Pet Sitting Thank You Note Examples

As we all know, pets are an essential part of our lives. Other than a companion, they make us feel secure and loved. The moment you start keeping a pet, you will always feel joy and fulfillment, as they will become part and parcel of the family. However, keeping a pet also comes with a sense of responsibility. Unlike human companions, pets aren’t able to take care of themselves. Therefore, they need to be fed, groomed, and trained, among other list of activities. But what happens if we are committed elsewhere? Or when we travel far for some business or leisure? Well, in such cases, you will have to find a pet sitter.

Remember that getting a reliable pet sitter that you trust can be easier said than done. But when you find one, it’s very important that you express your gratitude for taking their time and looking for your pet with great passion. If you are planning to write a pet sitting thank you note, you are in the right place. The following are steps that will help you through:

  • Express You Sincere Gratitude

The main purpose of writing these thank you letter s is to show how thankful you are to the pet sitter. Even if you are paying them for their services, it’s still important that be grateful. The money paid will compensate for their time. But thankful words will express your heartfelt appreciation.

  • Polish Your Note Before Sending

The moment you are done with the writing, it’s prudent that you spend more time on the polishing. Check on the spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation. This will help you send a note that is perfect, or at least close to perfect.

  • Use An Easy To Understand Language

Make sure the pet thank you note can easily be understood by the reader. Additionally, avoid using any words that can cause intimidation or irritation to the reader. Always use a polite, respectful, and friendly tone all through.

  • Always Send The Thank You Note Within A Month

According to experts, the pet sitting thank you note will have a major impact when sent within the month of receiving the service. Note that the sooner you send the letter, the better. If you wait a past month, the note will have little significance.

How to Write a Pet Sitting Thank You Note

As much as it may seem simple, writing a pet sitting thank you note often challenging for many. So, if you find yourself stuck on where to start or wondering which wording to use, the following will be of your great help.

  • Start with a date

Mention the date on which the letter is written.

  • Greeting.

Pet thank you notes are often treated as friendly letters, unless otherwise. This means that you don’t necessarily have to follow a specific greeting format. That being said, you need to start your letter with a friendly greeting, such as Dear Sandra, or Hello Uncle Charlie. As a bonus, make sure you get the person’s name right.

  • Express your gratitude

After the greetings, you need to go ahead and thank the person. Remember to keep this part as specific as possible by mentioning the name of the pet in question. Note that there are a million ways to express your gratitude. For instance, you can say;

  • Thank you so much for looking after my precious dog…
  • I sincerely express my gratitude for your dog sitting…
  • You made my day when you agreed to pet sit my dog.

Generally, you can choose your wordings in a way you feel will exhilarate the recipient. Note that the pet sitter won’t know they made an impact on you unless you mention it on your note.

Mention that you are looking forward to seeing them in the future. Who knows, you may want their services again in the future. And for this reason, you need to mention how much you are willing to work with them again. Usually, a looking forward statement will add a friendly and casual touch to your note. Also, it helps the pet sitter how much you are enthusiastic about your relationship with them.

  • Wrap up with regards

Once you are through with the body, you can end the note by stating a short sign off such as ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Best Regards. If the person happens to be your close friend or relative, then you can use ‘yours truly.’ Your signature and name should follow this.

Sample of a Pet Sitting Thank You Note

Sample 1

20th September 2020

Dear Mrs. Sarah Jeanne

I would want to thank you very much for the wonderful care you took for our dog Buddy while we were away. My husband and I were able to enjoy our vacation to the fullest, knowing that our dog was in the safest hands. I must say that the world feels so much great with selfless and caring people like you. For this reason, we have organized a friend’s party, and you are our guest of honor. We will get in touch when the time comes.


James Crossman.

Sample 2


Hello Jane Meyers,

Kindly receive this letter as a thank you note for being the best pet sitter ever. We appreciate your efforts and the time you took to look for my cat Bonny while I was away. It’s so amazing that you took great care of our cat as if it was your own. You will be forever in my heart. I look forward to meeting you again in the future.

Thanks and best wishes,

Mike John.

Sample Pet Sitting Thank You Note

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Pet Sitting Thank You Note Example

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