Free Wedding Budget Templates [30 Tips for Staying on Budget]

The dream of having a wedding should also fit in your pocket, and if you thought it was impossible to think of strategies to save, here is the perfect article.

With the help of a wedding budget plan, you can include everything you want and still be able to stay on budget.

Not just that we are giving away free editable wedding budget plan templates. As soon as they start planning the wedding and realize the size of the list, among the elements of original and unique wedding decoration and even the dream looks, including the wedding dress, dread takes over most couples.

It is possible to take some precautions, either by cutting spending on wedding invitations or at the buffet, which greatly decrease the values, just be moderate and do not let the enthusiasm of the moment lead you to ruin.

We know that it is a time of hard work and organization, but do not allow all this exaltation to allow you to spend more than necessary. As each case is different and each couple will want to spend a little more there and save a little more here, we have gathered 30 tips on how to save at all stages.

Where to Start

  • Use our free wedding budget templates, they will save your finances. With a wedding budget sheet, you will be able to divide what you have between all the tasks that lie ahead, which will help you to better visualize the general and individual expenses for each item. It will make it easier to identify where you are spending more and where it is possible to decrease values.
  • Make a list of suppliers, and have in that list more than one option for each service. Classify alongside which is well recommended by the other brides, their prices, and special observations. Then just compare which one has the best cost-benefit ratio.
  • Planning ahead will be your great ally to save and will still give you time to ask for lots of quotes and negotiate payment methods.

Invitations and Guests

  • Make two guest lists. The first must have those that are essential. As they receive information about who will not be able to attend, include those on the second list.
  • When choosing the wedding invitation template, prefer a simple one with no lined envelopes. It is possible to find economical, modern, and original options. In addition, these will be lighter and cheaper to ship.
  • If the idea is to hold a mini wedding (more intimate wedding), eliminate shipping costs, and personally deliver each invitation.

Days and Seasons

  • Getting married in the winter greatly reduces values, in addition to being very charming. Because there is less demand, suppliers’ prices can drop a lot.
  • Weekdays, from Monday to Thursday, are more economical for a low wedding budget, both for the reception and for the contract of suppliers.
  • Saturday is the most expensive day, so if the focus is to save on this item, cross that day off your list. Friday can be a happy medium.
  • Daytime weddings (morning or afternoon) are cheaper than links made at night and are perfect for placing more emphasis on a beautiful rustic wedding decor!

Flowers and Decoration

  • After holidays, like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you can find wedding flowers at great discounts.
  • Buy the decoration after festive days, like New Year, Christmas, carnival. After these holidays, most decoration stores put many objects on sale.
  • Prefer the flowers of the season, the prices are much lower and will be wedding budget friendly, and also will last longer at the ceremony.
  • Mix a lot of green foliage in the decoration, this reduces the cost of the arrangements well, since there will be fewer flowers and will give an authentic touch.
  • Do not get attached to your favorite flower, if it is out of season, replace it with another one of the seasons. A florist will help you with perfect substitutions that you won’t even notice the difference.

Ceremony and Party

  • Very formal weddings are more expensive to perform, all the details increase the value in the wedding budget. If the traditional side is not essential in your case, opt for contemporary, different, original, and, of course, more economical options.
  • Holding the party and the ceremony in the same place helps with logistics, and they can still reuse the same decoration and some flower arrangements for the party.
  • Also, think about the possibility of sharing the church decoration for weddings with other brides of the day, and who knows, they can all get a discount from the same supplier. Do list the savings in you wedding budget so you may utilize the money somewhere useful.
  • If you already have the house assembled, or practically furnished, how about opting for a fictional gift list? There, guests will pay online for gifts that will actually become part of the party.
  • A single DJ or musician for the ceremony and party will be more affordable than paying two professionals separately.

Reception and Buffet

  • If the goal is to offer dinner, reduce the number of items served in the cocktail (starter), and serve basic snacks. They can also choose to decrease the cocktail time and, consequently, the quantities, and leave immediately for the buffet.
  • Distilled beverages make the wedding budget more expensive. If you want to cut costs here, opt for drinks like caipirinha, where the distillate will be present in less quantity.
  • Have a maximum of two dish options for dinner, a meat and a vegetarian option, which can be pasta.
  • If you want to save even more, a buffet with pasta can greatly decrease the value of dinner and is an infallible dish. If you choose only this dish, you can choose a slightly more elaborate pasta.
  • The toast can be made with the drink that everyone is drinking, and there is no need to serve anything exotic as it may affect your wedding budget.
  • As a souvenir, you can choose a vase of succulents that, in addition to decorating the tables, can be made by you.
  • Take advantage of the souvenirs to thank the guests, and you will save money by sending cards or souvenirs just to thank you after the celebration.

The Cake and Sweets

  • Order a maximum of 3 varieties of sweets, and avoid nuts or red fruits, which are more expensive.
  • Order two cakes: a smaller one, decorated, which will be cut on the table and the other without many ornaments, which will be in the kitchen and served directly to the guests.
  • The decor of the cake can be made with natural flowers, the sugar ornaments “salt” the values.

Free Wedding Budget Worksheets

Following are the free editable wedding budget plans and templates for you:


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a practical wedding budget spreadsheet

wedding budget spreadsheet with deposits

wedding budget checklist

wedding venue budget spreadsheet

wedding checklist template

destination wedding budget spreadsheet

wedding budget spreadsheet for $20k

wedding budget template google sheets 01

a practical wedding budget spreadsheet 01

wedding budget spreadsheet with deposits 01

wedding budget checklist 01

    Final Thoughts

    It is possible and feasible to produce a beautiful link that is not the economic ruin of the couple. Do a lot of research before each contract and adopt these tips, which will help a lot to lower the most obvious and necessary costs of your wedding day, allowing you to spend more on wedding cake with several floors, and that costs a little more than expected. Use our ready-to-use wedding budget plans and templates that will help you stay on budget.

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