thank you letter templates for you:

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    Important Tips to Remember

    Writing a job offer thank you letter can be overwhelming. Some may wonder where to start or how to make their letter most appealing to their employer.

    Well, the following tips and tricks you can use to make your letter as bright and beholden as possible:

    Say thank you

    Since the letters’ main purpose is to express your appreciation, it should be the first thing in your mind. Thank the hiring manager and any other person who participated in the process. This will make them feel that their efforts are appreciated and valued, hence weren’t in vain.

    Express excitement and enthusiasm

    You can also remember to show how excited you are about the job offer. In that line of thought, you can use the words/technique of expressing your enthusiasm most comfortably.

    Mention your value

    In as much as you have explained yourself during the interview, you can still remind the hiring manager of your value. This will confirm their decision to hire you as the best candidate for their company.

    Proofread and edit the letter before sending

    In as much as it may seem obvious, most people are still fond of sending their thank you letters without rereading them. You will find letters being sent with formatting errors, spelling, and grammatical mistakes in most cases. To avoid such a snare, you need to take your time and proofread your letter. Also, cross-check the spelling of the recipient’s name and address to ensure it’s correct.

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