How to Create an Effective Work Schedule (Free Templates)

Lack of focus, discipline, and organization are some of the most recurring problems faced in people management. Most of the time, when asked about productivity gaps, employees report that, no matter how hard they work, they reach the end of the day with the feeling that they haven’t done enough. Even if it is about the individual performance of the employee, have you noticed the fact that, as a manager, you fulfill a fundamental role for your team to achieve better results?

To verify your share of participation in the process, just understand why it is difficult to meet day-to-day deliveries. And the reason is usually the same:

The employee does not have an established routine!

This means that he receives the demands, but he cannot manage them in his day: he does not know what to prioritize, when to do each thing and how long it should take to execute them. It lacks the definition of a working method.

To help you out, we have provided free editable templates that you can download and use to manage things effectively!

The success of the goals, however, is totally related to the definition of the method. The word even comes from the ancient Greek, composed by the conjunction of the terms “met”, which means “what follows, the objective”, and “hodós”, which means “path”, that is, “follow a path” (to reach an end). A method is nothing but a way to reach the goal.

As a manager, it should be your role to visualize and unravel the process necessary to reach the desired objective and then define the stages of that process, counting on what each employee can offer.

When this analysis is done, it is time to implement an individual work schedule for the team.

The schedule will be used by the employee to schedule himself to fulfill the standard tasks of his job at the time and time range indicated by you, the manager.

Advantages of an effective work schedule

The implementation of the work schedule brings advantages for both the employee and the manager. Want to see?

For the employee:

  • Organize your workday. He arrives knowing what he needs to do and wastes no time trying to find himself in the middle of all the demands;
  • Creates a “reference rule” so that he knows the expected time for the execution of each task;
  • Increase your income. The employee exercises the necessary improvement to accomplish a task faster without losing effectiveness.

For the manager:

  • It allows management to clearly view internal processes. By listing all the team’s activities, he gains a broader view of the business and the mapping of the stages of each service or project;
  • Facilitates the monitoring of team productivity. Just check the schedule to find out what he must be doing and check deliveries;
  • It can be used as an indicator of internal improvements. Through the dialogue between the employee and the manager, it is possible to know if an activity has required more time than indicated if there is a process that is blocking the routine … Adjustments can be made at any time to increase productivity.

TIP: Various activities

A tip for formulating the employee’s work schedule is to set aside a time to carry out various activities, which would basically be a time slot to solve the problems that appear during the day.

Instead of stopping an activity from solving each demand that arises, he organizes himself to meet them in a single moment. Less dispersion, more performance!

Free Templates

Do you want to implement a work schedule? Download our templates!

If you have already understood the importance of guiding your team in carrying out day-to-day tasks and are interested in implementing a schedule for your employees, we are providing free templates that can be downloaded and used in your company!

1st Basic Work Schedule Template for Excel

2nd Work Schedule Template

Assignment Schedule Template

Five-day Event Schedule Template

Homework Maintenance Schedule Template

My Class Work Schedule Template

Schedule Shift Work Calendar Template

Semester Work at a Glance Schedule

Shift Work Calendar Year at a Glance

Weekly Class Schedule

5-Day 8am-6pm Weekly Work Schedule Template

Bi-Weekly Work Schedule

Employee Work Schedule

Mon-Sun 8-6pm Weekly Schedule Template WORD

Mon-Sun Weekly 24hr Schedule Template WORD

Sample Shift Work Calendar

Shift Schedule Template

Sun-Sat Weekly 24hr Schedule Template WORD

Sun-Sat Weekly Schedule 8-6pm Template WORD

Weekly Work Schedule Mon-Sun Template

Weekly Work Schedule Template

Work Rotation Schedule

Work Schedule 5-Day 2 on Word

Work Schedule 5-Day with Notes Word

Work Schedule SUN to SAT

    Just trace your processes, fill in the activities as you consider more intelligent for the internal functioning of the company, and share it with your team.

    Do not forget to build and improve the model jointly with the team, so that they participate, give their opinions, and give their feedback on the progress of the work. This will be your thermometer!