Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship (Examples)

Everyone knows the importance of applying for scholarships. In essence, scholarships offer a great way to pay for our student’s education. They represent free money, hence making it easier for the student to study without necessarily applying for loans. Usually, there exist several scholarships available not only for high schoolers but for college and university students. However, due to their competitiveness, a student should do everything possible to win these scholarships. Among the most crucial things to do is to get a letter of recommendation from their teachers, counsels, administration staff, and other important people within the student’s life.

What is a Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship?

A recommendation letter for scholarship refers to a letter that provides information about a student’s character, qualities, and achievements so as to meet the criteria needed for a scholarship. The letter is often written either by the teacher, the counselor any other administrator within the students learning institution. Before writing the letter, the author should familiarize themselves with the scholarship requirement so as to craft the letter as per the terms. The author should also inquire whether the student is engaged in any extracurricular activities or have received any awards before. No matter what type of scholarship recommendation letter you are writing, it’s always important that you write the best letter possible to help your student attain it. This will make them get a quality education with a reduced financial burden.

Before You Write a Recommendation Letter…

When a student requests you to write a scholarship recommendation letters for them, it’s important that you spare some time for it. Writing this kind of letter comes with a big responsibility. You want to make sure the letter is a winner. At the same time, you don’t want to disappoint your student. So then, what should you do?

Know the Purpose of the Scholarship

Experts will tell you that you need to know what exactly the scholarship is for. Is it an international or a local scholarship? Is it for minority students who are pursuing a technological program or degree courses? In simple terms, taking some time to discuss with your student is the only way to understand the scholarship’s purpose.

Additionally, since the recommendation letters carry a lot of weight, it’s important that you include genuine and factual information. Again, while interviewing the student, make sure you get your facts right. Note that the recipient will solely depend on your words to decide whether or not to issue the scholarship. For any reason, if they detect unrealistic information, they will easily deny the scholarship allocation.

The other thing you can do is to have a look at the scholarship guidelines, demands, and expectations. Once you are aware of the requirements, you can then easily validate your student’s qualifications.

Finally, you can think of the student’s strengths, qualities, and abilities. If you are not familiar with the student, you can request them to share it with you. Having this information at hand-make your work easy and efficient.

What are the Parts of a Scholarship Recommendation Letter?

Essentially, all letters of recommendation will come with different requirements. Therefore, you need to fully read the application to see what things they want you to cover. However, the following are some common parts you are will find in most scholarship recommendation letters.


At the very top left of the letter should be the letterhead. As an author, make sure you mention the following information”.

  • The date of writing
  • Full name
  • Title
  • Institution name
  • Official address
  • City, state, and zip code
  • Contact information

Introduction paragraph

Once you are done with the letterhead, it’s now time to write the introduction.  Here, you will introduce the student whom you are recommending. Be sure to include their brief description and your relationship with them. Preferably, this paragraph should be brief, concise, and direct to the point.

Body paragraph 1

In this paragraph, the writer will acknowledge the student and give reasons why they believe the student needs the scholarship. As the author, you can back this reason by mentioning how bright and determined the student is. Also, don’t forget to include their grades and other relevant academic performance. This will be a turning point towards allocating the student the scholarship.

Moreover, the author should also provide concrete examples to support their assessment of the student. Plus, they should strongly express the financial need of the student.


After the body paragraphs have been thoroughly dealt with, you need to conclude the letter in a formal manner. But first, you can emphasize the student’s endorsement. Then, you can leave an invitation to contact you either by email or phone call. Then you can conclude the letter by appending your signature.

Sample of a Scholarship Recommendation Letter

1st Sept 2020

Maria Jones

Le Grande High School

20 Oxford Street

Any Town, LA, 10300

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my great pleasure to write this letter in support of John Stewart’s application for the Lincoln Scholarship. I got to know john one year ago as his 11th-grade mathematics teacher. John was also a dedicated member of the math’s club, which gained lots of fo reputation in the entire zone. His focus and dedication to learning always impressed me. John’s ability to tackle some of the most challenging arithmetic was impressive. Besides, he never hesitated to seek help whenever he missed a concept.

Additionally, I was impressed by the way he collaboratively worked with his classmates. John believed in teamwork. And this is something I witnessed during group discussions. Other than that, he is respectful, honest, caring, and gets along with people well. At some point, he was willing to help fellow students who needed assistance.

Currently, John has a vision of joining Oxford University to further his studies in applied mathematics. As his former teacher, I have strong confidence he will succeed with flying colors. John comes from a humble family who has consistently offered him support. However, as he plans to encounter his next learning phase, things can get a bit south. The financial amount associated with his enrollment at the university could put lots of strain on his family. My worry is that this can shutter down his ambitions and dreams.

Over the four years of his high schooling, John has worked as a shop attendant to support his parents’ meager income. But this didn’t prevent him from scoring highly in his academics. Overall, I can say that John is a first-grade student.

His hard work and effort will get him whenever he wants to achieve. Therefore, I can confidently say that he is well-deserving of this scholarship more than ever. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any other questions or concerns.


Maria Jones

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    Given the crucial roles that scholarships play in education and also given their highly competitive nature, no chances ought to be taken while applying for them. That’s why a look and indeed the utilization of such sample letters of recommendation for scholarships are by all means necessary.

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