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House Sitting Thank You Note Samples (Wording Ideas)

House sitting isn’t fundamentally a hard task, but it is time-consuming. When you request someone to do a residence swap or take care of your house, it is important that you express your gratitude for the house sitter for having dedicated their valuable time to take care of your property.

It is essential to show the housekeeper that you dearly appreciate them for committing to take care of your home, pets, or plants because without their assistance, and you could never have gone on that much-needed trip, let alone has the peace of mind while you’re away. It is not always easy to find someone to look after our homes while we are away. Thus, if you manage to find someone you trust to look after your home, it is important that you nurture that relationship so that you always have someone you can count on to take good care of your property while you are not around.

Use our Free Templates and Samples

Many a time, you may find yourself lost of words when you try to express your self in writing. Choose among the samples and templates provided below to customize your message of gratitude to thank the person who helped you out when you needed them. Feel free to grab ideas and draw inspiration on the best way to word your house sitting thank you note by reading the samples and templates.

House Sitting Thank You Notes Sample

Dear Kind Neighbor,

I’d like to offer my gratefulness to you for keeping an eye on my home while I was away. Although it might not appear like a big deal, too, knowing you were keeping my home safe while I was away meant a lot to me. Thank you for the priceless peace of mind, bringing in my mails, and for making sure no moving vans parked in the driveway! If you ever wish me to return the favor, I will gladly help you.


Your next-door neighbors.

[Attach a gift card or a nice bouquet of flowers and wine bottle]

Emergency House Sitting Thank You Note

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being willing to spend the weekend at our home when we needed to urgently fly out on a family emergency. I honestly can’t believe you cleaned up the mess we left- thank you! You held down the fort during a trying time when all our focus was elsewhere, and I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness when we needed it most.

Forever grateful for your kindness, and we are thankful for you,

Your neighbor.

Thank You Note for House Sitting Service

 Dear Professional,

Much gratitude for taking good care of our property for the past year. We really appreciate your innumerable kindness and exceptionally high standards. You always went above and beyond to ensure that the bad feeders are filled, plants are watered, windows kept sparkling clean, and that the mailbox was empty.

You made coming home a wonderfully welcoming experience.

We will certainly miss you when we move! We will always recommend your services to all our neighbors and friends.

Sincere appreciation,

The Johnsons.

Thank You Note for House Sitting Template

Dear ____________________,

It is always a worry to leave home fully stocked with gifts on a trip during the winter holidays. Initially, I had planned to just lock up the house and depend on timers to turn the lights on during the evening, but your offer to house sit for us while we are away was very generous and thoughtful. Your daily text messages that all was well and safe gave my husband and me a chance to relax and have peace of mind. Thank you very much for your kindness.


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