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How to Write an Appreciation Letter | 20 Perfect Samples

There are several ways for individuals or organizations to show gratitude. One of the sincerest and most genuine ways is by writing an appreciation letter. An appreciation letter can help people and organizations appropriately articulate their gratitude.

An Appreciation Letter is a document written by one party to another to show gratitude for a deed done or contribution made. It can also be referred to as a thank you or recognition letter.

An appreciation letter can be a formal, semi-formal, or casual letter depending on the relationship shared between you and the recipient.

An appreciation letter can serve different purposes for an individual and an organization. For example, organizations may use an appreciation letter to show gratitude for the good work employees have done, express their appreciation to employees who have performed their duties above and beyond expectations, and acknowledge employees who have accomplished goals set out by the organization, such as meeting a quota of the work.

This can inspire employees to improve the quality of their work and prompt them to work longer in an organization. On the other hand, individuals may use an appreciation letter to show gratitude for the help they have received from others, strengthening their relations with their network of colleagues, friends, coworkers, etc.

When is a Personal Appreciation Letter Written?

There are maybe occasions when you may feel it necessary to write a personal appreciation letter. The decision on which occasions are appropriate heavily relies on the deed performed or contribution made.

The following are occasions that may warrant the writing of an appreciation letter:

  • When a former employer writes a reference letter recommending  an employee to a job
  •  When a client refers an individual for a job /introduces an individual to another potential customer
  • When a potential employer invites a job seeker for an interview because they are  considering them
  • When employees make significant contributions to their organization
  • When a boss mentors and advises an employee
  • When a coworker steps in to cover a colleague’s shift /carry out their duties for a time
  • When an employee performs  exceptionally  at work to the benefit of the organization
  • When a boss /team leader has demonstrated exceptional leadership
  • When an individual has helped one achieve a goal/reach a milestone

Whenever you feel compelled to recognize the deeds done by another party, you should consider writing an appreciation letter.

Leave an Impact

When trying to forge and grow relationships, one of the most important aspects you should consider is showing gratitude through means like an appreciation letter. The gratitude expressed by your appreciation letter can improve the employee’s work quality and help make them feel valued. It can also energize and motivate employees to work harder.

Gratitude also plays an essential role in the relationships you have or hope to forge with various people, such as friends, coworkers, potential employers, etc. A well-written appreciation letter can help you make a good impression, especially if you are trying to gain the recipient’s favor, such as when seeking a job. An appreciation letter also plays a vital role in ensuring the longevity of existing relationships, primarily when written sincerely.

How to Write an Appreciation Letter?

Learning how to write an appreciation letter can ensure that your gratitude is well conveyed. With the right tools, you can articulate your acknowledgment for deeds performed by others.

When writing an appreciation letter, you should consider the following:

Format  of the letter

The format used to write the appreciation letter will be determined by the reason you are grateful to the recipient, for example, if you are writing the letter because the recipient performed a casual deed such as when a coworker helps you draft an essential document for work, and appreciation email would fit the situation. The email will help ensure that your letter reaches the recipient faster and effectively communicates your gratitude for the favor. The subject line of the email should include the words’ thank you’ to ensure your coworker knows what the email is about.

On the other hand, if you are expressing gratitude for a major deed done by the recipient, such as when your employer promotes you to a higher position, then taking the time to write and send a handwritten letter will show the recipient that the deed done is important to you and was greatly appreciated.

The letter’s length will depend on the amount of praise you would like to bestow on the recipient. For example, a long letter may cover the length of a page, while a shorter letter maybe a paragraph long in an email.

Your appreciation letter should address the recipient directly. For instance, if you draft a formal appreciation letter to your hiring manager, boss, or professor, you may use ‘Dear[Name]’ or ‘Dear Mr/Ms[Last Name]’. When the appreciation letter is semi-formal or casual, you can use ‘Hi [Name].’

Include what, why, and how details

Your appreciation letter should contain three separate paragraphs explaining what the letter is about, why you were impressed, and how the contribution benefited you. First, the purpose of the letter should be written, for example, the donation an individual may have made to your cause. Next, a paragraph on why you were impressed. For instance, you may be impressed by the large donation that the individual made.

In contrast, the third paragraph should explain how the contribution may have benefited you. For example, the donation made enabled you to build a much-needed facility. The length of these three paragraphs will be determined by how detailed you are.

Mention their unique qualities

You should mention the unique qualities that you have observed in the recipient. Be specific to show that you acknowledge the recipient’s unique traits. This shows the recipient that you are paying attention to their good deeds and their good attributes. It will also enhance the sincerity of your appreciation letter.

Be enthusiastic about their future

The conclusion of your appreciation letter should include a few sentences expressing your enthusiasm about the recipient’s possible future accomplishments and successes. This will boost the confidence of the recipient and their resolve to do better or be better.

Be personal and naturally sincere

Finally, the letter should end with the sender restating his/her sincere thanks to the recipient. This will emphasize the gratitude felt by the sender. The sender should then sign off and indicate his/her name. To add a personal touch, a sender can sign off with the phrase ‘thank you” or ‘thanks again’ instead of the more common phrase ‘sincerely.’


 You should personalize the appreciation letter to ensure it conveys your sincere gratitude to the recipient. You should consider whether writing an email would be appropriate or drafting a handwritten letter would be the best option. Answering which method will reach the recipient faster or which will influence the recipients’ perception of you is crucial. It is also important to consider the circumstances that prompted you to write the appreciation letter, such as a job interview, a donation made by the recipient, etc.

Appreciation Letter Samples

Appreciation letters are accessible documents to write. However, if you have difficulty writing yours, consider reviewing our samples as a guide. You can use our samples as references to help ensure that your appreciation letter is clear, concise, and conveys gratitude to your recipient.

Teacher appreciation letter sample

When writing a teacher appreciation letter, you only need to include 2-3 reasons why explaining why you are thankful. This ensures that you have adequately expressed the difference the teacher has made in your life. The sample is as:

Sarah Levisohn

123 Main street

San Francisco Ca 97339


[email protected]

April 5, 2020

Alice Michaels


Millington High School

436 Lombard Street

San Francisco Ca 976887

Dear Mrs. Michaels,

I want to relay my gratitude for the help you gave to my daughter, Nancy Levisohn. My daughter was your student when you were teaching math and science at Brighton High school. The extra effort you put into helping Nancy with her learning issues really paid off.

You see, my daughter ended going to aviation school and will be reporting for her first flight at JFK on April 10, 2020. This is partly due to your resilience and sheer determination to help my child, who has had learning disabilities her entire life. Nancy told me so much about you and how you would develop different ways to teach her a concept.

As a mother, I cannot begin to tell you what a great help you were. I was at my wit’s end on how I could help my daughter. I truly don’t know where my daughter or I would be without you.

I am ecstatic to hear about your promotion to Principle at a new school. The students there should count themselves lucky to have you. I want to restate my sincere thanks, and I hope that someday I can express my gratitude to you in person.


Sarah Levisohn

Appreciation letter to employee sample

A short quick email would be the best avenue to express gratitude to an employee because it enables you to keep the letter brief. It also ensures that you go straight to the point. Including a gift/token can be a great way to show that you value the employee’s work.

Hi Monica,

I want to relay my sincere thanks to you for taking time off your vacation to fill in for Braiden, who has been ill for the past couple of weeks. I know customer relations is not your expertise, but you have really stepped up to the challenge. You are a great asset to this company, and your dedication is highly valued.

We have included a bonus to your salary this month as a token of our appreciation. So please keep doing what you’re doing, and I believe we will achieve great things together.

Thanks again,



Appreciation letter to boss sample

When writing an appreciation letter to a boss, you should ensure you stick to the specifics. This will ensure that he/she knows why you are writing the letter. It is also important to keep the letter’s tone formal as the relations shared are professional.

Dear Mr. Craven,

Thank you for the understanding and support you provided when you adjusted my work hours to accommodate my going back to school to get a degree. Since I started working in this company, you have been nothing but helpful towards my colleagues and me. Now that I’ve graduated, I hope to use some of the things I have learned to improve the quality of my work, and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

Best regards,


Appreciation letter to a friend sample

You can use your natural tone when writing an appreciation letter to a friend as it does not have to be formal. The letter should mention how you were supported at a particular time or even throughout your friendship to help inform your friend why you are so thankful.

Dear Liam:

It’s not often that I say this but thank you. Thank you for going on leave to take care of me when I was sick. In fact, thank you for the last 20 years we have known each other. You have been a real friend supporting me in my darkest and happiest moments. Honestly, I would not be who I am without you.

You have become more than a friend to me; you are a brother. I can’t wait for where we’ll be in the next twenty. I have a lot of love for you.

Thanks again


Appreciation letter for donation sample

When writing an appreciation letter for a donation made by an individual /organization, ensure you use a warm and friendly tone. Talking to your donor like a friend will make him/her feel appreciated and happy for having donated.

Billy Harman

The Harman Foundation

1234 Cottonwood Lane

Nashville, TN 65487

March 3, 2020

Steve M. Lawson


Torstein Beverages

Bridgeville, PA 32557

Dear Mr. Lawson,

I want to send my gratitude for your generous donation of five hundred thousand dollars to The Harman foundation made on March 1, 2020.

Our organization supports veterans suffering from physical or mental disabilities from their service. About a month ago, we made a public appeal for donations to keep our support programs running. I understand that your father was a veteran and is the reason you decided to make such a generous contribution.

I want to reassure you that this organization is dedicated to the people it supports; therefore, the donation you made will be put to good use. We appreciate you and men like your father who have fought and suffered for our country.

If you have any further interest in volunteering or participating in any of our support programs, please get in touch with me at 555-555-555or [email protected]; we would love to have you. Thank you again


Bill Harman

Sample Letter:


John Boniface (CEO)

A & B. Co

Washington, DC xxxx

Date 11th/ Feb/ 2018


Clark Kent (Manger)

A&B. Co

Miami, Florida xxx

Sub: Appreciation

Dear Mr. Kent

It is with great honor and pleasure that I write to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your team. You have achieved what this organization has not been able to since its formation.

Among the A & B. Co branches, yours was the best in sales and customer care rating and for that, we would like to thank you. As a consequence, we have been featured in various dailies and magazines as one of the profitable organizations in 2018.

We could not have achieved that without you and your team. It is my hope you and your team will keep on steering this organization to far heights.

Hoping to meet you soon Mr. Kent.

Yours Sincerely,

John Boniface

CEO A & B. Co

What is an Appreciation Letter Template?

An appreciation letter template is a standard layout that guides you on drafting your letter of gratitude. It can help provide you with a predesigned format that can ease the writing process. You can download an appreciation letter template from our website to help you get started. We have formal, semi-formal, and casual templates to suit your needs.

Following are some free downloadable templates for you:

student appreciation letter for good performance

sample letter of appreciation for support

how to write appreciation letter

appreciation letter for good work

letter of appreciation for service

appreciation letter to employee

appreciation letter for support

 letter of appreciation for services rendered

    How to Make your Letter Stand Out?

    It is important to ensure that your appreciation letter stands out to the recipient. This will help make it more memorable while ensuring it has the desired impact on the recipient.

    The following tips can help enable your appreciation letter to stand out:

    Write the letter as early as possible

    When showing gratitude to someone, it is important not to delay your show of appreciation. Appreciation should be shown as soon as the event, favor, gift, or action is performed. This will ensure that the person receiving the gratitude/thanks remembers your appreciation letter. The appropriate window to send an appreciation letter is within three days of a contribution being made.

    Explain your intention with gratitude

    A reason explaining why you are writing the appreciation letter should be provided. This will help remind the recipient who you are and what deed warranted the gratitude expressed in the letter.

    Keep the letter short and focused

    The appreciation letter should be brief and focused. A few paragraphs expressing your gratitude will suffice. A short letter will enable you to filter out unnecessary information.

    Be sincere and positive

    The appreciation letter should be written sincerely and positively.  Sincerity will ensure that a heartfelt message is conveyed, while positivity will boost the recipient’s confidence and self-esteem. Being sincere and positive will also help ensure the letter’s message leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

    Edit till you perfect it

    Before sending the appreciation letter, you should proofread it to identify typos and grammatical errors. This will ensure that the draft sent to the recipient is edited to relative perfection. In addition, you may decide to have a trusted friend or colleague review the letter on your behalf so long as the information contained in the letter is not too sensitive or confidential.

    Consider the right format 

    The nature of the relationship between you and the recipient will inform the format used in writing and sending the letter.

    For example:

    Formal relationships often lead to using the business letter format, even when an email is sent.

    On the other hand, personalized appreciation cards, letters or notes are often suited for close relationships like friends, family, etc.


    An appreciation letter is a great and appropriate way to show your gratitude for deeds or contributions made by others. An appreciation letter should be simple, concise, and sincere. It should address the recipient directly and contain his/her specific qualities. This will help make the recipient feel acknowledged for his/her deeds/contributions.

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