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What to Include in Your Resignation Letter (10 Best Samples)

Resignation is the act of saying goodbye to your job. A resignation letter is an official document sent to the employer informing them of your decision to leave the job. It records the end of your employment with a company.

It is always good to speak with your employer directly before sending them a resignation letter. This affords them enough time to prepare for your departure. If you work remotely or you are not able to see your employer in person, it is important that you find alternatives to talk to them regarding your decision to resign from the work.

Basically, a standard resignation letter sample should include the following information:

  • A statement of resignation from the company
  • Your last day at work
  • A statement of gratitude
  • Your next steps or any other important information
  • Your signature

Why are resignation letters important?

It is a professional courtesy to submit your resignation letter when you decide to leave your job. Resignation letters are also important for the human resource department to store in your employee file for reference when needed.

In addition to that, resignation letters are also important because they contain operational information that is important for the company like your last day of work and what they need to do as they plan for your departure.

Resignation Letter Examples

How to Write a Resignation Letter Sample

Drafting your resignation letter sample can be quite simple if you follow a few key steps. Before writing your resignation letter sample, it is important that you first consult with your employer, HR, or your supervisor to ensure that you abide by the company policies that govern resignation issues. For instance, you may be required to include specific information in your letter or send a letter to certain individuals or departments.

Make sure that your resignation letter has the following information:

Time and date: the time and date and a few other details are usually included in a standard business letter to keep a record of timestamp. However, this information is not required when you are sending the letter via email, as it is digitally included.

Address Line: Also known as, salutation, the next thing to do is to address the recipient by their name. Even if you have a close relationship with the recipient of the letter, it is important to address them formally.

Statement of Resignation: State that you are writing to formally submit your resignation from the company. You can also include your position title in the resignation letter sample as well.

Your last day of work: while the standard notice period is two weeks, make sure that you tender your notice in line with the company’s policies. Also, make sure that you list the date and day of the week of your final day at the company.

A statement of gratitude: it is always good to be grateful. Write a sentence detailing what you are grateful for about your time at the company.

Your Next steps or other important information: list down any other important information that the company should know regarding your transition. You can work out the details with your manager ahead of time. If you are not sure of what to add, simply write that you are happy and willing to help in the transition.

Signature: conclude the resignation letter sample by signing your name after a closing statement.

Resignation Letter Sample Letters and Templates

Following are free resignation letter samples and templates that can be customized:

Resignation Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Ron Richardson,

Kindly receive this letter as my formal notice of resignation from my position as the head of finance. My last day will be on Friday, Aug 20xx.

Thank you for the opportunity to work in this position for the last seven years. I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity that I have had as part of your team. I have learned so much about your work culture, which I will certainly take with me throughout my career.

I will be happy to help with the transition. I will also do everything I can to wrap up all my pending projects and train other team members over the remaining period. Kindly notify me if there is anything else you’d like me to do to help with this transition.

I wish the company continued success.


Mary Paul.










    Resignation Letter Tips

    Keep it positive: regardless of why you are resigning, ensure that you remain positive in your letter. Strive to part on good terms. Remember that you may still need the company’s services like, for instance, you may require a recommendation letter from them, making sure that you part in a positive manner will work in your favor in the long run.

    Deliver the letter in person: it is always recommended that you deliver the resignation letter in person to your employer. This way, you will be able to say your goodbyes to them and your colleagues.

    Keep it brief and to the point: if you are resigning due to a sensitive issue and prefer not to lay down all the details; simply include the statement of resignation, your last day of work, and a statement like “I wish the company success in its future endeavors.”

    Dos & Don’ts

    Following are the things that you must do:

    • Do clean up your computer- clean up your personal files. This is important since your employer may decide to show you out the door anytime and this may leave your personal life at the organization/firm. 
    • Get the details that entail employee benefits and the salary you are entitled to, insurance coverage, etc. 
    • Do offer to help- offer to help within the transition time frame and even afterward 

    Things to avoid include

    • Don’t brag about your new job 
    • Do not be negative 
    • Don’t put it in writing about how much you hate your job, boss, or company. 
    • With all these tips in mind, you are sure of progressing well in your next life of a career.


    Regardless of your reason for resigning from your job always be polite in your resignation letter. Support and gratitude when resigning from your job go a long way with employers and one thing you must avoid leaving on a bad note. A resignation letter is one of the best ways to exit a company with a positive tone formally and to foster your relationship with your co-workers and the company in the future. When properly drafted and with polish, a well-crafted resignation letter is one of the best tools in your professional career.

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