Bachelorette Party Thank You Notes (Wording Examples)

Every bride who has a bachelorette party should write thank you notes for the gifts she received. The thank-you note shows the recipient that you appreciate the gift and the thought behind it. For gifts sent early by those who cannot attend the shower, the thank you note assures them that you have received the gift.

How to Write Notes for the Bachelorette Party Thank You Card

While you’re probably ready to move on to the next phase of your wedding planning, there’s one thing you have to do first: send thank-you cards to those who were thoughtful enough to present you with a gift.

Recognize every gift

Upon receiving more than one gift from the same person, recognize each Gift separately within the same Thank you card.

If you have received a cash gift, we do not refer to the exact amount of the gift. Thanks to the recipient of the gift card and recognize what is purchased with it in the future.

Name of the person in the greeting

Do not use a generic greeting like “Hello” or “Greetings.” They refer to the person with the name who usually addresses everyday conversations. A thank you card sent to your friend Sarah must contain a header like “Dear Sara.” When sending a family member as a grandmother or aunt, they refer to her as “Grandma” or “Aunt Lily.”

Specify how you use the gift

Customize each card. Thank you for letting the recipient know how they will use their gift. For a photo frame, you could include your thank-you note that a photo of your wedding is placed in the frame, which put on the mantle of your future home.

Gifts you don’t like

When receiving gifts, consider the following, “It is the thought that counts.” Although you may have found the must-have and have no use for it in your new home, you must send a thank you card and thank you that the gift was given to you. Include a simple note.


Do not sign your thank you cards with a formal closure such as “sincerely” or “thank you.”

Phrases to Write on a Card for a Bachelorette Party

Depending on how close you are to the bride, note for a bachelorette party card can be difficult to write. Based on your relationship, here are some suggestions that might work. Simply copying the text from some random website is not the best idea!

If It is an Acquaintance

Sometimes they invite you to a bachelorette party because she’s a distant cousin or a friend of the groom. No matter the reason, make a bachelorette card difficult to write. It is better to stay elegant and basic here by phrasing the card in a simple, happy tone:

Dear Guest, Congratulations, and best wishes at the beginning of your life with __.

If it is a Distant Friend

Many times, we are invited to showers for friends who do not actually keep in touch over the years. It is here that you feel that you want to write more than just a generic inscription on the card. It’s best to start with simple congratulations before telling her what a beautiful bride she does, and how happy she invites you to participate in her special day.

If it is a Close Friend

When one of your friends gets married, it’s easier to know what to write inside the card because you know the person you’re giving to. Again, I start by congratulating her and telling her how happy you are sharing this day with her. Besides, you should include something personal commentary, such as your favorite memory of her since childhood, College, etc.

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