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Best Sample Baby Shower Thank You Notes (Wording Examples)

Are you empty of ideas for a baby shower thank you notes, but may your card be a bit more personal than a card with a stork with just congratulations? So read along here where you get lots of ideas on where to buy cards or how you can make it yourself. You’ll also get concrete suggestions on what you can write on your baby shower card.

A baby shower is a cozy gathering where you and the other guests celebrate the expectant mother with gifts and play and enjoy a pleasant day. A great day before the little one comes and turns it all upside down.

Create Your Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Should the baby shower thank you note be unique, it is obvious to do it yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional artist or a creative talent to make your map.

You can buy stickers and stamps and put them on your card to make it much more personal than a purchased baby shower thank you note.

If you are in the mood to be super creative, you can also easily make your baby shower thank you note with two pieces of cardboard in two or more different colors, scissors, glue, and some string or a yarn key. One piece of cardboard you need to fold so that it becomes a card. The others you need to cut out like balloons. You can either draw them by hand or find templates on the web. Then you need to stick the balloons on the map, and at the end of them, you need to hang cords that you cut off at appropriate lengths.

If you already know your child’s gender, it’s obvious to make the map in a color theme that’s right.

Write a customized thank you card for each of the guests. Of course, it is always easy and convenient to just buy ready-made baby shower thank you notes from bookstores. But you can express your appreciation to your friends more if you make the cards with your own hands and write engagement with your own words. Keep the design simple.

Buy linen paper (colorful), color pens, glue, small buttons or beads, colorful stickers, and other artsy things that you can use to make your baby shower thank you note. Make interesting designs (usually with baby themes) like balloons, ribbons, flowers, toys, and pictures of a baby from magazine cutouts. Arrange these patterns on linen paper. Stick them one by one with glue.


Write your notes with colored pens. Or you can also use colorful letter cutouts from glossy magazines and paste them together into the note on the card.

Make the text of your thank you card different on each card. Do not repeat what you said to friend A in the baby shower thank you note for Friend B. Remember that each friend has a special and unique relationship with you and another person cannot duplicate this. So make sure you carefully customize your messages.

Open gifts one by one and jot down who gave what. In the baby shower thank you note, mention the gift and say how it can be useful to your baby and that you appreciate thoughtfulness so much. One way to express your thanks is by writing:

“Dear Patricia, these pair of mittens will keep my little Moxy warm in winter Thanks a lot future godmother”

Include all guests in your list of baby shower thank you note recipients, including those who don’t have gifts. There may be one or two that do not bring gifts. Whatever not give a gift – make sure that you send a thank-you note to everyone, even for his or her presence alone.

Lay the baby shower thank you note in the right size envelopes. Snap stamps, type name, and address, and finally – mail them. Be sure to send the cards to the hands within one week of the shower. Do it fast because you don’t know when your baby is on the way out and when he’s out you’ll become a busy parent and you can’t send the thank you cards anymore.

Get Lots of New Ideas

If you don’t have the time or desire to make your baby shower thank you note, there’s fortunate advice for that. You can download a finished one. There are so many different things to choose from that you’ll find one that’s perfect for the expectant mother. A collection of free thank you baby shower thank you note templates is published below, you can download your thank you card from there. Here there is a world of beautiful maps decorated in many different styles.

What to Write on Your Baby Shower Note

Simple Note

The text on your baby shower thank you card should be both personal and sweet and fit the future mother. If you are empty of ideas, look below and be inspired. If you are a colleague or distant relative of the soon-to-be new mother, it is appropriate to write something

Dear …

Thank you for joining me in celebrating this day with you. I wish you and your little new family all the best in the new exciting time to come!”

If you know her well, you can choose to write a little poem or quote for her, which you know falls in her taste. Search the web for poems or sweet quotes for future parents. The quote you can insert according to your greeting. Here are two sweets by Peter Pooh:

Some people worry too much. I think that’s what you call love!

“Sometimes it’s the smallest things that feel the most in the heart!”

“Dear …,  for the adorable gift. I can’t wait to take pictures of the baby with those overalls! I’m so lucky to have an experienced mother as well as a good friend to help me know what I’m going to need! I’m so glad you came to the baby shower.

Love, …”

Be polite if you don’t care about the gift and gently thank your friend anyway. “Dear …, thank you so much for taking the time to come to my baby shower. I’m grateful for the little shoes you so kindly gave us for the baby!

Love, …

Group Gifts

Group gifts, especially those from co-workers or another large group of people, require a single thank you note. You must write the name of all the people who contributed to the gift, perhaps in alphabetical order so that no one is offended. For example:

“Dear…, I am so beholden for your kindness. I love the stroller and the seat for the same one that you all gave me so gently for my baby shower. I look forward to taking the baby home in her new pink polka dot seat! Thank you all so much!

Sincerely, …”


Money is always a prized gift, as it allows you to decide what to buy for your baby. Thank all those who have given you money, a check, or a purchase card with a handwritten note that does not mention the amount but what you bought or what you plan to buy with it.

“Dear…, thank you so much for …! I haven’t had a chance to go shopping yet, but we thought we’d buy a bassinet we’ve already seen. I can’t wait to pick him up! It means so much that you could come to my baby shower. I can’t wait for you to meet your great-nephew! Love, …”

If the gift is a shopping cart for a particular store, it’s ok to mention the store: “This store is one of my favorite places to shop and they have such a great variety for babies!”

Free Sample Notes

Why templates if one can just buy baby shower thank you note from the bookstore nearby? It apparently seems very convenient to just buy a card because it does not require much effort but we believe that using templates is the best thing to do for the following reasons:

  • A personalize card shows concern
  • You can change it the way you want it to be
  • You can use paper of your own choice
  • You can add text of your own choice
  • It shows how much you value others
  • You can use a single template multiple times

Here are the editable baby shower thank you note templates for you:











    End Note

    For a baby shower, guests usually bring a gift that can be either for the baby or the mother. On the gift, there should be a card that not only tells you who the gift is from but also contains a small greeting. In the guide above, we have gathered useful ideas for baby shower thank you notes that you can be inspired by. Did you find our guide and texts to write inside the baby shower thank you note helpful?

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