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12 Customer Thank You Email Examples

A customer thank you email is sent to consumers to express gratitude, resulting in a more substantial and lasting relationship between the customer and the business. They are typically automated and, once sent, provide a sense of security to customers when the order button is clicked. They can be sent regularly to customers or on special days.

It has a specific format for writing it. A small act of gratitude can improve the entire customer experience, resulting in increased revenue, customer lifetime value, and average order value.

They come in different shapes and forms, including thank-you for purchase emails, subscribing orders, and registration. It also allows you to cross-sell or upsell services, products, or content.

This article is a detailed guide to writing and sending effective thank-you emails to customers, including the email’s content, effective practices, and tips to keep in mind.

Customer Thank You Template

A thank-you email lets you express gratitude toward your customers, ensuring they remain loyal to your business and refer you to other potential clients. This website gives you access to various free and downloadable thank-you templates that can be customized to create the email that best suits your customers.

Important: A feeling of gratitude is indeed essential to individuals, even customers. Research shows that approximately 60% of customers may cease conducting business with a seller they believe is not interested in them.

What is a Thank-You Email to a Customer?

A thank-you email is sent to customers to primarily appreciate them for buying commodities from your business. They are essential because they make customers feel you are more concerned about their satisfaction and not only their money. Ultimately, this is a value proposition to your business as it significantly retains existing customers, resulting in more revenue generation. They can be automated; a machine controls the process of sending emails to customers.

Statistical insight: In a Forbes study, an average of 20% of a company’s customers account for 80% of future profits; hence, do not underestimate the opportunity to appreciate clients and secure your business.

Why and When to Send a Thank You Email?

When you send a thank-you to your customers, it boosts your customer’s lifetime value and business revenue. In addition, a relationship is established between you and your customer as they feel you are concerned about them.

Here is why and when you should send your customers a thank-you:


Today, most people conduct transactions through computer screens rather than in stores. Yet, when you say thank you, it maintains and humanizes the relationship between the business and the customer. Automated thank-you email campaigns may foster an online relationship that mimics customers’ in-person connections with physical brands.

You can send your customers a thank-you when they place an order, sign up for blog subscriptions, or write a positive review. As a business, sending this to your customers can benefit your relationship and in-person engagement.

Did you know? As per Instapages, 71% of customers are discontented with impersonal shopping experiences; sending personally tailored thank-you emails provides your customers with a sense of satisfaction, appreciation, and gratitude. Furthermore, it is estimated that 44% of consumers can become frequent buyers after a personalized experience with the company.


When you send a personal email to your customer, they may feel that you care about their interests. Automated thank-you can be prompted to send a specific message to a specific customer at specific times or as soon as they make purchases.

They can be sent to the customers in the following instances:

  • After a good purchase
  • On special occasions like holidays
  • When you receive a referral
  • During customer anniversaries
  • High-value and loyal customers
  • Anyone who is written in support
  • Event/webinar attendees
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Job applicants and interviewees

How to Write Customer Thank-You Email: 5 Easy Steps

A complete thank you lets your customers know that you genuinely appreciate them and gives them a good impression of your business. This makes them happy to do business with you and increases buyers’ chances of referring you to their friends and family.

These five steps will help you craft a great thank you email for your customer:

Start nicely with an appropriate subject line

A good subject line is required to capture your customers’ attention. This is vital since the subject line is typically one of the first things the customer will see when opening the email.

For example:

Thanks so much for your order
Thanks! So glad you found us
We appreciate you as a customer

Express gratitude and appreciation

A culture of customer appreciation and care can increase customer loyalty and improve customer engagement. Gratitude also demonstrates to customers that you value their relationship and not only their money.

For example, upon a customer purchasing an item from your business, you can reply by writing them a thank you that states the following:

 Thank you so much for your order Mr. Peter

Include specific details

Customers may feel they have contributed more than just their money and time when you let them know they have positively impacted your business. When you share specifics about their interaction with you, it makes the recipient feel that whatever they have given is worthwhile and valuable.

An example is when a customer sends feedback on product improvement, the following can be included:

Thank you for your feedback on improvements to the system upgrade. You make a good point about changing its packaging method, as the reasons are valid. In addition, the web design team has received feedback to make it more convenient.

Look toward the future

By expressing to your customers that you would love to work together again, you secure the customer’s loyalty to your company and, thus, a practical level of cooperation in the future.

For example:

We hope to conduct more business with you in the future, as we will launch new products that we think might interest you.

Say thank you again

Thank you to customers do not take much time and energy since they are transactional; this may encourage customers to continue purchasing from you as they feel appreciated. The most appropriate occasions to express gratitude in an email are in the order confirmation, shipping update, and product review email, where applicable.

For example:

Again, thank you for coming to our store. We value you!

Close the email appropriately

Proper salutations at the end of your thank-you email strengthen the connection between the customer and the business. This may be a game-changer for your business as the customers feel you are concerned.

For example:

Thank you for shopping with us. Have a wonderful weekend.

Note: Customer response at the end of the email is critical because a thank you email extends conversations between each other. Consider including an email address in the message for direct contact with customers or an additional option for customer response when they have feedback or questions.

Customer Thank You Email Template

Below is a professionally drafted template that you can use as a reference point when writing your thank-you email to customers:

Dear [customer name],

Thank you for making the order! We are grateful for your choice to shop with us. Our company is delighted that you have found what you wanted to purchase.

I hope you enjoy your new purchase! Please contact me at [email address] if you require assistance.

We look forward to doing business with you as we launch new products at the end of the month.

It would be beneficial if you gave us feedback on our existing products as our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.

Thank you for shopping with us, have a wonderful weekend.

Customer Support Team.

Customer Thank You Email Sample

This sample below elaborates further on how to write a thank you email that builds an image for your company.

Hi Mr. Serge Ibaka,

Thank you for filling out the questionnaire about improving the items listed on the paper. Your feedback has been of great help, as it has been submitted to the design department.

Your idea significantly improves the operation within the company and makes it easier for our customers to purchase products and goods. 

We have implemented various after-sale services upon purchasing commodities with Wade Paper Company.

We appreciate and would like to thank you for contributing to making Wade Paper Company better.


Wade Paper Company.

How to Send Automated Thank You Emails

An email automation tool can send personalized emails to specific customers at certain times. A large business has a vast audience; thus, for a better customer experience service, invest in a proper email automation tool. In addition, an autoresponder can be set for your Email account. This eases feedback between you and your customers. Finally, an automation tool may enable a seller to send specific emails to customers, providing the best customer experience.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are a few things to do and avoid making your thank-you email convenient for your customers. By applying these effective practices, it will create a feeling of delight amongst your customers, resulting in excellent brand loyalty.

These are as explained in the sections that follow:


The following are seven effective practices to keep in mind when writing thank-you to customers:

  • Be positive: The subject line is the first information revealed upon opening the email inbox. A positive subject line creates a favorable perception of your business.
  • Choose the appropriate format: Before selecting a format, consider what you are thanking your customers for, and make sure you sound professional and genuine. A customer thank-you template may help create a more relevant email.
  • Properly greet the recipient: Keeping your interaction formal and using the appropriate tone may make the customer feel respected by the company, resulting in a better impression.
  • Personalize the email: You can write a thank-you email that directly addresses a specific customer. This makes the customer feel the letter is meant for them. For instance, indicate the customer’s name when writing it.
  • Know the purpose of the email: When you know why you are writing a specific thank-you email, you can communicate its purpose to the intended recipient, as different situations necessitate different ways of expressing gratitude.
  • Humanize the message: It would be best to sound humane when writing a thank-you email to your customers. This makes the customer feel cherished by the business. On the other hand, when you sound robotic in conveying a message to customers, they may feel a sense of no appreciation and gratitude.
  • Be creative: Creativity shows how your work differs from the rest of the group. For example, you can use stickers and infographics when writing to the customer. This gives you a good impression of your business and ensures that the business thrives.


The following are the things to avoid ensuring your thank-you email serves its intended purpose:

  • Don’t sound robotic: Though transactional emails are automated, they should not sound robotic. Instead, they should sound human. The customer should have a feeling of appreciation and gratitude expressed by the business.
  • Don’t make it promotional: The thank-you email should sound personal and cheerful; you should not try to attach documents concerned with the marketing of your products to the customer. Instead, focus on thanking your customer for choosing your product.


A thank-you email can be a marketing strategy for a business owner through customer retention and customer referrals. When you show gratitude, concern, and appreciation to your customer, you gain a competitive edge over other businesses through brand loyalty, increasing your overall sales and profitability. Customer satisfaction is a game-changer for your business.

To write an effective thank you to your customers, use the proper format and ensure that you creatively express your gratitude. It should be prompt and sent out anytime you receive customer referrals and when your customers make a store or online purchases. It is essential that they are sent to the correct email address to ensure the customers receive them.

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