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27 FREE Letter To Santa Templates – Editable

The Christmas season is usually a busy time for parents. Children writing letters to Santa Claus is a tradition that has been around for decades. Parents usually take advantage of this to gift their children the presents they wish for in their letters to Santa Claus. Unfortunately, because of the sheer number of Christmas-related activities parents have to contend with, they may fail to find time to help their children write a letter to Santa Claus. Children should be encouraged to write letters to Santa Claus as doing so has benefits that help with their growth.

While a Christmas legend, Santa Claus is based on an actual historical character who existed around the third century. His actual name was Nicholas of Myra, and he was well-known in his town for helping the downtrodden. According to a few popular publications, he is depicted as a bishop dressed in a red robe which gradually transitioned into the cheerful guy in a red suit. In one poem, St. Nick is portrayed as a joyful elf figure with supernatural powers that enable him to deliver presents to children who behave responsibly.

In addition, St. Nick would leave notes in children’s stockings. These were instructions in which the children were told how they had misbehaved over the year and what they could do to improve their behavior. Parents used this as an avenue to write notes to their children and leave presents on the fireplace mantle. Eventually, the notes began receiving children’s reactions, and writing to Santa during Christmas became a tradition.

As a child, this article will guide you on how to write a letter to Santa Claus, the contents, and the benefits of writing them.

Letter to Santa Claus Template

Christmas is a busy time of year for your parents. They must prepare for the holidays by decorating their home, caring for them, cooking and baking for family members, and preparing gifts. You may lessen their burden by writing a personalized letter to Santa Claus by using our downloadable templates.

Choose from our catalog of decorated Santa letter templates that best fit your needs, and edit and download them easily:

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      5 Reasons to Help You Write a Letter to Santa

      You should master the unique skill of writing a letter to Santa Claus. If done right, it may be a good learning experience. Because of current technological advancements, most people hardly write and send conventional letters anymore. However, the written word remains one of the most significant ways to communicate with one another.

      The following are some of the reasons your parents should encourage you to write letters to Santa Claus:

      Learn gratitude

      Being thankful is a massive part of the Christmas holidays. You may express your appreciation for what you received the previous year. You may also thank Santa Claus in advance for anything he decides to gift you this year. A beautiful gesture that promotes the Christmas spirit is including a request for a friend or family member. This culture of gratitude may be seen in other aspects of your life, and you may learn to be more appreciative of your blessings.

      Practice spelling and grammar

      Many children have difficulties with spelling and grammar. When you write and send a letter to Santa Claus, you may perfect the writing skills you acquire in school, and since you already want to do so, you may end up enjoying it. Your parents should encourage and assist you with spelling and grammar when writing a letter to cement your learning in school.

      Work on letter-writing rules

      When drafting a letter, there are standard norms that you must follow; thus, your parents should use this opportunity to implement these standards into practice for you. For example, a letter must include the correct header, paragraphs, farewell, and signature. While these are all essential things to execute, adopting these guidelines may give you an excellent opportunity to understand how letters should look.

      Learn how to make a list

      Since deciding on gifts may be hard for you, writing a letter to Santa Claus may make you more comfortable, and you can quickly settle on the gift you desire. Then, you can compare the pros and cons of different gifts and narrow down on options. As this process is overwhelming, it challenges your judgmental ability and eases your parents’ shopping experiences.

      Know how to represent yourself

      Rather than immediately diving into all the items you crave, you might first tell Santa a little about yourself. For example, you may remind him where you reside, your age, and your favorite activities.  You can also use persuasive writing to deliberate on why you should be on Santa’s nice list and what you plan to do to stay on it until Christmas. When faced with adversity, you can therefore be able to stand up for yourself.

      Considerations to Make Before Writing a Letter to Santa Claus

      While there is no wrong or right way to write a letter to Santa Claus, you can use a little direction when writing. A well-written letter makes it easier for you to get the presents you wish for.

      The following elements should be taken into consideration before writing a letter to Santa Claus:

      Make a list

      Your parents should help you list the presents you wish to get before writing a letter to Santa Claus. This list will help your parents cross off items that are too expensive or too impractical. A list will also help you learn how to prioritize items. A proper budget for Christmas present shopping can be formulated with a list.

      Put on some Christmas music

      Every December, the joyous sounds of Christmas fill the streets and houses. Church choirs, car radios, piano recitals, and holiday musicals will inspire you as you write your letter to Santa Claus. From “Feliz Navidad” to “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” playing Christmas music on your computer or smartphone can help you write a letter that Santa Claus will be happy to read.

      Choose your stationery

      As a kid, you must be creative and will want to write colorful letters filled with stickers, pictures, and drawings. Before writing a Santa Claus letter, the appropriate stationery should be collected. You may use plain paper or foolscap and a simple pen or pencil. If you feel creative, you can use colorful manilla paper, crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Write legibly so Santa Claus can read the letter and deliver the presents.

      Steps to Write a Letter to Santa Claus

      Santa receives hundreds of thousands of letters from excited children during Christmas, whether for a Barbie doll or a new X-Box. Those letters may be addressed to the cheerful old elf, who sometimes will respond with the present on Christmas Eve.

      You can follow the steps mentioned below when writing a letter to Santa Claus:

      Include your address

      Begin by writing your complete name at the top right corner of the page. Then write your address beneath it. You can use your home address or a fictitious address. The address should be written well so Santa Claus can find you and deliver your gift. This should be followed by the date.

      Write your address using the format below:

      [Full Name]
      [Town Or City]

      Add a salutation

      Below the address, starting from the page’s left hand, write the salutation. The salutation is the most significant part of every letter. It needs to be as pleasant and welcoming as possible. For example, the first line might range from Dear Santa to Hello, Santa. If you want to be extremely casual, you may even write, Hi, Santa. A salutation is crucial as it introduces your letter to Santa Claus.

      Introduce yourself

      You may begin by telling Santa Claus your name and age. This helps Santa because he receives hundreds of thousands of letters yearly and needs to identify you. For example, you may write, “My name is Christopher, and I am eight years old.”

      Ask about Santa’s well-being

      Ask Santa Claus how he is doing at the North Pole. Since this is not a formal letter, it is always prudent to ask about the well-being of the person receiving it. Then write something good about Santa. You may even ask Santa a question or two to demonstrate your appreciation for the vital job he performs each year.

      For example:

      You may ask about the toy factories, elves, reindeer, or Mrs. Claus. You may stay on Santa’s nice list by showing manners.

      Tell him the good things you have done this year

      Tell Santa what you have been doing well during the year and what you intend to do better next year. You might even state how many times you have visited a homeless shelter or specific instances of good actions you have done during the year since Santa Claus does not give presents to naughty children.

      For example:

      You may tell Santa, “This year, I cut off my hair and donated it to make wigs for children with cancer.”

      Ask Santa for the things you want

      Because you have been so wonderful this year, it is time to request Santa some gifts you would want to receive for Christmas. List two or three modest items that you desire because Santa needs enough room in his sleigh for all the good children’s gifts. Santa should then be able to fit them on the sleigh for you. Remember to be polite when asking Santa Claus for presents.

      For example:

      You may ask Santa, “If you do not mind, I would like a WWE Championship Belt this year, like the one worn by my favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns.”

      Include your friend’s request

      Christmas is all about sharing and love. You can ask Santa Claus to deliver a present to your brothers, sisters, friends, or relatives. This shows Santa that you are compassionate, and he might be inclined to deliver your gift. This does not explicitly have to be a material gift; it may be a wish or a prayer for someone you care about.

      For example:

      If you have a sick relative, you may write, “If you can, make my uncle better, he is in the hospital recovering from burn wounds”.

      Close the letter by thanking Santa

      Finish off by thanking Santa Claus and his elves for all the work that they do. Thank him for the gifts he will bring you and the gifts they will deliver to millions of children worldwide.

      For example:

      You can write, “I will leave you milk and cookies by the fireplace mantlepiece when you come down our chimney.”

      Sign your letter

      Sign your name at the bottom of the letter, so Santa knows who sent it. You can end with either warm wishes or sincere wishes. If you fail to include something, you may always sign your name with a ‘P.S.’ to say one last thing to Santa.

      Use the format shown below:

      Yours Sincerely,
      Christopher Robin
      P.S.: I would like to remind you to consider sending me a doll house for my younger sister.

      This infographic is about writing letter to Santa Claus.
      This infographic is about writing letter to Santa Claus.

      Letter to Santa Claus Template

      A letter to Santa Claus should have the following layout:

      [Full Name]


      [Town Or City]


      Dear Santa/Hello Santa/Hi Santa,

      My name is [Name]__________, and I am [Age] _________ years old. I hope you are doing well at the North Pole, drinking lots of hot cocoa and having fun this Christmas.

      I wanted you to know that I have been a very good little [Girl/Boy] ____________ this year. I played nice with my [Sister/Brother] ____________   and completed all my chores that my [Mom/Dad] asked. I also got good grades on my report card, and I hope you saw that.

      I do not want much this year for Christmas, but [Desired Present] _______________. Anything you want to bring me would be nice. I cannot wait till you come. I would also like you to give my [Relative]________________   a [Desired Present] __________ since they deserve it.

      I want to thank you for my [Desired Present] in advance. Thank you for your time, Santa.

      Yours Sincerely,

      ____________ [Full Name]

      ______________ [Signature]

      Letter To Santa Claus Sample

      The following sample letter to Santa Claus will help you in writing your own:

      Julia Smith

      15 South Racine

      2256 Chicago, Il

      20th December 2022

      Dear Santa,

      My name is Julia, and I am seven years old. I hope you are having a wonderful time at the North Pole and in good health. I hope you, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the reindeer are having a joyous Christmas. I want to visit you at the North Pole if my parents allow it.

      I have been writing letters to you since I was five. I want you to know that I have tried to be very good this year. I helped my daddy build a treehouse for my brother and helped mommy make pancakes. I have been doing very well at school to be a pilot when I grow up.

      This year for Christmas, I want my family to be healthy, strong, and happy. I also want my sick Grandma to get better. If it is not too much trouble, I would like a new Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart and Crash Bandicoot. My brother has one, and I would like one, so I can play together with him.

      Thank you for the Nintendo Switch in advance, and for all the gifts you will be delivering this year. Again, thank you for your time, and I wish you a very merry Christmas.

      Much love,


      P.S. I will leave milk and cookies by the fireplace when you come to our house.

      Special Considerations to Decorate and Send Your Letter

      After writing your letter to Santa Claus, there are specific finishing touches you should consider to ensure your letter reaches Santa, as discussed below.

      These include:

      Draw pictures

      After writing your letter, you can decorate it with colorful pictures such as candy cones, snowmen, Christmas trees, sleighs, or reindeer. You can use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to draw these pictures. These drawings will tell Santa that you are creative and might encourage him to put you on the nice list.

      Add a border

      You may also draw a border around your letter to make it look uniform. A straight border might suffice, but you can be creative with flower or snowflake patterns.

      Address the envelope

      After drafting the letter, most children have no idea where to mail it. You can address the letter to “Santa” or “Santa, North Pole.” In any case, we all know that the mail always finds its way to the big man in red since Santa is magic, after all. However, some countries usually provide an address for children to mail their Santa letters yearly.

      For example:

      In the U.S., letters can be addressed to 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888, while in the U.K., letters can be addressed to Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ.

      Give the letter to your parents to send

      Give your letter to your parents to send. They may give it to the postman when he comes to your house or takes it to the post office. This will make sure your letter reaches Santa Claus at the North Pole.


      Every year, hundreds of thousands of children write letters to Santa Claus asking for gifts. With all the hustle and bustle during Christmas, your parents may get overwhelmed with responsibilities and may not have enough time to help you write a letter to Santa Claus to ask for the presents you desire. Since you enjoy asking for gifts, writing a letter to Santa Claus may be a good bonding experience with your parents. Writing a letter has many proven benefits that impact you and your growth, and your parents should encourage you to do so every year.

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