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20 Sample Inquiry Letters | How to Write (Format, Examples)

It could be that you want access to certain specific sets of information or item. To be able to do that, you have to draft an inquiry letter.

An inquiry letter is a letter whose purpose is to officially and respectfully seek a given piece of information, idea, or property.

Many a time, you are required to ensure that the information you are seeking cannot be attained through any other means than the use of this letter. Thus, you have to visit the company website or other public engagements before taking the first formal step. We help you now to draft and send out this letter.

Purpose of the Inquiry Letter

This letter serves the following three main purposes:

Seek information, idea, or property

Its primary purpose is to seek some specific piece of information, idea, or property. Thus, it specifies the item precisely in the body of the inquiry letter for the avoidance of any doubts or ambiguities. As indicated earlier, you have to be certain that the thing sought cannot be accessed elsewhere.

Justify the seeking

You definitely have to justify why you are seeking that thing. Put differently: what exactly are you up to? Why do you want what you are seeking? That will go a long way in winning the trust and confidence of the parties whom you petition and are dealing with.

Explain the significance of this step

Also, you have to explain the significance of the step. That is, what will you gain out of the item or property after you have attained it? You want to leave no stone unturned by revealing every detail that may serve to give the reader the peace of mind he needs to trust you with it.

How to Write an Inquiry Letter

By following the steps outlined below, you will be able to draft a quality letter of this kind:

Draw a connection with the reader: It all begins by drawing a connection with the reader. Tell them how the two of you relate. That will serve to win over some confidence and let him consider your plea favorably.

Introduce the subject matter: Next, introduce the subject matter. Here, simply state, in one paragraph or so, what exactly you are up to. What do you want or are seeking from the reader?

Showcase why the step and the item are necessary: Go ahead now to show course why the item you are on the lookout for is necessary or potentially significant to you. You may also attach some affidavits or cite various references if need be.

Proof-read and edit: Having furnished every piece of information that may be necessary, you now have to proofread and edit the article of any grammatical or semantic issues before sending out the same to the targeted recipient.

Submit the letter: Finish off by submitting the letter to the recipient. If you are using the hard copy version, use the certified mail. A high-priority inquiry email, on the other hand, will do for the electronic versions.

Elements of Inquiry Letter

An inquiry letter sample of this kind must have the following pieces of information:

Names and Addresses of the Parties – You have to incorporate the names and the addresses of the two parties involved. The two parties here are you, the sender, and the recipient (organization involved).

Subject Line – It is here that you drop a one-line explanation of the nature of the inquiry. The purpose of this line is to raise the curiosity of the reader while at the same time prepare him for the body of the sample inquiry letter.

Introduction – The introduction is a one-paragraph overview of the problem at hand. It simply states the nature of the inquiry and what exactly you are looking at.

Justification for the Seeking – This one extends from the introduction and goes to explain exactly why the information, item or property is sought. Needless to say, the reasons have to be truly valid for them to be deemed valid.

Supportive Affidavits – To up your chances of sailing through, you have to attach supportive affidavits like statements from persons of authorities, official letters, and other forms of references.

Signature, Date, and Stamps – As with any other official letter, this one also must bear the relevant signature, date, and stamps. These unique identifiers have to be placed right at the bottom of the inquiry letter.

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Inquiry Letter Template

We want to help you further. To do this, we now give you an inquiry letter sample of this kind to look up to:






City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

RE: Inquiry Letter (format)

It is with much respect that I plead with you to furnish me with ______ (identify the specific item at hand here).

I badly need it because of ________ (state the reasons why you badly need the item or property you seek.)

To further vouch for my stand, I hereby attach the following affidavits________________________ (explain the affidavits that you have decided to attach to the document).

If possible, I request you to get to me on or before __________ (mm/dd/yyyy). For any urgent matters, reach me via XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Your Name


Inquiry Letter Sample

Wednesday, August 20th, 2020

Beamy Johansen,

Resident – Ohio State,

13183 State Route 13,

Millfield, Ohio 45761

Dear Mr. Kelvin Anderson,

RE: Inquiry Letter (Sample)

I earnestly implore you to grant me access to Mr. Bobby Brian’s tax returns records and the birth certificate. My plea is in line with the Access to Public Information Act 2004 which, among others, mandates any member of the public to seek sensitive information about anyone gunning for the top seat.

Kindly use the address that I have furnished to revert to me. In case you want a one-on-one conversation or interview, kindly reach me on 1-330-465-9807.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Beamy Johansen

Free Templates

It is worth noting that these inquiry letter samples come in many shapes and forms. Thus, the formats and the samples we have showcased here may not necessarily hold for all circumstances. Following are a few examples of inquiry letters:






job inquiry letter sample

letter of inquiry examples

job inquiry email subject

letter of inquiry sample for students

    Things to keep in mind while writing

    As you draft this wonderful letter, kindly bear the following tips, facts, and pieces of information in mind:

    Maintain utmost Explicitness

    You have to maintain the utmost explicitness as you seek the information or item you are on the lookout for. That can happen if you attach the necessary supportive evidence as they go a long way in dispelling any doubts. By being explicit, you aid the reader to make informed decisions.

    Be Brief and on Point

    As you draft this letter, you should be brief and on point. There is no need to make it overly long and superfluous. Just get straight to the point by incorporating only those pieces of information that are vital and relevant. Leave out any that is too irrelevant or uncalled for.

    Refer to relevant clauses

    To explain your case further, you might also want to refer to the relevant clauses. These could be laws or ordinances that are geared to make the attainment of the items you are interested in legal or easier. They also work to win the trust and confidence of the readers.

    Desist from all forms of Coercion

    While many people are tempted to adopt this stance, you are advised against resorting to any form of coercion. Just state your plea straight and explicit without necessarily issuing threats and ultimatums. Traveling that path may in fact prove counterproductive in the process.

    Maintain a somber tone

    At all times, you should maintain a somber tone. Remember, it is not really your right to get what you have at the end of the day even though there are laws in place that somehow guarantee you that. By maintaining a somber tone, you get to win the sympathy of the reader.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In this segment, we identify and answer some of the questions that are persistently asked with regards to this subject matter:

    What is ‘solicited inquiry’?

    This is an inquiry that responds to earlier notice, advertisement, or sales initiative. In this sense, it mainly works to furnish the information earlier sought about the matter.

    What is the difference between inquiry and Enquiry?

    The term ‘inquiry’ is used to denote a formal inquest or investigation into a matter while the ‘enquiry’ counterpart is mainly used with regards to the matter of question issues.

    Which details are required in a letter of Enquiry?

    Only the bare minimum details may be incorporated in such a letter. These include the purpose for which the item is needed, when the merchandise is to be delivered, and the modes of payments, among others.

    What is a circular letter?

    This is an official company communique that aims to notify a group of employees of a matter or notice privately. It is largely used internally and bears the company seal and other unique identifiers.

    What does making inquiries mean?

    It basically means seeking the relevant pieces of information about the price, state, and overall quality. When used in a surveillance sense, it may also infer wanting to know more about the occurrence of a matter.

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