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28+ Free Quote Templates of any Business | Excel, Word & PDF

A quote is an official document issued by the seller to the buyer offering goods and/or services at a specified price, under set conditions. A quote is usually given to a customer as a response to a tender notice. A quote may be considered as a formal document of promise, issued by the prospective supplier to provide the products or services required by the buyer at the stated price under specific conditions. A quote helps the buyer in knowing the prices of the goods and services before making a purchase.

In the article below, we have provided a how-to-write guide along with different quote templates.

How to Write a Quote

Steps to craft a quote include:

Step 1: Download a free quote template

Creating a winning quote is a learning process. Using a standard quote format is, therefore, very important in ensuring that you create comprehensive, professional-looking, and detailed quotes that will go a long way in landing you a client. You can download our free easy-to-use and customized quote templates and make it even more professional by adding your company logo or letterhead.

Step 2: Add clients’ information

The next step after downloading the template is to add the clients’ information. Make sure that you include who the quote is for. This includes:

  • Business name
  • Contact name and title
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Fax number (if applicable)

Step 3: Your contact information

Other than adding the clients’ information, don’t forget to add your contact information. This is, however, not necessary if you are using your company letterhead. Otherwise, use it to make sure that the client has an easy way of contacting you should they have any questions.

Step 4: Enter the quote number

Use a unique quote number for each quote you send- this way, you will be able to track all of them easily.

Step 5: Include the date of issue

The date of issue is the date you send the quote to the customer. This is very important as quotes are usually limited-time offers. Also, make sure to add the expiry date of the quote. This shows the client the urgency of attending to the quote.

Step 6: Enter products or services

 List down all the products and/or services you are quoting as line items. Provide a brief description of the items as well as their quantities, unit price, product number, and the total price item.

You can also group the products and services according to different project stages if applicable. You may also want to separate labor and material costs. By using a quote template, you will be able to organize and break down all your costs properly.

Step 7: Add terms and conditions

Here is where you account for any possible variations in the project. For instance, you might state that the project timeline for making roof and ceiling repairs depends on having good weather.

You can also explain how much any additional work will cost. For instance, you may note that any additional work will cost $30 per hour. Explain the conditions under which additional work might be required since the quotation is supposed to be a fixed price.

Step 8: Payment

Include how and when you want to get paid. Do you prefer a direct deposit or check? Do you accept credit cards? Do you expect a deposit of will you bill a lump sum upon completion? Include all these details in your payment terms to ensure that the client has a proper understanding of your payment modes so that they can easily process your payments.

Step 9: Include notes

This is a great place to summarize the project scope, detail the project timelines, and expected completion dates. You can also thank the client for the opportunity to quote and express that you look forward to working with them.

Step 10: Optional details

The following information is optional, but you may decide to add them.

  • Purchase order number
  • Business number
  • Signature section
  • Sales tax number
  • Discount

After completing all the steps listed, make sure to check your spelling and grammar to ensure that the document if it is free of typos and other mistakes that may be costly to you and your business.

Free Templates

Following are free quote templates:

Product Quote Templates

Product Quote Templates may include information regarding the product, the product number, quantity, space for signatures, reference and credit terms, or the name of the salesperson who initiated the business transaction. Also included are areas for Business contact information such as an address, phone number, email, website, as well as hours of operation and availability.

Product Quotation Template 01

Product Quotation Template 02

    Sales Quote Templates

    A Sales Quote Template is used when a business needs a form in any transaction where the cost of goods and/or services can vary. Alterations in price can be due to a number of reasons: materials, seasonal items, labor costs, etc. Thus, this form will relate to the customer a rough estimate of how much the good/service will cost them.

    The Sales Quote Template provides the client with important information such as the name, address, and contact information of the business, the name, and description of products/services, the quantity to be used, shipping terms, discounts, terms and conditions, possible labor costs, as well as stipulating what factors could cause a price change.

    It is imperative that the Sales Quote form be presentable and in a format that the client can understand as it is necessary to generate, initiate, and keep sales. Our Sales Quote Templates are easy to use, free to download, and customize for your business, and can be used with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. Their professional layout is specifically designed to create a logical format for your business.

    Sales Quotation Template 01

    Sales Quotation Template 02

    Sales Quotation Template 03

      Price Quote Templates

      The Price Quote Template is very useful for both large companies and home businesses alike. The price quote form is used to communicate the various charges that a business intends to put forth to the customer. With these quotes, the customer can decide to do more comparison shopping, which involves obtaining price quotes from many companies until they find a company that meets their budget.

      Price quotes are also used by companies as a form of advertising in order to draw attention to what they can offer prospective clients. For instance, a private company that fixes garage doors may leave price quote flyers in neighborhoods, going door to door. Indeed, there are many applications for the Price Quote Template.

      Our Price Quote Template is free to download and is available in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats. These templates are easy to use, in that you just download, edit, and print. Feel free to print out as many as you need.

      Price Quotation Template 01

      Price Quotation Template 02

      Price Quotation Template 03

      Price Quotation Template 04

      Price Quotation Template 05

      Price Quotation Template 06

        Car Quote Templates

        Car Quote Templates assist you in providing the proper documentation which involves automobile transactions. The Car Quote is the itemized list of costs involved that a car dealer provides to anyone interested in purchasing a car. For example, if you are shopping for a 2016 Ford Mustang with certain features, do some online research first. Then take what information you have gathered and visit dealerships.

        When you are interested in a certain car at each dealership, have the dealer provide you with a Car Quote, or Vehicle Quote, which will include, but not be limited to a price quote of the car, specs of the car, important features, dealer name, address of car dealership. Car Quotes can also be used when trying to bargain your way down to a better deal. Many dealers will try to outdo their competition when they see their vehicle quotes.

        Our Car Quote Templates are free, can be used with Microsoft Word or Excel, and can come in handy when you are ready to shop for that special car, so just download the Car Quote Template, customize that template to your particular needs, and print out as many as you need.

        Car Quotation Template

          Insurance Quote Templates

          Insurance can be a complex task. There are so many options, so many different features offered by so many different companies, that it can be hard to keep track of it all. An insurance quotation can help. An Insurance quotation form contains estimates of insurance premiums and other information. For instance, say you are shopping for auto insurance. The insurance quote would contain information such as facts about the driver, including name, age, occupation, plus personal information such as do you belong to AAA, personal driving records, including any violations or accidents and their details.

          Lastly, this form will have an area for your vehicle information, including the year, model, make of the car, and mileage. Insurance Quote Templates can take this arduous task and make it easier. Insurance Quote Templates can be found for any type of insurance, including auto, health, medical, liability, life, etc. Our Insurance Quote Templates are quick to download, free, and easy to customize, and are guaranteed to assist you in making the process more streamlined, and easier to handle. All of our professionally designed templates are compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel.

          Insurance Quotation Template 01

          Insurance Quotation Template 02

            Stock Quote Templates

            Stock quotations are the cost of a certain stock. Basic stock quotes contain information such as the bid and asking price, last traded price, and volume traded. In this modern-day and age, it’s very easy to obtain stock quotes. Anyone can key into a financial website for stock quote information. Stock quotes are very important for the investor, in that through using stock quotes it’s possible to keep track of your portfolio.

            In order to make this task a little easier and more efficient, one may enlist the services of a Stock Quote Template. These templates make it easy for you to organize your data in a concise manner. Our professionally designed Stock Quote Templates are free to download and easy to customize to your particular needs. All of our templates are available in Microsoft Word and Microsoft® Excel®.

            Stock Quotation Template 01

            Stock Quotation Template 02

              Maintenance Quote Templates

              We live in a world of technological wonder, run by automation and machinery. In this amazing world, one thing is for certain, and that is machines break down if they do not undergo regular maintenance. Whether it’s a bus or CNC lathe, all machines require regular maintenance to keep them up and running, and this is where the Maintenance Quote Template comes in handy.

              Maintenance quotes are a must when it comes to addressing maintenance procedures such as estimated labor costs, cost per hour, parts, and supplies that may be necessary. Our Maintenance Quote Templates are just the thing for anyone who needs to write up orders for scheduled maintenance on machinery. These Maintenance Quote Templates are free, easy to download, come ready for use with either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, and can be customized to fit your particular business requirements.

              Maintenance Quotation Template

                Hotel Quote Templates

                If business travel is a big part of your life, then you know how important it is to cut costs. Hotel Quote Templates can offer you a huge help in that area. Whether you apply for a quote online, in person, or by phone, a hotel quotation form can take all of that information, and put it in a nicely ordered fashion for your final comparisons. These Hotel Quotation forms tabulate the services that each hotel will offer you, the features of the hotels, any discounts, payment terms, as well as the length of stay.

                Hotel Quote Templates are a very nice way of doing some fast comparison shopping for the best deal for your needs, after all, traveling can get a little pricey so these forms can help you stay within budget. Our Hotel QuoteTemplates are free to download in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats.

                Hotel Quotation Template 01

                Hotel Room Quotation Example

                  Computer Service Quote Templates

                  Technology, it’s here to stay. We practically live in our computers, via social media, job searches, watching the news, movies, and tv. Computers are now a staple in our homes, offices, and entertainment centers. For business? The computer is the lifeblood of the company. Given all this, one thing is for certain: We are, in part, dependable on computers for our activities of daily living. When one of our computers breaks down, it’s imperative that we find a way to get it fixed, and fast.

                  The Computer Service Quote Template makes the search to find a reputable computer maintenance and repair service one that will be able to fix the issue, in the time allotted and within budget constraints. Computer Service Quotation Templates are free, and allow an individual to compare and contrast services of various companies in order to get the absolute best deal for their budget. Our Computer Service Quote Templates are available both in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word and can quickly be customized to your specific needs.

                  Computer Service Quotation Template

                  Computer Parts Quotation Template PDF

                    Medical Quote Templates

                    Medical Quotation Templates are a necessary part of a well-run business, organization, or group that is in the market for a clinic, medical center, or hospital to partner with in order to provide any medical services that are necessary. These medical quotation forms help in evaluating which medical services will suit the company best, and they make their choice from there. Such information may include what services are provided, hours of operation they are available, and the cost of such services.

                    Individuals can also use these Medical Quotation Templates as they do their own shopping for the best services in their area. Our Medical Quotation Templates are professionally designed and take only a few moments of your time to download and customize. These templates are free to download and are available for both the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats.

                    Medical Quotation Template

                      General Quote Templates

                      The General Quote Template is an extremely useful tool in business, especially in sales. When you are in business, the main objective is to make a profit for yourself and/or your investors. In order to obtain and maintain a profit, it is imperative that you secure clients, or customers to partake of your goods/services offered. The General Quotation forms are a way for businesses to reach out to clients, create business dealings by offering them estimates on what services they can provide.

                      The client or customer can then compare this quote to that of a competitor, and perhaps use it to their advantage by making a deal to bring their prices down. Both sides win here, in that the client gets a deal, and the business gets a client. Our General Quote Templates are free to download and available for use and quite easy to customize. All that you need to do, is to download the template, edit, and print it.

                      General Quotation Template 01

                      General Quotation Template 02

                        Service Quote Templates

                        Groups, organizations, businesses, and individuals that are searching for a particular service will find Service Quotation Templates very handy indeed. These templates will offer you a concise and orderly way to organize your quotes so you can end up with the best deal on a particular service that you can get. Our Service Quotation Templates are professionally designed and made to be customizable by you, according to your specific business needs. Using one of our templates is very easy.

                        All you need to do is to download the template, edit the template and print it out. You may print out one Service Quotation Template, or you may print out as many of these templates as you need. All of our templates are free to download and are designed to work with both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

                        Service Quotation Template 01

                        Service Quotation Template 02

                          Hourly Price Quote Templates

                          Often, a business needs to decide whether they are going to charge the customer a fixed, flat rate, or an hourly rate, for a specific service. When the business decides on an hourly price rate, they use hourly quotation forms. These forms will outline the name of the business, client, the type of service, any discounts, payment terms, and the cost that will be charged the client per hour. Our Hourly Price Quote Templates are free to download, and compatible with both Microsoft Word as well as Microsoft Excel.

                          All of our templates are easy to use and customize. It just takes moments to download your Hourly Price Quote Template, customize it with all your information, and print it out. You may print out one template or as many as you require.

                          Hourly Price Quotation Template 01

                          Hourly Price Quotation Template 02

                            Bid Quote Templates

                            Businesses often find themselves having to bid for projects. This means they put forth a proposal and the company chooses which business they wish to work with, based on the bid proposal. Bidding is extremely important for many businesses, such as construction companies, as it’s one of the main ways they secure business for themselves. Bid Quotation Templates offer the business a professionally designed format with which to propose their bid.

                            It is terribly important that a company’s bid be in a layout that is orderly and professional. Any bid that is not deemed professionally done, will no doubt be bypassed, without even studied. Our Bid Quote Templates are professionally designed and easy to understand and will present your bid in the most favorable light. Our Bid Quote Templates are free, very easy to use, and can be downloaded and customized in just moments.

                            Bid Quotation Template 01

                            Construction Bid Form Template Excel

                              Construction Quote Templates

                              When individual homeowners or businesses need construction to be done, they contact a professional construction company. The construction company then assesses what needs to be done, and develops a construction quote for the prospective customer. This quote will include an estimated cost of man-hours, payment terms, materials, and supplies. Our Construction Quote Templates are professionally designed, free to download, easy to understand, and are compatible with both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

                              These Construction Quote Templates are easy and efficient to use and require just moments to set up. All that is required is that you download the template, customize it, and print it. Remember, you are free to print as many of these Construction Quote Templates as you need, for as long as you need them.

                              Construction Quote Template

                                Frequently Asked Questions

                                What is the difference between a proforma and a quote?

                                A proforma is a non-official invoice that is usually sent to the client before the final details of the sale have been confirmed. They are every so often used at the same point in the sale process as the quotation, but they both serve slightly different purposes.

                                A quotation is usually sent if or when the customer makes an inquiry about specific products and/or services. Conversely, a proforma invoice is usually sent when a client commits to a purchase, but cannot be sent an accurate invoice as the final details of the sale are not sure.

                                What is the difference between an estimate and a quote?

                                Just like quotations, estimates are usually sent to a customer who enquires about specific products and/or services. However, a quote requires clear parameters, i.e., time, labor raw materials, etc., and a relatively stable cost, meaning that some businesses cannot provide quotations as it merely isn’t possible to get a fixed price. Instead of issuing a quotation, such businesses would issue an estimate, which is a non-binding estimation of what the work is expected to cost.

                                When to send a quotation?

                                In most cases, quotations are usually sent at the request of a customer who would like to know more about certain goods and/or services before they make a purchase.
                                It is crucial that you draft and send a quotation as soon as you can. Clients often shop around and request quotes from several businesses, so sending yours quickly can help you get ahead of your competitors.

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