Wedding Itinerary Planner & Guest List Templates

Your wedding day is approaching, and you don’t want anything to go wrong that day because you expect to have a great time; however, stress and haste are always present, so we suggest you plan your day very well, but not only in your mind. Create a complete itinerary to have everything on time, plan from what hours you will get up, do the Hairstyle, photos, etc.

How Does a Wedding Itinerary Help You?

Getting married is a commitment to love that involves following a series of formalities implicit in the celebration of marriage and also during the wedding party. The same applies to both the guests and the bride and groom. In the case of the reception includes the entrance of your husband next to you wearing your wedding dress and watching the decoration of the marriage place proudly. It also includes throwing the bridal bouquet at your single guests.

You must leave room for the time between things. Certain activities usually take longer than scheduled, and having everything well-programmed, you won’t end up stressed because things don’t go the way you want them to.

In an itinerary, it is important that you put the exact place and time when the activities were carried out, also if it is necessary to put those who participated at all times.

We want to help you; for that reason, here we give you an example of a schedule for the day of the wedding.

Wedding Itinerary Timeline:

8:30 am Awakening Today is the big day, and you should be ready for everything that will come, so we recommend you to rest as best as possible, go to sleep early the night before, that will help you wake up early in a good mood and without dark circles.

09:00 am Breakfast and bath. It is very important that before doing anything, you have a good breakfast, as, during the day, it will be a little difficult to do so. Then take a bath and relax.

10:00 am: Fix everything you’ll need to get dressed.

10:30 am Hairstyle and makeup. This time can be somewhat time-consuming, so we suggest giving this part enough time. It usually takes longer than you think.

1:30 pm: Finish the Hairstyle and get dressed. This is usually when the photographer arrives to take the “getting ready” photos.

14:00 pm: First-sight session. Some want to capture the moment when they are first seen dressed as grooms, and this is the perfect time for that. Others think it’s not a good idea not to do it until the moment of the ceremony, but you’ll decide which option suits you best.

3:00 pm: Ceremony. This moment is one of the most important, and there are various activities on it. If you want to have a better description, you can see the post we made related to the time of the ceremony.

4:00 pm: Session with the court and family. At this time, you can take the photos with your family members if you wish, or you can wait until the reception to do so. If you want to do a session only with your cut, think of some nice place where you can enjoy the moment. Right now, your guests will be moving to the reception site, so don’t worry.

5:00 pm: The bride and groom arrive at the front desk. Here you can do the time distribution as you wish; you can take the example we gave earlier in our publications about the reception.

9:00 pm: Finish the reception.

Guest List of Wedding Guests: How To Do?

Start by making a complete list of all the acquaintances, friends, and relatives you would like to invite. You can do it without fear! Then, if the list is much larger than you had planned, scratch the following people:

  • Distant friends and relatives: people you have not met in a long time and talk only a few times to make sure everything is okay.
  • Friends of others: Your mother’s friend, who you hardly ever see (but your mother would love to invite), doesn’t need to take the place of someone who’s important to you.
  • Virtual friends: It is common for us to befriends through social networks, but that does not mean you need to invite them to the wedding.
  • Neighbors and Co-workers: If you are close friends, it is okay to invite them. It turns out that many grooms think they have an obligation to invite. Don’t invite out of obligation!

Tip: never make a list with the exact amount because there is always someone who gives up going to the last minute wedding. The indicated is to add 10% of the scheduled amount of guests. For example, a wedding for 200 guests can reach 220 people on the list.

  • Percentage of absentees in marriage
  • This number will depend on the number of guests on the wedding list: the fewer guests, the less absent, and the more guests, the more missing.
  • So if you plan a mini wedding, do not extrapolate on the list because the chances of everyone going is much higher than that of a wedding for 300 guests.
  • RSVP types
  • The RSVP (presence confirmation) can be performed in different ways.
  • Phone or email in the invitation: At the end of the invitation, the bride and groom add a phone or email address for guests to send confirmation by a certain day.
  • Wedding website: Most wedding sites have this function. In the invitation, the bride and groom add the site URL for guests to access and confirm their presence.
  • QR code is a code that the guest need to scan to be forwarded to a website, where he can do the RSVP.

All right, watch out! RSVP can only be used as a measure of acquiring an average of the number of people who will go to the wedding.

You can also use our free templates to take off stress from your shoulders!

Wedding Itinerary Templates

This is just one example, and you can download our free wedding itinerary templates and adapt them to the schedule that you have decided on for your wedding. Don’t forget that moving from one place to another takes time away, so you’ll need to include it as well.

Let your closest relatives know about this schedule, so they plan to be on time too, and don’t forget to ask your guests to be as punctual as possible as that will also be helpful. Regarding the ceremony and the reception, you will be able to put minute by minute as it will happen.

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