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Business Quotation Letter | Samples & Examples

Business quotation letters are by their nature written in formal business letter style and they are meant to transmit important cost information to a concerned organization or company. The letter’s style mainly depends on the relationship between the two parties. A quotation represents an offer for sale and is sent in response to an organization or person’s inquiry. A business quotation letter contains details about the prices of specific goods, the way the payment will be made and conditions of delivery.

The business quotation letters are divide into the following types: Requests for proposals, Requests for quotations, Invitations for bids, and Requests for information.

Request for Proposal

Requests for proposal or RFP offer details about the customer’s needs to buy. The customer sends a request for a proposal letter or emails to the vendor on specific product, project or service. And vendor sends a detailed proposal as per requested, along with cost, word strategy, required time duration, etc.

Request for Quotation

Request for quotation or RFQ are made when customers want to buy massive quantities. RFQs can be very detailed and obviously lengthy, but they are not longer than an RFP. Generally, they consist of cost data.

Invitation for Bids

Company sends this invitation for bids quotation letter to multiple vendors and ask them to bid for the lowest cost along with maintaining the same work quality and time frame. A bid form usually attached with the letter that represents the existing offers and blank spaces to fill in required details.

Writing Tips for a Quotation Letter

Whoever you are writing the business quotation letter to, write it as if the receiver only has a minute or two to look over it. To be effective, a business quotation letter must have short bullet point lists to draw consideration. The opening paragraph must attract the reader’s attention and let him know why he should choose your services. You must choose how to write your first paragraph wisely because it can make the difference between being read or being thrown in the trash.

Moving on to the next paragraph of your business letter, it must allow the reader to recognize the benefits of your proposal. Show them how your services can improve and increase their business. Another way of keeping as much time as possible the attention is to break down the letter into small parts because people tend to pay more attention if the letter seems shorter and well-structured (paragraphs of four to five sentences).

Most business quotation letters include contact information in their headers, such as the sender’s name, phone number, and address. Following the contact information comes the date when the letter was sent. In the case of a business letter sent via email, the letter should start with a formal salutation and get straight into the subject.

The Business Quotation Letter’s Format is the Following:

Your name, address, city, zip code, phone number and email address should be included in the contact information. Following the contact info is the date. After these comes the contact information about the person or company you are writing to, the formula of salutation, the body of the business quotation letter, complimentary close and your signature (handwritten signature if the letter is mailed).

These are the main steps in writing an appropriate business quotation letter. To sum it up, a business quotation letter must provide the information in short and clear sentences, attract the attention of the reader, show respect and lack errors. If you follow these steps, then you can write a proper business quotation letter.

Sample Business Quotation Letters

This sample represents a price quotation request letter for products that a company requires to upgrade its systems.



    Sample Letters

    Following are some sample letters to help you with sentence structuring and format:

    Letter of quotation to customer sample

    Dear valued Customer,

    I noticed your recent inquiry about the price of shipping fairly used laptops to Kenya. At the requested amount, tax inclusive, this will cost you $16700 per month for 40 pieces.

    Since you are a new customer and we wish to retain you as our loyal client and show you how much we value your potential business, we are willing to offer you a 15% discount off your monthly purchases for one year, provided you stick to our agreed terms within the next 60 days.

    We really appreciate you, and we look forward to working with Teck World Kenya. We hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous business relationship.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Francesca Orea

    EX- U.K. laptop company.

    Letter of quotation request sample

    Premium Wallpapers Limited,

    6654, Kijani Ridge,

    New Orleans.

    Dear Mr. Kevin,

    I am writing to request a price quote for installing wallpapers in my home.

    I have a seven-bedroom mansion, and I would like to install wallpapers in all the bedrooms and my living room. I would like you to send one of your workers to do a measurement of my house to obtain the accurate square feet of the rooms. I will cater to this fee. You will also be required to paint my entire house. I will source my own paint.

    Kindly provide me with the pricing information and expected finishing time for this job. I intend to hire someone who can complete it within one week. Please remember to account for that in your proposal.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Bryant.

    Letter of quotation acceptance sample

    Dear Home Internet Service provider,

    I am grateful for the quote you provided on September 24, 2020, for installing WIFI throughout my residential suite.

    A total of $ 8,937 meets my designated budget; therefore, I would like to accept your service officially.

    I would really appreciate it if you complete the job by October 12, 2020. If this is feasible, kindly let me know when you are ready to start the work to prepare my tenants accordingly.

    Kindest regards,

    Dr. Jeanette Washington

    Lamarche Residential Suite.

    Free Downloadable Templates

    Lastly, here are free editable templates that can be used as per needs:

    sample price proposal and quotation letter

    sample letter for quotation submission

    sample letter for quotation sending

    quotation letter sample pdf

      price quotation letter format in word

      sample cover letter for quotation to client

      sample price proposal and quotation letter pdf

      sample price proposal and quotation letter doc

      sample price proposal and quotation letter 01

      sample letter for quotation submission 01

      sample letter for quotation sending 01

      quotation letter sample pdf 01

      price quotation letter format in word 01

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