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12 Free Printable Kindergarten Diploma Certificate Templates

Kindergarten education is the first stage of basic education. It is the only one that is linked to its own age: it serves children from zero to three years in daycare and four and five years in pre-school. Its purpose is the integral development of the child in its physical, psychological, intellectual, and social aspects, complementing the action of the family and the community.

This comprehensive treatment of the various dimensions of child development requires the indissolubility of educating and caring in the care of children.

For the little ones, almost everything in life is a joke. Therefore, in kindergarten education, it makes no sense to separate moments of play from learning. This concurrency calls for the spaces and routine of the school to be planned in order to provide a multiplicity of experiences and contact with all languages, all the time. Without giving up, of course, health and safety care.

Kindergarten diploma certificate is awarded to the kids at the end of the year in the pre-school to show the completion of education and to encourage them. It is designed in a specific format, sometimes with a logo or monogram of the school, to make it appealing to the students.

What does a kindergarten diploma contain

Usually, a normal kindergarten diploma certificate consists of the following details:

1. Name of the student;

2. The surname of the student;

3. The date on which it is awarded;

4. Signatures of teacher and director;

5. Name of the School

Kindergarten Diploma Certificate Templates:

Following are some of the best Kindergarten diploma certificate templates you can easily customize them for your school using Photoshop in no time and print them with ease:

 kindergarten certificate template editable

 kindergarten diploma 2021

 kindergarten graduation certificate template word

 kindergarten graduation certificate pdf

 custom kindergarten diploma

 kindergarten graduation certificate with photo

 kindergarten certificate background

 kindergarten teacher certificate

 kindergarten certificate template editable 01

 kindergarten diploma 2021 01

 kindergarten graduation certificate template word 01

 kindergarten graduation certificate pdf 01

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