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16 Free Christmas Themed Award Certificates

An award certificate is a document or piece of paper that is presented, either in writing or virtually, to an individual who participated in an event/activity.

It is meant to celebrate the individual’s achievements by highlighting that they participated and won during an event. An award certificate can be presented in different situations or award ceremonies. This may include during sports, to employees, to companies, to students, and even to participants of an event. For employees, these award certificates are meant to boost their morale. For instance, healthcare, social work, and education employees appreciate being recognized more than just receiving their salary.

An award certificate with a Christmas theme is a document presented to kids at a fun event for completing an activity like baking a gingerbread house or decorating a Christmas tree. Whatever the activity or event, preparing award certificates and presenting them to kids is a way of recognizing their hard work and congratulating them on their wins.

Suppose you have been tasked with the responsibility of creating award certificates with Christmas themes for kids. In that case, this article will help you know how to create them, their components, and why giving these certificates to children is important. It will also provide pre-built templates for award certificates with the Christmas theme. They are easy to use and can be downloaded for free. 

Free Templates

Given below are Christmas theme award templates:

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    Why Should Award Certificates be Given to Kids on Christmas?

    Whether it is to celebrate a milestone or an achievement, an award certificate is important for students or kids. It can be presented formally during an event, during a one-on-one interaction with the kid, or digitally.

    Below is a list of reasons why Christmas theme-based award certificates should be given to kids:

    • It increases their self-confidence by making them aware of their capabilities. This makes them assertive enough and focused on reaching the top.
    • Provides a sense of accomplishment by highlighting to the kids that they completed a particular task and are appreciated. This helps shape their mindset into believing they will be accepted whenever they complete a required task.
    • Makes them feel respected by other kids and their parents. This feeling of genuine appreciation makes them want to be the best in everything they do. 
    • Motivates them to work harder and do their best in other situations.
    • The award certificate boosts their morale and makes them proud of their work more than when they receive Christmas gifts.
    • Makes the kids feel excited and ready to start the next Christmas task they are supposed to complete. 
    • The award certificate can also become a motivation tool that motivates the kids to learn new things and succeed in any work they are given.

    How to Create a Christmas Theme Award Certificate in MS Word

    When creating a Christmas theme award certificate in MS Word, you can choose various methods to make it. Below is a step-by-step guide on creating this document in MS Word with and without a template:

    Using a template

    You can save time by creating multiple award certificates effortlessly and quickly with a template. Also, you can customize the certificate and make it more fun for kids.

    When using MS Word, you should do the following:

    Step 1: Start by opening Microsoft Word, then click File, then New, and then click the Search bar on the opened Word window.

    vmUkPypNlEIYPioht3r g4dfnqNMPNiL uVF mRBE 4rd3odfRIL6vI0c1IiVMfmZo7D1ummY5jiIWCG xVyzfsGc SmN13DjgfLCef4yAvOa EFfZ96xQjXMQmQe24Ato2co2W4Bn va13e P0KaA

    Step 2: Proceed to search for Award Certificate Templates, select one that suits your requirements and click Create to open it.

    UlH5xCbsbrykc3llrFEUYjWI8hQR6k36dx5VxBf2T7RSZRHsVLIfZ5xDm3FdZWJU9NtJqEGepVr9MO Wm4BfgeH sntziSvER5OOJFypCiN1OCMDmINyTUm4NR N eHs Tfm8tgR5aOBefpWNzCRwJg

    Step 3: You should then proceed to edit your award certificate by filling it out with your preferred content and images.

    d7CBnKsVBXpuUjzyEIesjREljFaOL0VxxFXNbo5F17KbqewL2MVQkRN 82wO2F9THOY18G8GcLGrDPAnkGSftn9SbclPaqKJr1UVZfYGb9anVoW8iaYIEaYFlwLr4lgGn fAuaQ6ted34 za0Wiq1I

    Step 4: At this point, you can change the font style and size of your text by clicking Home and then the Font bar. For borders, click Layout and then Page Borders. You can also change the Background on the Page Borders bar as needed.

    6awdGkBF5ZJQqvrSzP9SyB8mgD HcC6kz0QbuI7HYFkCWpQa1nbA0xtTbGEKBKYUaGKxzAK5v34oLKEVTPb V5XGRgVlDYwGTdUAivNErOqjBJrqkjDPRNYYKucaXAYUA2 INXseYL6TsBR95 y38lc

    Step 5: To add images, click Insert and use the Picture, Clip Art, or Shapes options to make your award certificate appealing. Ensure these visuals and graphics are related to the Christmas theme.


    Step 6: For the next step, save, print your document, and decorate it with more Christmas theme decorations before presenting it to the kids.

    J55Sl8Nupf6k 7xw GhYcPM1Z2 pmtLo RjTN9mtdVmal77h5vOM4QZYIFqNgLU9rpFLEWiOHVXtZOWHQuMWOjdnI9Hd5y5QPl9NleuxJtFRQayjIrY3W2iJhGT OwAfJGvHzSJlNyBKZ7rlJ2UjiI

    Without using a template

    If you are not using a template, here is what you will do to create an appealing award certificate:

    Step 1: Choose a platform you will use to create your certificate, Microsoft Word.

    Step 2: You should then select the size of your document and set it by clicking Layout, then Page Setup, and then proceeding to set the page based on your preferred size. You can also select the orientation of your document.

    NlBgjyW9RVnDY t2IezUipDVFYY 3cHjSHiV4mjWG29mKbqLIRZwQhPJLmHAK5cVo2r8wUoJVDTulYKq724L4ZJ8wkal3qtxc8 XlzsiXQapf5Sl DzPsraUyyLgYghJQ7TAfvShc1FkSdaLKr24KBw

    Step 3: At this point, your images and text should be based on your selected theme.  Since it is a Christmas theme, start by creating borders, including images and other graphics related to the Christmas season.

    JU4qBq0vxAV 5yzB2JgJiBZpiLRlnODMH ED0gS1o1pZjuTa6w1iHq5pCTpfgkcTV8hsV55RpQQnXHyrhrhDkOKGp4Jhaos97JUBX3tNScdaM GKI TSOtp23c3SyYmg7Ikc9P7sCXvlZnYQMvr jp4

    Click Layout, then Page background for the Page Borders. For the images, click Insert and then Clip Art or Shapes for preferred images.

    Step 4: You can then include your text. Ensure that you highlight the Christmas Award Certificate and include the tagline, the recipient’s name, the date, and your signature.

    You can click Home and Font to change the font type and size. You can also click on Insert and then Word Art to include interesting-looking texts. If you want to have neat and organized texts, use the Text Box.

    IL0NEtnLWXVnh2PVdAX24 MTLILsHHckwGhZoX f

    Step 5: Save your document by clicking File, then Save as. Type the name of the document in the pop-up window and click Save.

    v SSdF9BstlQgnotl91M c6Hf Mfhzj3XzIOTG4t4E5eG95N3YkFBhlzvlTJcZTpFMfR48LM2LLiG sCoTNANZxCPaYuvs5ZTYktdk7BhOi6iRX2U lGfzYr

    Step 6: Download or print your award certificate and present it to the kids during an event or after they complete a particular activity.

    Tips to Make your Award Certificate Appealing

    When making Christmas theme award certificates for kids, you need to make them interesting and appealing.

    Here are tips that you can use to make these certificates attractive for the kids:

    Choose an appropriate size

    Ensure that you choose an appropriate size for the certificate. This will also help you determine its orientation, layout, paper quality, and background. With an exact size in mind, it will be easier for you to select suitable design elements, the contents, and in some cases, the size of the frame you want to use for the document.

    The most common sizes for award certificates include the following:

    8 1/2″H x 11″W816 x 1056
    12″H x 15″W1152 x 1440
    11″H x 14″W1056 x 1344
    11 3/4″H x 16″W1128 x 1536
    7 1/2″H x 9 1/2″W720 x 912

    Add visuals

    A Christmas theme award certificate should have great visuals, which include high-quality images and illustrations. These should be colorful and familiar to the kids. They should also be relevant to the Christmas season. This will make the award certificate more exciting for the kids.

    Include design elements

    Finally, ensure that you include design elements in your award certificate for Christmas day. The content alone cannot make this document appealing. Design elements like the font, font size, colors, graphics, and even borders are what will make the document special. Ensure that your design elements relate to the Christmas holiday and communicate Christmas cheer to the kids receiving the certificates.


    Apart from gift giving, you can prepare and present Christmas theme award certificates to kids on a special day or event. This document should include the award’s title, such as a Certificate of Participation, a presentation tagline, the recipient’s name, the person presenting the award (you or your company’s name), and the award presentation date together with a signature.

    Award certificates with Christmas themes for kids should be appealing and creative. They are meant to boost the kids’ morale and encourage them to continue with the good work. With these certificates, kids are more likely to feel accomplished and self-confident. You can use a template to create your own Christmas theme-based award certificates for kids easily.

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