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10 Volunteer Termination Letter (Samples & Templates)

A termination letter heralds the end of the road between an employer and the employee. It is a formal document that sums up all the reasons a company has to part with a particular staff member. However, in a non-profit volunteering organization, the structure, tone, and body of a termination letter are slightly different since the staff isn’t in paid employment.

Below are some handy suggestions on how a volunteer termination letter should appear.

A volunteer termination letter is a written document that companies issue to volunteers whose services are not required any longer.

It can also be a letter the volunteer issues to indicate his/her inability to continue working for an organization.

Volunteer termination letters revolve around a particular item; a code of conduct, consensus, or a letter of agreement. The document has to be on the premise that the receiving party (volunteer) understands what part of the organization’s service requirement got breached and when. For other volunteer programs that do not have a stated service requirement, they must note the breach’s summary leading to termination.

Volunteer Termination Letter vs Termination Letter to Employee

There is a marked distinction between a volunteer termination letter and a regular employee termination letter. Since a volunteer wouldn’t be getting remunerations for their services, the terminating contract has to be different from that of a worker who gets paid.

What is the difference, then? A volunteer termination tends to be appreciatory in tone, unless in exceptional cases. It prioritizes the positive aspects of the soon-to-be-terminated work relationship between the organization and the volunteer.

Typically, the letter highlights the uncompensated, valuable time the volunteer has put into the cause and appreciates volunteering’s selfless gesture.

On the other hand, an employee termination letter is straightforward and direct; it points out the main reasons the working relationship ends. Since the employee receives salary or wages for their input, the organization is not obliged to “appreciate” them as they leave.

A volunteer termination letter offers a double benefit: the volunteer comes away with recognition for their selfless inputs, and the organization gets to preserve their reputation since they appreciate volunteering.

However, the exceptions to a positive termination letter are an ethical or legal breach, an otherwise “bad break”. In such cases, the organization can omit the appreciatory sentences and go straight to the main reason the company would no longer require the volunteer’s services.

Format to Write Volunteer Termination Letter

The format for a volunteer termination letter depends on the circumstances in the relationship. Suppose it is neutral – as in a peaceful separation–the letter’s tone would be light. You can intermittently include some of the notable past works of the volunteer for the organization.

In the event of an ethical or moral policy violation, the format requires a more frank tone, but not overly negative nonetheless.

The letter’s structure should come down to three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. Naturally, the introduction would contain the main reason for the letter, using the appropriate term accepted by the organization (such as “discontinuation of service”, “termination”, “dissociation”, etc.)

The body of a volunteer termination letter expands on the information leading up to the decision to terminate. Generally, coordinators should try as much as possible to state the reason without prejudice; for instance, if it is a single mistake, focus on how sad it is to have caused the termination.

In the case of a repeat failure on the volunteer, explain how you wished things didn’t escalate down to the termination point.

At the end of the volunteer termination letter, tie up loose ends and conclude the body. Give suggestions, instructions, or recommendations on what the volunteer can do afterward. Complete the letter by thanking the volunteer and signing off.

Volunteer Termination Letter Template

Subject: The termination of volunteering service

Dear [Name X/Sir],

I have been a part of your organization by [volunteering job position] for nearly 4 years. I feel a deep somberness to inform you that I would be ending the contract due to some irredeemable circumstances. [Further explanations about the situation].

I will not be able to perform my volunteering tasks in your company as effectively, due to [Termination reason]. I request to resign from my ongoing volunteer contract under the aforementioned circumstances, effective from [Termination Date] to avoid any inconveniences that might ensue. [Statement of future requirements and gratitude]

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

[Name and signature]

Volunteer Termination Letter Samples

Following are a few sample letters for different situations:

Volunteer termination letter sample

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for showing courage and empathy in helping displaced children by volunteering at Save The Kids Foundation. I genuinely cherish the level of dedication you’ve put into the organization’s operations.

However, as you know, the foundation asks every volunteer to give no less than 3 hours each week to oversee camp deliveries and relief distribution. The records show that you have not been able to meet your weekly volunteering quota at any time. There is a strain on the number of volunteers I can supervise; therefore, I think it is best to terminate the foundation’s volunteer contract between us.

I urge you not to see this letter in a negative light, as it is not a representation of the invaluable efforts you’ve put into helping distressed children. The management’s knowledge is that a family emergency was the cause of your failure to meet your volunteering obligations. From personal experience, I can imagine how difficult it would be to take care of an ailing parent who has come down with an unexpected illness episode. I sincerely appreciate every hour you have put in to enable us to achieve our children’s mission.

You have been a great asset to the management, the other volunteers, and of course, the children whom you have put smiles on their faces. I will miss your cheery persona around the office. I do hope that you will consider reapplying as a volunteer the moment your mother gains recovery. You have a pure heart, with love for humanity which inspires the little kids to have hope for a better future.

However, I must prioritize the children’s needs and the foundation over personal emotions. If you would like to ask a question, feel free to call me at the foundation or on my phone at (555)-547-5453. Here’s is hoping that you leave Save The Children Foundation is for a short while. Again, thank you for enabling us to impact the lives of displaced children across the country.


Melissa Rayner

Volunteer Director

Save The Children Foundation

Volunteer termination letter for false information provision

Dear Mr Whelan,

We have credible information that revealed that you falsified your details when you applied to be a volunteer. It is a grievous offense, and as such, we think it is best to terminate your position as a volunteer for The Brother’s Cause, effective immediately.

We indicated that there would be a compulsory background check of each applicant before they take up a position at the point of filling out an application form. From the recent information, we gathered that you failed to list your criminal records in the paper. This action is a gross violation of the organization’s policies.

Also, I should emphasize that falsifying personal information on a nonprofit organization’s application form is a punishable offense under the state’s laws. The management will have a meeting concerning the matter and decide if the organization would hand over the authorities’ information. We reserve the right to make the final decision as a charitable organization and therefore take the course of action we think is best for the situation.

Should you have any questions or need further information concerning the issue, you may reach me at 555-934-4723 or email me at [email protected]. If our attorney comes into the scene, I will inform you.

Sincerely Yours,

Daley Maguire

Coordinator for Volunteers

The Brothers’ Cause

Volunteer termination letter for personal reasons

Subject: Termination of volunteering service

Dear Sir,

I have volunteered for your organization on Free Educational Materials distribution for around five years. With sadness, I inform you that I would be terminating my contract with you, despite my love for the job. It is due to some irredeemable circumstances.

I would be moving on to the countryside with my family to seek better living conditions. Therefore, I will not be able to put in the hours and deliver my volunteering duties in your organization as I previously did. I request the termination of my contract with the company, effective from the 3rd of next month, and allow me to move on. I would appreciate it if you accepted my letter of termination.

Yours faithfully,

Smith Jane

Volunteer termination letter due to unprofessional behavior

RE: BC Planner Program of Deloitte County

Dear Molly,

I regret to inform you that I would not be renewing your BC Planner Volunteer appointment in Deloitte County due to failure to act in a manner representative of the BC Planner Program. The termination is effective upon your receipt of this letter. The core tenets of our organization emphasize dedication, respect, as well as adherence to our policies.

The management thinks that you’ve violated these core values based on your actions. Your recent behavior exhibits an unwillingness to work in harmony with the organization and failure to meet weekly and daily requirements from the workforce. You showed a consistent unwillingness to adhere to the staff instructions and suggestions related to your work as a BC Planner.

Furthermore, our volunteer rules and regulation forbids alcohol use, in which you indulged excessively during the recent event on the 18th of September 2020. It has led us to evaluate your performance as a volunteer in our program. Therefore, I am afraid I would not renew your appointment as a volunteer with the organization. I wish you the best in your future works.


John Deere

Programme Director

Volunteer termination letter due to schedule issue

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for your interest and involvement in the Grandma’s Pot Program and the time you spent volunteering to distribute food items to the areas affected by Hurricane Irene. Your spritely personality and cheery ambiance around people were invaluable to us as an organization. We felt it was saddening that your schedule interfered with your volunteering responsibilities as the sub-committee chairperson, as laid down in the organization’s Volunteer Guidelines.

As a result, we must secure a replacement for your office and terminate our letter of volunteer agreement. I trust that when your schedule eases, you think you have the resource and time to meet the position’s requirements, we would gladly have you back on our volunteer team. In the meantime, if you are interested in design consultations for our PR committee, we would appreciate your inputs.

Best wishes

Download Templates

Parting ways with a volunteer is not as easy for foundations and organizations. Volunteering is a selfless act that is invaluable, making it less straightforward to issue a volunteer termination letter when the need arises. Above-listed are some of the most commonly-used samples of a volunteer termination letter, which shows the predominantly positive tone and statement of the reason for termination

You can go through our catalog of volunteer termination letter templates on our websites. The templates would give a substantial head start in shaping an excellent volunteer termination letter.








    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you hand in the notice via email?

    Yes. If you would be turning in your termination letter together with your notice, email is a recommended medium for sending it. However, you have to take into consideration the kind of organization you work for and its policies. Some volunteer coordinators might require that you hand in your notice by post due to filing and legal reasons.

    Does a termination letter need to have a reason?

    Yes. Regardless of what party issues a volunteer termination letter, the document must carry the statement of the reason for the termination. It gives ground for a logical conclusion of a volunteer work relationship at an end and protects the organization’s credibility.
    However, the reason does not have to be explicit, and the sender may apply discretion to how much he/she reveals in the body of the letter. Generally, a simple statement summarizing the reasons would suffice.

    Is a termination letter a legal document?

    Not really. Some termination letters aren’t very formal and only seek to fulfill the organization’s modalities. Part of the reason is the difference between a proper employee termination letter and a volunteer one.
    Organizations have to keep the tone positive and encouraging for the volunteer, as the previous services rendered were uncompensated. However, on an occasion of a clear violation of a particular company policy, the organization reserves the right to legalize the termination letter.

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