Scholarship Rejection Letter: Guide and Templates

One of the most important things many prospective students strive to obtain is a scholarship. It provides them with financial support and assistance for their studies. In general, the scholarship follows specific laws that are subjective to the scholarship offering organization. A student’s application letter may be accepted or denied depending on the conditions set by an agency or institution.

A rejection letter is a formal letter that conveys a message to the receiver informing him that they have not been selected. It can be a rejection for a submission or specific position that they had applied to be selected for, currently.

With the ever-growing list of students applying for scholarships, not all can be admitted into the limited available slots in different learning institutions. A scholarship rejection letter is informed to those whose application is declined for not meeting the specified requirements. For it to dampen the scholar’s spirit, the letter should be written in the most respectful and motivating way.

The decision to refuse the request for a scholarship should be well thought out and explained in a letter to ensure that the applicant knows why his application was rejected.

Some of the reason why you should write a rejection letter is:

  • It is the most systematic and professional way of telling the applicant about the status of their application.
  • It clarifies the applicant as to where they went wrong and which requirements they did not follow.
  • It also provides the applicant with meaningful feedback about the areas that need to be improvised for their potential applications for scholarships.

Why Some Scholarship Requests are Rejected

A scholarship request can be rejected for several different reasons depending on the institution’s institution and requirements to avail of a scholarship. The scholarship application may be get denied if the applicant cannot meet the scholarship’s appropriate requirements, based on the institution’s terms or the information sent by the student for the scholarship was incomplete.

It can also get declined if the applicant was unable to complete the application within the given deadline. In some cases, it may be that the application submitted was not acceptable as the supporting documents submitted by the applicant were not satisfactory.

Components and Format of a Rejection Letter

An acceptance or rejection letter must include all the essential elements of formal writing. It must consist of all the minute details so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding.

The structure is as follows:


Itis placed in the upper left or upper right.

Issuer details

All the information of the institution that is sending the letter must be placed un the beginning so that the applicant can identify who the issuer is.


A cordial greeting, written formally, can make an acceptance or rejection letter look like a well-founded response, even when it is a denial. Address the applicant with “Dear,” followed by the name of the applicant.

Full name of the receiver

The applicant who receives the letter must feel that it was taken into account, even if it is for a rejection, and there should be no room for confusion.

Body of the letter

In the first paragraph, provide yourself and the institution’s name. Also, note the type of scholarship you are providing to eligible individuals. In the next paragraph, tell the applicant why their application has been denied. Soften the blow with soft phrases, like “unfortunately” or “We are sorry to say.” These sentences show the applicant that the rejection decision was not easy to make. The formal language also adds an air of courtesy, which reduces the emotional effect of rejection. For example, your letter could say: “We will not move forward with your application” or “Your application did not make it to the next round.”

Closing or conclusion

Closing or conclusion is the last part of the letter; it is where you will have the opportunity to show cordiality to the reader.  Here you can also add remarks that encourage the student to reapply or apply later. If you had a large number of applicants, you could also mention the candidate pool’s competitiveness. Adding this additional explanation (“It was a difficult choice due to many applicants”) makes the rejection feel less personal. Ending the rejection letter on a positive note is critical. You want to make a good impression on applicants during this final step, so they are more likely to reconnect in the future. Closing on a short general note of “good luck” is a kind and cheerful ending to your letter.

Contact information

Contact information is necessary to enter the information to have contact with the institution.

Scholarship Rejection Letter Samples

Student Scholarship Rejection Sample Letter




City, State Zip Code

Dear applicant XYZ,

Thank you for your application for the scholarship. We enjoyed getting to know more about you. We appreciate you sharing information about yourself with us. Determining the recipient of the scholarship is always a difficult decision and is based on many factors. I regret to inform you that you were not selected to receive this award this year. Unfortunately, this year applicants were too many, and the foundation does not have the resources available at this time to provide a scholarship to each worthy applicant. We wish you the best of luck in pursuing your educational goals.


Grants and Scholarships Board


ABC Community Foundation

Merit Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample




City, State Zip Code

 Dear applicant,

Thank you for applying to XYZ Scholarship. We have chosen the final list of students for the annual scholarship after several debates and discussions. We are, however, very sorry to inform you that it does not contain your name.

There was a massive rise in the number of candidates competing for this scholarship this year. We have chosen the applicants for the scholarship based on their merits and extracurricular activities.

 We are sending you an enclosed list of scholarship schemes where you can still apply with this letter. Some other independent organizations that give scholarships to students applying to our institute are available. You can also contact our company’s counseling department to learn about the best scholarship opportunities for you.

 We wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Thank you for taking an interest in ABC Scholarship.




Scholarship Board

XYZ Institute of Humanities


Scholarship Award Rejection Letter




City, State Zip Code

Dear applicant,

As you should be aware that our institution seeks to nurture talent, we offer scholarships annually to a chosen group of scholars in our effort to do so, which amounts to prize money.

We have received your scholarship application for the same, and our highly respected section has gone through your request. We are sorry to inform you that your name is not on the roster of those who qualify for this year’s scholarship. You can apply for a paid course here until (date) of this month if you are still interested in college admission.

We urge that you not misplace your heart and wish you all the very best in life for all your future endeavors. Expressing thanks to you for showing your concern.


Grants and Scholarships Board


ABC Community Foundation

Free Scholarship Rejection Letter Templates

Know that we have guided you through all the aspects of scholarship rejection or refusal letter writing; you will have an idea of how much effort goes into writing it. We offer you fully customizable scholarship refusal letter templates to simplify the process, which you can download for free.









Scholarship Rejection Letter Writing Tips

Writing a scholarship rejection letter is not an easy task as you have to present the message and have to consider the student or applicant’s feelings as well.

Following are some writing tips that will help you in the process:

  • Maintain a clear structure, along with correct spellings and grammar.
  • Keep the tone optimistic in the final paragraph and encourage the applicant to apply for a scholarship again in the future.
  • Unlike other applications, scholarship applications must follow written guidelines, as writings must be concise, clear, and formal.

A rejection letter of the scholarship award is an official written letter to confidently reveal to a scholar that their application for a scholarship has been turned down by those awarded the mandate to go through the applications to get the best deserves scholarship. The letter also provides explanations for the rejection of the scholar.