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Business Referral Thank You Notes (15 Best Wording Examples)

A business referral thank you note is an expression of appreciation to someone who has recommended your services, products, or business to other people. If you acquired a new contact or customer because of a referral, it is important that you send a letter of appreciation for the recommendation. Sending a business referral thank you note is the best way to strengthen your professional relationships with customers or other businesses that recommend your products and/or services. This can also help you gain more business through referrals, especially if you give these individuals referrals as well.

Business thank you notes are usually sent out when:

  • A customer refers a friend or family to your business
  • A new customer is referred to you by a business, or their referral leads to a new contact

Why should you send thank-you notes?

By speaking or writing a reference letter on your behalf, that person is taking extra time from their schedule to assist you and your business. Expressing your gratitude for a reference tells them that you sincerely appreciate their time and effort. It also encourages future business and referrals. Fostering business relations this way can result in valuable partnerships between you, your business, and others.

How to Write a Business Referral Thank You Note

Following are a few easy steps to craft a business referral thank you note:

Professional greetings

Include your salutation and greet them with their last name. This conveys a sense of professionalism and respect.

Express your gratitude

The next step is to thank them for their referral. This is the core of the letter. Make sure that you are specific about the nature of the referral, and explain how they helped your business. Informing them how their referral made a specific outcome will emphasize your genuine appreciation to them.

Conclude and close your thank your note

Remember that the letter should be brief and to the point. Write a brief conclusion. You might also want to offer them discounts on their next purchase or complimentary services. If your referrer was another business, letting them know that you appreciate what they’ve done for your business and that you will return the favor with customer referrals can also be a great way to show your appreciation.

Include your contact information

Including a phone number and your email address can encourage a friendly relationship. This can also lead to additional business referrals or lead to an increased business network.

Proofread and send your note

If you are sending the business referral thank you note via email, you can use spellcheck features to ensure that your letter is free of any grammatical errors and typos. You can have your colleague read and review the letter if you are sending it via mail, to make sure that it is free from any misspellings or other errors.

Use Our Free Samples

To make your work much easy, below are some samples you can use to help you write an effective business referral thank you note:

Thank you Note To An Organization For A Client Referral

September 6, 2020

Gladys Jennings, Manager

Dear Ms. Jennings

I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude for your customer referral to our business, Labor Link.  I appreciate your trust in our services, as your referral has enabled us to also work with other new companies.

As a token of appreciation, I’m at this moment, extending a special offer for your company’s future office supply needs. Kindly contact me anytime regarding a business discount or for any further clarification. Once more, thank you!


Vicky Young, Executive Marketing Director

Labor Link,


[email protected]

Thank you Note To An Individual Customer

October 24, 2020

Dear customer,

At this moment, I’d like to thank you for your kind referral and positive review of my business. We at Peoples’ Choice Natural Foods value and support our clientele relationships, and your thoughtful referral to our organic and natural food products helps us to reach more customers who wish to nurture and support their health wellness.

As a sign of appreciation, Peoples’ Choice Natural Foods would like to offer you a special voucher off your next purchase at any of our stores or on your online marketplace. Scan this voucher at the register during checkout or present a printed copy at any of our stores. Thank you for doing business with us.

Warm regards,

Richard Perter, General Manager

Peoples’ Choice Natural Foods



Business Thank you Note to a Customer

Dear Lyddie,

I cannot thank you enough for referring your friend Nancy Joy to my hair and beauty parlor. That was very kind of you. I am honored to have been able to offer you exemptional services for the past year, and I look forward to providing the same services to your friend.

I am grateful. Referrals are the only means through which my business grows, and it is nice to know that you are confident in us enough to recommend your friend. I hope to serve you again soon. Your next hair and pedicure makeover are on the house.


Jane Rose.

Business Thank you Note to Another Business

Dear Fredrick,

I just discovered that our latest customer was recommended to us through your firm. Thank you for the lead. We are poised that we at Virtual Reality Limited, will be able to serve them well. That was very thoughtful, and I am pleased.

I hope that I will be able to return the favor to you too soon. I am set to attend a networking event early next month, and if someone requires an HR outsourcing Solution, I will make sure to recommend them to you. Thank you very much, Fredrick.



Thank you Note for Employment

Dear Mr. David,

I appreciate you taking the time to refer my application to S& A Advocate’s Company. You have played a significant role in my securing the job, and for that, I am indeed grateful. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to assist your company in the future.

Thank you once again. Your guidance and help have been a real blessing.


Samantha Jones.

Download Free Templates

Following are free editable business referral thank you notes that can be customized as per needs:

Sample Business Referral Thank You Notes

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Letter to a Company for a Client Referral

Letter to an Individual Customer

Letter to an Organization for a Customer Referral

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Should A Business Referral Thank You Note Be?

    Business referral thank you note should be no longer than one or two paragraphs. Simply thank the recipient in the first paragraph, followed by a few brief details regarding the impact of their referral. You can include another paragraph if you would like to add something else, like encouraging future business or providing a referral in return.

    Should I Include A Discount Offer In The Thank You Note?

    Although not absolutely necessary, including a discount or any exclusive offers will make the referrer feel appreciated. Consequently, it will encourage them to continue using your products and/or services, which can result in future business transactions and the growth of your business.

    How Are Referral Programs Beneficial?

    The customer referral program is a great and effective way to attract new customers, create additional revenue, and current customers. For instance, a service provider may decide to offer a 5% monthly discount for clients who refer others to their services. Offering incentives through referral programs can also lead to increased market reach and help you get loyal, repeat clientele.

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