How to Write a Job Application Letter (5 Things Employers Look for)

Did you know the five main skills all employers want to hear include communication, leadership skills, planning, problem solving or creativity and finally, team work? Well, now you know. It is important to remember that nothing in life is as attractive as being accepted for who you are and that is why this amazing guide is here; to help you write a winning job application letter that will land you your dream job this season. That said, I am sure you are probably wondering; what is a Job application letter?

Allow me to decipher!

A job application letter also known as a cover letter is a piece of paper that is designed to inform the reader or hiring manager of your desires and interests for placement or a position in the organization. It indicates your employment interests within a company and typically addresses your personal identification details like job experience, employment history, your name, phone number and physical address. A job application letter is one of the most important formal business letters you will ever write after your college or university graduation. The job market however is very competitive as hiring managers receive numerous applications from job applicants with close to similar academic qualifications and experiences.

Your job application letter also known as cover letter is your best chance of standing out from the rest, getting noticed by your hiring manager and being shortlisted for an interview at your dream firm. Your job application letter is your first impression and if done right, it will sell your qualities and skills to your future employer.

With that said, I am sure you are probably curious about what the types of Job application letters are. Here are the types of cover letters:


Types of Cover Letters

Let us quickly dive in!

  1. Solicited Job application letter

This is written in response to a job advertisement for recruitment or hiring. In this type of application, you already know the vacant position in the firm and you can tailor your application according requirements in the advertisement. You can attract the attention of the hiring manager using your proven skills that are tailored to the specific requirements as per the job advert.

  1. Unsolicited Job application letter

This cover letter is written as per your own initiative to the firm. They are also called prospecting letters but are more likely to be read as opposed to solicited cover letters. You are also highly likely to receive personalized attention from unsolicited job application letters. You can attract the employer’s attention by focusing on the specific employer needs and goals and how they will achieve their needs by bringing you on board.

Now that you know the two types of job application letters and how to get the most out of each, I am sure that ever since graduation, you have applied for several jobs, but you have not received any call yet. If this is the case, it is important to remember that to achieve different results; you have to learn how to do things differently. For starters, let us look at what employers want from your job application letter?


What Employers are looking for in your Cover Letter?

Here are some of the common details employers are looking for in your job application letter:

  • They want to know who you are and the job you are looking for
  • The RELEVANT skills you have and how you will passionately apply them in the firm
  • They want to understand that you already know what is required of you
  • They want to know if you have any other additional skills apart from those listed in the advertisement or what else you can bring on board for unsolicited job applications
  • If you have a professional and positive attitude
  • All employers want to understand if you have taken your time to understand what the firm does and the beliefs and values of the organization

Now that you know what your future employer will be looking for in your cover letter. Let us get you your dream job this season by applying the following outlined facts in your job application letter:


What Your Job Application Letter Should Look Like to Get Positive Responses

With current job openings at an all-time high, a steady decline in unemployment and a strong job market, this is the right time for you to get your dream job. Here is how your cover letter should look like this season:

  1. Personalize your application by tailoring your cover letter to the job you are applying for at the organization
  2. Avoid using “To whom it may concern” and research from professional sites like LinkedIn about the hiring manager and his or her name. Addressing your application directly to them is impressive and a great step towards standing out.
  3. Creatively narrate your story. A good story with a killer and mind grabbing open line definitely grab the HR’s attention.
  4. Hiring managers are bombarded with numerous cover letters so use bullet points to shortlist your skills. Bullets have more impact than long paragraphed sentences.
  5. Go to Google and Social media pages and research the culture of the firm. Indicate in your job application letter how you will fit into the culture of your future employing firm.
  6. Ending your job application letter with a question will convince your hiring manager to advance you in the hiring process.



  • A job application letter is one of the most important formal business letters you will ever write after your college or university graduation
  • Types of Cover Letters
  • What Employers are looking for in you Cover Letter?
  • What Your Job Application Letter should look like in 2018

Back to you!

A Job application letter will make you stand out from the rest and if done right, it will not only earn your interview but also your dream job. It is always good to use some cover letter samples to have better idea about where to start. Feel free to implement the above revealed facts and let us help you find your dream job this season.