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15 Volunteer Thank You Note Examples & Wording Ideas

Volunteer coordinators are always looking for a great way to say thank you to everyone who volunteers. They are always on a constant search to adequately express their gratitude, so they turn to thank the volunteers through unique plaques, gifts, and recognition dinners.

Regardless of all their efforts, the best way to show appreciation is to send a heartfelt thank you by using our volunteer thank you note templates.

Most people often volunteer for courses because they want to have a hand in changing the world. They believe that your mission will help bring about that change, and they would like to be a part of it in whatever big or small way they can. Most of the time, in our search for adequate appreciation, we fail to remember our volunteers’ motives in the first place.

Volunteer Appreciation Disconnect

Why do we acknowledge a great world-changing effort with a fancy dinner? There is absolutely nothing wrong with a nice presentation of awards and dinner; however, there is a bit of disconnect between what motivates/drives the volunteers and what we traditionally offer them as recognition for that effort.

There is a quick, effective, and efficient way to bridge that volunteer appreciation disconnect- by sending them, a meaningful volunteer thank you letter. You don’t have to scrap the formal recognition, but the proven way for one to connect their gratitude with what motivates the volunteers is to give them an experience that shows them their impact.

Why is it Important to Send Thank You Note To Volunteers?

Your “ginormous” to-do list and your busy work schedule may make this appear like wishful thinking, but here are some reasons why dedicating your time to write a volunteer thank your note is important:

  • Volunteers understand that you are always busy, and the thought that you dedicated your time to thank them personally will make them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Day made! For some, a simple volunteer thank you note will put a broad smile on their faces the entire day.
  • Getting a physical card in the mail nowadays is rare
  • The effort you put in drafting the volunteer thank you letters will lead to increased volunteer retention.

Characteristics of a Perfect Thank You Letter for Volunteers

Following are a few features of a good thank you letter for volunteers:

It should be personalized

This may seem pretty much obvious, but you must address the volunteer thank you note using the Volunteer’s name. Tell them what you’ve noticed or what they did that went above and beyond. For instance, writing

“Thank you for your time, support and commitment”

is fine, but writing

“Thank you for taking your time to stay late to scoop out 10 extra dog kennels”

shows that you value the time they afforded you and that you noticed they gave it to your organization.

It should be specific

Point to something that they did, or the way they made someone feel, and thank them specifically for that. Normally, you’d look for ways in which the Volunteer went above and beyond their role.

Connect it to the mission

Keep in mind that the volunteers are with you because they believe in your course, and they would like to advance it with their own two hands. They care about your work. When you show them that you are grateful, make sure that you connect it to the mission to underscore the impact of their work.

Remember that they chose you and your organization for a reason. Remind them often that they chose well because they are making an impact on their work.

Make it timely

When you hear/see something that you would like to recognize, do it. Right away! This way, you won’t forget, and the deed is still fresh in the Volunteer’s mind. Plus, the faster you acknowledge a positive deed, the sooner you reap the positive benefits from a happy volunteer.

Make sure to sign

Again, this might go without saying, but make sure that you put pen to paper and sign the letter/note. If you are planning on sending the letter via mail, still make certain that you have included a personal closing.

Examples of Thank You Words to Use

Here are sample phrases that you can use for all your Volunteer praising needs

  • All your welcome is highly appreciated!
  • Thank you for everything you do! We couldn’t get along without you.
  • We at Belleview real estate appreciate you very much for your hard work.
  • All your work is warmly appreciated.
  • Your team was amazing! Thank you for having us in mind!
  • Your aid was essential to our project!
  • We owe the Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser success to your hard work and dedication!
  • We will never forget your hard work. Thank you!
  • Your team makes our dream work.
  • Thank you for your time and hard work!

Always avoid the urge to put something about volunteering again in your “thank you” message. You can follow up with the Volunteer after the project. Of essence, now is gratitude.

Volunteer Thank You Note Wording Sample

Dear Freya,

I appreciate you for volunteering to round up and organize a team of community volunteers for Hill-park Beautification Day. I also wish to thank you for securing donations from hardware stores, nurseries, and local businesses for flowering plants, shrubs, gardening supplies, and trees. Your personal donation of crushed granite for resurfacing walkways in the park was very kind. For that, Thank You! We are lucky to have such an amazing volunteer! We hope you will be willing to do more with us in our next big project. Your idea of fundraising for a new playground in place of the current one with old battered equipment is bizarre.

Thanks once again,


Silent Auction Volunteer Thank You Note

Dear Vincent,

Thank you for being an awesome Silent Auction Volunteer. You implored very many beautiful high-price gifts that brought in a lot of dollars for our non-profit organization. Your personality is intriguing, and it was a pleasure working with you at our committee meetings. You have a great way of mobilizing and inspiring other volunteers to stay focused and energized about achieving our group’s goals. Much gratitude for your hard work! I hope that you will be keen to volunteer again next year.

Lots of gratitude,


Spaghetti Feed Volunteer Thank You Note

Dear Rebecca,

Our fraternity was lucky to have you volunteer to head the Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser. Your excellent organizational skills and new strategies saw to it that this event was the most profitable pasta fundraiser we have ever held. Thanks to you, we have so much positive feedback from Spaghetti Feed Attendees, and the school district allowed our profitable event to be held twice annually. I hope you will be willing to volunteer again next year and that you can help us train and mentor new volunteers to take the lead on the different aspects of planning and running this fundraiser in the spring.

Thank you!

Brooklyn Group of Schools.

Volunteer Thank You Card sample- School Book Fair

Dear_______________, what a short-lived week! You have been an amazing volunteer right from the beginning to the end. Thanks to your hard work and determination, our Book Fair was a great success. We are grateful for your commitment and energy to accomplish this important project,

[Your Name Here]

Volunteer Thank You Letter Sample- School Library

Dear________________, thank you for your generous assistance in the school library today.  Because of you, the piles of books that we needed to be checked are now at manageable levels, our tables look tidy, and our book-shelves are neatly organized. We are indeed very thankful to have had an extra helping hand when we needed it the most.

[Your Name Here]

Volunteer Thank You Note Wording Sample- School

Dear__________________, we highly appreciated your aid at our June prize-giving ceremony. This event is usually a huge task, and this year we found ourselves under-staffed. Due to your fun attitude and experienced organizational and planning skills, the queue at the food booth was smooth and steady. I must say I was impressed by how you kept your section well stocked, tidy, and running all through. Thank you for volunteering. I justly don’t think we could have managed it without you!

[Your Name Here]

Volunteer Thank You Letter Sample Wording- School

Dear__________________, your cupcakes were absolutely delicious! It was wonderful that you were able to volunteer your time and baking skills to help better our Bake Sale Day. We also honored your stopping by to help us manage our treat table during lunch-break and after school. The entire school values you greatly.

[Your Name Here]

Teacher to Volunteer Thank you Card Sample

Dear___________________, I am truly grateful to you for helping out in my third-grade classroom this week. College student volunteers like you are an implausible asset to our community. With your help, my students were able to break into small reading groups and work on projects that need a bit more supervision that I alone can provide. My students and I appreciated your help. We hope you will make time for us again soon.

[Your Name Here]

Volunteer Thank You Note Sample- PTA

Dear____________________, thank you for your generous donations to the PTA closet. Local volunteers like you single-handedly run our non-profit organization. Due to your kind assistance, several needy children in our community had the chance to try on gently-used clothing and pick several garments that they can wear to school. I can’t thank you enough for your kind heart and for stopping by to help us.

Volunteers may appreciate a token of you or your organization’s gratitude; however, the experience of receiving a heartfelt personal volunteer thank you letter will serve to remind them of why they are doing what they are doing. They are motivated to help your organization and the community around you without pay because, in doing so, they can bring about improvements that matter in society. You don’t have to do away with the traditional volunteer acknowledgment goodies. Everyone loves gifts. Just remember that the most powerful acknowledgment you can give requires nothing but a quick note or email that is personal, thoughtful, and specific to the Volunteer.

Volunteer Thank You Note Templates

We know that writing a volunteer thank you letter is hard so here are free volunteer thank you note templates for you:

Sample Volunteer Thank You Note Template

Volunteer Thank You Note Wording 01

Volunteer Thank You Note Wording 02

Volunteer Thank You Wording 01

Volunteer Thank You Wording 02

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