20+ Best Wedding Invitation Templates for This Season (PSD | AI)

We can say that marriage is practically synonymous with choices, from the moment of the request until the end of the honeymoon, many decisions need to be made by the bride and groom. And one of the most important details of this phase is the wedding invitation. For this, most people use ready-made wedding invitation templates.

More than letting guests know about the date, the invitation can reveal a lot about the style of the bride and groom and the wedding.

To make this moment as pleasant as possible and for insecurity to pass away, we have prepared a super complete guide for you along with wedding invitation templates to get it right in all the details of the invitation and be happy with the final result.

Types of paper for the wedding invitation

Another moment of choice! There are many options – you can choose the traditional or innovative.

If you want to give a greater meaning to the invitation and do not want the guests to simply throw away the invitation, a creative and ecological alternative is the seed role. The seeds are on the paper itself to make the paper eco-friendly, and the guest can (after the wedding) tear them into little pieces and plant them. There are seeds of various types: tomato, basil, sunflower, among others. Due to the production process, this paper has a differentiated coloration (a grayish tone).

Also, in this environmental line, there is recycled paper. However, because the paper is not entirely white, the color printing may not look very good. We don’t recommend this kind of paper very much. If the ecological footprint is a requirement for the bride and groom, we indicate the seed paper.

If the bride and groom want a more handmade invitation, cotton paper is a great choice. It is a more premium material and gives that feeling of handmade, which shows more affection with the guests. Usually has the edges torn by hand to give an even more handmade look.

You can download our wedding invitation templates and can customize them as per your need.

Printing of Wedding Invitations

Following this premium line, we have acrylic. It is transparent, and the writing is done in screen printing. Attention here: some companies, to cheapen, use “acetate” or “PVC” in place of acrylic, but are not materials of the same quality and excellence as acrylic.

Hot stamping is a more premium technique, which gives a mirrored effect, usually in gold, copper, or silver. We recommend this type of printing for details, names, or monograms, so the invitation doesn’t get too much information. It is worth checking the hot stamping closely, because some, of lower quality, may not offer the same perfection of texture in the relief, or even the metallic paint can come out easily.

Screen printing also follows a more premium line. It offers a high relief effect and is usually used in texts – it gives a rubberized ink feel. Your guests will notice this extra care in the invitation.

Types of Closure

The last thing to do is the invitation finishes. It’s always good to remember that every detail makes a difference.

The wax seal is a premium finish and super handmade. Each company that offers this type of finish has a process. Our seal is melted on top of each envelope, one by one. This means that your invitation will have an original seal! There are several possibilities of colors, and nowadays, this type of seal is used both for more classic invitations, as for rustic and stripped invitations. This seal can slightly tear the paper from the envelope, but do not eliminate this type of finish from your choices, for this reason, after all, the function of a seal is precisely that.

The waxed cord is a more economical alternative, but it also has its charm. In our customers’ invitations, each tie is tailor-made. The cord is best suited for stripped-down, rustic, and modern weddings.

A magnet is also a closing option. Let’s say it’s an intermediate category and is used in more classic invitations. It is also indicated for those who want a “clean” envelope, with no information on the front.

Best Wedding Invitation Templates

Following are some of the best wedding invitation templates:

Wedding Invitation Template 01

The wedding invitation is the presentation of the event. How about a custom model with photos of the bride and groom?

Wedding Invitation Template 02

The most interesting of this simple and inexpensive wedding invitation is that they fit into various types of wedding, from that simplest and most rustic ceremony held in outdoor areas, to more sophisticated weddings.

Wedding Invitation Template 03

Neither too edgy nor too simplistic, this standard wedding invitation is best if you are looking for something sober.

Wedding Invitation Template 04

Traditional weddings combine with a well-crafted and classic two-page modern wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Template 05

To announce a romantic and intimate wedding, how about betting on a maximalist invitation? It's a simple and interesting idea to feel closer to the guests.

Wedding Invitation Template 06

Another single page maximalist wedding invitation template. It is best suited for a wedding in between high and low budget.

Wedding Invitation Template 07

The bride and groom who seek perfect and original invitations can innovate in relation to the choice of design. How about an extended wedding invitation template?

Wedding Invitation Template 09

It is rectangular in design, and a good choice for those looking for a minimalist wedding invitation template.

Wedding Invitation Template 10

A wedding style dictates the invitation model. If the bride and groom care about organizing an event with more personality, it is worth investing in this template. Remember that color must be in harmony with the theme of marriage.

Wedding Invitation Template 11

The envelope is another trend that came to stay. This type of template proves to be perfect for valuing elaborate prints and colors.

Wedding Invitation Template 12

Marriage is still a great trip to unknown lands, so it makes sense to have an exclusive invitation. This idea is perfect for those who are running away from conventional templates.

Wedding Invitation Template 13

Invitations are gaining a touch of modernity, thanks to this 4-in-1 wedding invitation template with an envelope.

Wedding Invitation Template 14

This 2-in-1 wedding invitation template celebrates sequined marriage on the inside with its amazing, and colors.

Wedding Invitation Template 15

A modern wedding invitation is one that fulfills the role of innovating. One way to do this is to have a 5-in-1 invitation then 2-in-1.

Wedding Invitation Template 16

Not everyone likes romantic and well-fetched calligraphy. In this case, elegant typography makes all the difference.

    When to Send the Wedding Invitation ?

    It all depends on where your guest lives and the type of ceremony. For out-of-town guests, it’s good to send the invitation three months in advance. For guests who are in the same city, two months is enough. If you have guests who live outside the country or have opted for a destination wedding, the idea is to send the date five or six months before, so it gives time for everyone to plan and organize the trip calmly while the invitation arrives later.

    It is good to avoid handing over the wedding invitation well in advance, as there is a risk that guests will keep the invitation in some drawer and forget the date of the most important day of their life.


    Whatever the size and style of the wedding, the invitation is one of the must-have items in the extensive to-do list that involves the entire organization. In addition to considering the trends of wedding invitations, you must also respect the visual identity of the event and the style of the bride and groom to get the choice right. Customize the premium wedding invitation templates provided above and make your wedding memorable.

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