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7 Awesome Christmas Award Certificate Templates

An award certificate is usually given by an organization to people or groups such as an employee, athletes, students, companies, etc., for their efforts or service, for which they are not expected to receive any financial reward. Such certificates are issued to reward achievements.

Rewarding and showing appreciation to people for their efforts toward something is important. However, it is sometimes not possible to offer monetary prizes or trophies. Award certificates can be traced back to the 19th century. They were developed as part of an experiment known as the Hawthorne Experiment, conducted by a sociologist to find ways to increase employees’ productivity in factories.

The findings of the experiment were that productivity at work increases when employees are appreciated more and treated with more warmth. This led to the introduction of tangible ways to show appreciation and acknowledgment. The emotive value behind the certificate is what makes it functional.

One such instance where monetary rewards cannot be given is in parenting, where you want to acknowledge your child’s good behavior. As such, giving them an award certificate may be more appropriate. Such a certificate can be given as the year ends, during the Christmas holidays, to appreciate your kid for good behavior throughout the year. In such cases, it is referred to as a Christmas award certificate.

The certificate serves as an acknowledgment of their efforts and thus encourages them to continue with good behavior since their efforts are being valued. If you have more than one kid, awarding the certificate can motivate others to improve their behavior. This article guides you on creating a Christmas award certificate you can give your kid(s) as appreciation and acknowledgment for good behavior.

Download Free Templates

You can easily be able to create a Christmas award certificate using templates. It is advisable that you use these templates since they are easy to use, and as a result, you will be able to save time and effort by not having to design from scratch. You can download pre-made Christmas-themed award certificates from below. These templates are free and easy to tailor to suit your needs.

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    What are Different Types of Award Certificates?

    There are basically three general types of award certificates, namely: handmade, printed, and digital award certificates. The types of certificates have evolved with time since they were first introduced in workplaces.

    These types of certificates are discussed below;


    The certificate can be handmade. The original award certificates were handmade. The certificates used thick paper and were handwritten. Such certificates were used since there were no advanced printers. These certificates were popular between the 1950s and 1980s and were often issued during Thanksgiving and New Year. Even though this type of certificate is arguably outdated, you can still create a handmade Christmas award certificate to ward your kids. Use pen and paper to write the certificate.

    Also, use calligraphy and embroidery to input information and creative designs. The certificate is then framed before issuing it to the kid. Such certificates can be used as collectibles. This type of certificate will typically take more time to create, but it adds a more personal touch and shows you were thoughtful with the award. 


    The alternative to handmade certificates is the printed version. This type is convenient if you do not have ample time to make a handmade type of Christmas award certificate. These certificates emerged after the introduction of printers. This was after the 1980s. Such certificates were easier and faster to produce.

    As a result, this type of certificate could be issued whenever needed and not only during special seasons such as Thanksgiving. The calligraphy and embroidery in handmade certificates were replaced with typed fonts, which were more neat and appealing.


    You can opt to have a digital print instead. This type is the most recent alternative and emerged around the 2000s after the popularization of computers and the internet. Digital award certificates can be sent over email and are faster and more affordable to create as they require fewer resources than handmade and printed certificates. Digital certificates introduced the use of three-dimensional images and video in the certificates.

    Also, templates can be used to produce multiple certificates at a time. Digital certificates are more convenient and can be more intriguing to your kids.

    What to Include in Christmas-Themed Award Certificate

    While Christmas-themed award certificates will differ in design and layout, they will often have the same elements. Some of the elements that must be included in the certificate include the following:

    Title of the award 

    The top of the certificate should have a title. The title should also be centered to make it appear more official. It should be written in larger font compared to other contents of the certificate. The font can be personalized to have different colors and designs – bod, curved, shadowed, etc. Examples of titles you can use include; Certificate of Achievement, Achievement Certificate, Good behavior award certificate, etc.

    Presentation tagline

    Below the title, include a presentation tagline indicating who the presenter and recipient are. The tagline can be phrased in different ways. For example, this certificate is presented by (your name) to (kid’s name), or this certificate is awarded to (recipient’s name), etc.

    Name of your child 

    You should then add the name of the recipient (your kid). This is typically the key detail in the certificate. The name should be written in a larger font than others. The kid’s name is usually written in the middle of the certificate. Also, add a little personal touch, such as using different colors or adding a decorative design, such as shadow or outlined font.

    Name of the parent

    Next, add the name of the person awarding the certificate. Since you will be issuing the certificate, write your name. The name does not have to be written in large fonts as long as it is legible.

    Award description 

    You will also include the details on what earned your child the certificate. Indicate that the kid is receiving the certificate due to good behavior. This information can be presented in a paragraph. Use a captivating opening such as “In recognition of…” or “For excellent/outstanding….” Then, describe the good behavior that earned the kid the Christmas award certificate. This is where you can highlight specific aspects, such as their excellent behavior, good grades, etc., so they can review and appreciate it more.

    Write this section using a traditional font to make it legible. You can use a larger font than the tagline and other text, but it should not be larger than the title and the recipient’s name.

    Date when the award certificate is presented 

    In this section, you will write the date when the certificate was awarded. The date should be in a standard format such as “MM/DD/YY” or “DD/MM/YY”. You can also use the date when the good behavior was achieved. 


    Finally, at the bottom, include your signature. A signature is meant to officiate the certificate. You can also add Christmas-themed icons to signify when the certificate was awarded and add some personal touch.

    How to Create Christmas Award Certificate

    A well-designed award certificate can be very helpful in parenting. Now that you know the elements and key features of a Christmas award certificate, you can create one. You can create it through computer programs or download pre-made templates available online. However, you should always have the certificate customized to appeal to children of different ages and gender.

    Here is a guide to creating attractive and effective award certificates for your kids’ good behavior:

    Step 1: Choose a platform to create the certificate

    There are different platforms from which you can create your award certificates. Some platforms are simple to use, while others are elaborate. An example of such a platform is Canva. Some are paid awards management platforms, and others are free drag-and-drop platforms. Choose a platform suitable for your needs.

    Step 2: Pick the size

    Select an award certificate of your desired size. Other properties you should consider are orientation, background, and paper quality. If you plan to make changes and/or add or remove some elements, you can always reduce its size or even enlarge it if you desire.

    Step 3: Choose a theme

    The theme must be attractive and personalized. Here you will want the certificate to be Christmas themed. However, the theme should also reflect your kid’s personality when creating the certificate. Different themes, such as a favorite cartoon or animal, can also be used to make it more unique. You may have to pay for premium themes. However, do not limit yourself to one theme since you can always make adjustments later.

    Step 4: Add an image

    Next, you should add any images and illustrations you want to include in your award certificate. You can add flowers and other Christmas elements to make the certificate look more appealing. Use high-quality images.

    Step 5: Write the text

    You will also want to add some words for personalization. Different font sizes and styles are possible, depending on your preference. Ensure the text design matches the overall certificate theme. You may also want your child’s name in large fonts for identification purposes.

    Step 6: Download or print

    Once you are done with the design, download it, save it to your computer and print it when you are ready.

    Step 7: Prepare a digital version

    Lastly, create a digital version of the Christmas award certificate. Insert digital badges found on the internet. A digital version can be used for social media and other online activities.

    Special Considerations

    There are different considerations you should be aware of to ensure your award certificate is beneficial to your kid. Some of the ways to increase its efficiency include; using a proper design that is appealing. Also, convey your appreciation in style. You can have an authority endorse the award certificate and dignify the occasion, for example, by presenting it in the family’s presence. Also, make sure that you present the certificate in a memorable manner. Do not avoid the norms of writing and issuing award certificates.

    There are certain things that you should avoid. For example, avoid omitting header tags, contact details, and other elements. You also should not incorporate heavy graphics, multimedia, and images. Keep the certificate official. Lastly, do not be vague. Clearly state why the certificate is being awarded.

    Final Thoughts

    A Christmas award certificate is an excellent way of appreciating children for their good behavior. The certificate can keep your child motivated to maintain their good performance and perform better at school and in other aspects of life. Each certificate can be unique to represent the occasion and the kid’s personality. This can be done by personalizing elements such as font, background, colors, size of text, and by adding images. Lastly, you can opt to create the certificate from scratch or use templates. Both methods are equally effective in producing quality award certificates. 

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