Tips to Write Personal / Professional Appreciation Letter

Introduction: An appreciation letter is written by a person or an organization as a form of gratitude for an act, cooperation, service, or something tangible that was done by another individual or organization.

The action that triggered the appreciation might be in kind or intangible. For instance, you can write an appreciation letter to your principal for being supportive in your studies either through sound advice, providing a conducive environment for studying, or for paying your school fee.

Moreover, an organization can write an appreciation to another company for being given a tender or legal service.

Also, you can write it to your colleague for providing you with substantial information or being supportive as a fellow workmate. The letter can be written in any field and situation; appreciation has no limits.

Importance and Impact of Sending an Appreciation Letter

How do you feel when you do something, and someone sincerely appreciates your efforts? It feels good, right? That is the effect that a sincere appreciation letter creates.

As a consequence, people or organizations that write these letters will always establish good bonds and reputation with their peers. As they will know that their efforts are being appreciated.

This will lead to motivation and encouragement of the acts creating a strong business and personal relationships and open gates for growth and success, working together, and deep formal connections.

However, to get the desired effect of your letter, you need to learn a few tips.

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    Sample Letter:


    John Boniface (CEO)

    A & B. Co

    Washington, DC xxxx

    Date 11th/ Feb/ 2018


    Clark Kent (Manger)

    A&B. Co

    Miami, Florida xxx

    Sub: Appreciation

    Dear Mr. Kent

    It is with great honor and pleasure that I write to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your team. You have achieved what this organization has not been able to since its formation.

    Among the A & B. Co branches, yours was the best in sales and customer care rating and for that, we would like to thank you. As a consequence, we have been featured in various dailies and magazines as one of the profitable organization in 2018.

    We could not have achieved that without you and your team. It is my hope you and your team will keep on steering this organization to far heights.

    Hoping to meet you soon Mr. Kent.

    Yours Sincerely,

    John Boniface

    CEO A & B. Co

    Tips for Writing Appreciation Letters

    No matter how creative and eloquent you can write, writing this letter calls for the utmost sincerity. In addition, you also need to pay close attention to these;

    • Be brief and precise.
    • Congratulate and motivate.
    • Use simple and understandable language.
    • Proofread your letter to avoid grammar mistakes.
    • Be formal and polite in your tone when appreciating someone.
    • Write your letter in time; don’t thank someone for something that was done a long time ago. That might look insincere.
    • Consider the format to use; for business relations, use business letter format; if you need it to be received within a short period of time, opt for email.
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