40+ Free Printable Award Certificate Templates (Word | PDF)

Whether you are a teacher or leading a business team, certificates of achievement, merit, and honor can be heartfelt, sincere, and personalized ways to say thank you. Downloadable and easy to print, these award certificate templates are an appropriate way to appreciate success or show your appreciation for your efforts.

While it may seem contradictory, money is not always the best price. A study by Bartsch, Small, and Berman suggests that a monetary prize can backfire on those volunteers and employees whose work is to help others and in which sincerity is vital. An employee or student may think that a monetary prize implies that the task is difficult or that they are not the right person for the position. There are times and places for monetary or non-monetary prizes. Deciding which one is right for your institution is critical for your business to function properly.

Award certificates keep morale high certificates of achievement, merit, and honor can be powerful tools if used at the right time and presented accurately. Receiving an award certificate gives the person the affection that someone took the time to thank them. Also, being the person who motivates others can be rewarding.

In this article, we have provided different types of award certificate templates that are ready-to-use certificates and are just needed to be filled with relevant information.

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    When to Give Award Certificate?

    Some of the best times to give a certificate of the award are:

    Community Service Award

    School or work teams often hold community service events. They are a great way to build unity while helping others. Since this is the kind of activity in which studies have shown that a monetary prize can backfire, an award certificate template provides an affordable yet tangible way to say thank you all.

    Community Service Award Certificate

    Service Award Certificate Template

      Good Work

      Has your team excelled in a recent project? A free meal is something that is appreciated, but it gets quickly forgotten. However, a printed award certificate template can commemorate achievements in a way that will last for years.

      Good Work Award Certificate Sample

      Free Printable Award Certificate Sample

        Good Behavior

        Kids love to receive prizes. Free and printable award certificate templates provide teachers with a simple way to encourage good behavior. You can celebrate even the smallest achievements when the cost associated with them is as low as printing a few sheets.

        Good Behavior Award Certificate Sample

        Good Behavior Award Certificate

          Employee or Volunteer Achievements

          Although working in the same organization for thirty years is not as common now as it was a while ago, you should celebrate these achievements.

          Achievement Award Certificate

          Award Certificate Sample

            Completion of a Course

            Continuing education today is one of the biggest priorities for employers. Employees can remind others to keep up by proudly displaying an award certificate template that recognizes their accomplishments. Instructors can create a certificate with course titles, dates, and other relevant information about the wizard.

            While it is easy to print a certificate of achievement, merit, or honor and leave it on the table, the value you give to an award demonstrates in the consideration you put in your presentation. Here are some tricks to make that moment memorable:

            • Combine the message of the prize with that of your presentation
            • Add a certificate cover to match
            • Add gold, silver, or brightly colored seal, or use certified paper in metallic gold
            • Organize and write down your ideas beforehand

            Completion Award Certificate

            Elegant Award Certificate Template

              Certificate of Merit

              A certificate of merit allows you to recognize someone else achievements. From winning a race, riding a wheeled vehicle, or musical training to achieving the company goals, there are a variety of reasons to deliver a certificate of merit. Many professions, studies, and affiliations have different phases of learning. While a person is on their way to excellence, certificates of merit give recognization to the passage from one milestone to another.

              Merit Award Certificate Template

              Editable Merit Award Certificate

                Musical Studies

                An area in which certificates of merit are known is that of musical training. Merit award certificate template showcase student excellence when mastering an instrument. Accredited universities and centers use this system to assist in the development of their students. Their curriculum establishes the skills needed to advance from level 1 to 11, and teachers decide what level the student is on. Schools, institutes, music tutors, or individuals can incentivize their students by incorporating the same model into their training.

                Best Achievement Award Certificate

                Musical Achievement Award Certificate

                  School Performance

                  It is an inherent part of the education system to be examined. A preschool student with separation anxiety may have learned to go to class after saying goodbye to his or her parents. Maybe a high school student has worked hard for an extracurricular project.

                  Best Performance Award Certificate


                    Contributions to the Company

                    When it comes to recognition in the company, award certificate templates may have different purposes. For example, making a presentation to managers for the first time can be a turning point for novice employees.

                    Recognition Award Certificate Sample

                    Award Certificate Sample

                      Certificate of Honor

                      A certificate of honor is an award for recognition of a service or a job well done within a community or organization. This award certificate template is given as acts of generosity or leadership after years of dedicated service. Certificates of honor play a vital role in recognizing achievements in a wide variety of fields. Some ways to incorporate certificates include:

                      Honor Award Certificate Sample

                      Award Of Honor Sample

                        Achievements to Academic or School Honor

                        An Honor Roll award certificate template can be used for different educational purposes, especially to congratulate a student on completing a specific course of a certain level. Whether you are a tutor or preschool teacher, working with students in summer classes or extracurricular activities. It is the kind of positive reinforcement that studies have shown works to maintain the interest of the student in learning and feeling good about themselves.

                        Free Academic Award Certificate

                        Free Academic Award Certificate

                          Community Thanks You

                          When a community wants to thank someone for their years of service, active involvement, or other acts of charity, an award certificate template of honor, delivered in a small ceremony, is the perfect way to say thank you. Sometimes communities need an easy and apolitical way to say they have done a great job.

                          Years of Service Award Certificate Free

                          years service award certificate sample

                            Volunteer Work

                             How can you support a volunteer who has helped at your center for years? Volunteers who have worked hard for the community unofficially deserve a thank you, but sometimes they do not want a monetary prize. While paying volunteers spoils the reason for their work, an award certificate template of honor is a great way to show appreciation.

                            Volunteer Work Award Certificate

                            Free Sample of Award Certificate


                              After years of service, retirees may be intimidated by an uncertain future. As you start a new chapter of your lives, helping them put a finishing pin emotionally and encouragingly is very important. Giving a retirement party and a precious framed award certificate template of honor can help you get into the next phase of your life by feeling good about the work done.

                              Retirement Award Certificate Sample

                              Printable Retirement Award Certificate

                                Recognition of an Organization

                                Suppose a society or association wants to honor a person but does not have the relevant regulations to do so. For example, a chemistry society may want to recognize someone who has done a great job in the industry but does not have formal procedures for delivering an award. An award certificate template of honor is a great way to make room for a congressional award or medal of honor for services that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

                                Award Certificate

                                Recognition Award Certificate

                                  Non-Profits Recognition

                                   While all non-profits can use certificates of honor, religious teachers can use these certificates as a way to graduate children who drop out of school. The body or church leader can also use them to honor the elderly or active members of the church. A church may have limited rewards for its members; this certificate allows them some flexibility in recognizing what people have done.

                                  Award Certificate Free Editable

                                  Recognition Award Certificate Free

                                    Certificate of Achievement

                                    A certificate of achievement is a tool to help recognize the success of others. They may have achieved a physical capacity goal, completed an important project at work. Everyone wants to get recognized for their work, and there are times when you do not want a monetary reward. As has already been said, various studies have shown that when a person has a moral bond with his work, he may feel that a monetary reward is belittling his effort.

                                    In these cases, a ceremony that includes the delivery of a logo certificate may be the best way to thank you. There are many situations in the workplace where a bonus is not appropriate, but congratulations are. Some ways to incorporate certificates of achievement include:

                                    Achievement Award Certificate

                                    Award Certificate Editable

                                      Completion of a Project

                                      When a project gets completed, a bonus is given. When these include little more than a handshake, you may be sending the signal that the relationship with your team is purely commercial. Granting bonuses in small award ceremonies and giving certificates of achievement to team members helps reinforce teamwork ideas and appreciation.

                                      Completion Award Certificate

                                      Print Free Award Certificate

                                        Continuous Progress at Work

                                         There are times when bonuses at work are not appropriate. Completing mandatory training, completing a job on time, or providing positive experiences to customers of a company are examples of basic expectations in the workplace. Giving a monetary reward for completing basic requirements can be counterproductive, as certain studies have shown. However, creating a reinforcement program that recognizes employee work can help reduce stress and improve work habits.

                                        Completion Award Certificate Free

                                        Free Editable Completion Award Certificate

                                          Skills Recognition

                                          Has your preschooler learned to spell his or her name? Have you learned new words or read a Level 1 book for the first time? Help her celebrate with a certificate of accomplishment that she can proudly deliver to her parents. Not only will it help you boost your self-esteem: it will also teach you that learning is a good thing. Besides, parents will love receiving an achievement award certificate template that shows their child’s growth.

                                          Award Certificate

                                          Award Certificate of Recognition

                                            Community Engagement

                                            Does anyone in your community stand out for their volunteer work? They will love to get recognized in a small ceremony that includes a certificate of achievement.

                                            Award Certificate Sample

                                            Service Award Certificate

                                              Best Award Certificate Templates

                                              The Following Are Some Of The Best Award Certificate Templates:

                                              6-in-1 Simple Award Certificate Template

                                              It is a 6-in-1 award certificate template with a simple design and layout. The templates included here can be used for all kinds of award certificates!

                                              6-in-1 Modren Award Certificate Templates

                                              It is a 6-in-1 award certificate template with a modern design and layout. These templates can get used for different kinds of award certificates!

                                              Vintage Award Certificate Template

                                              It is an award certificate template with vintage design and layout. This kind of maximalist design is best for all of the employees' appreciation award certificates!

                                              Extended Award Certificate Template

                                              It is an award certificate template with extended design and layout. It is a template best for employees' appreciation award certificate!

                                              Modren Excellence Award Certificate Template

                                              It is an award certificate template with a beautiful modern design and layout. It is a template best for the recognization of a product, service, or company!

                                              Certificate of Appreciation Template

                                              It is an award certificate template with a modernist design and layout. It is a template best for employees' appreciation award certificate!

                                              Certificate of Recognition Template

                                              It is an award certificate template with a maximalist design and layout. It is a template best for the recognization of a product, service, or company!

                                              Certificate of Appreciation Template

                                              It is an award certificate template with a standard design and layout. It is a template best for employees' appreciation award certificate!

                                              Modren Certificate of Appreciation Template

                                              It is another certificate of appreciation template with an elegant and modern design and layout. It is perfect for all kinds of appreciation awards!


                                                Our free and printable award certificate templates are inspiring, have a professional and safe design that will make people smile. You do not need to install a certificate creator or sign-up for an online certificate creator.

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