Corporate Thank You Letter (How to Write) Samples & Examples

Contemporary society is run by several corporations. Essentially, corporations are usually involved in many individual’s affairs, such as employment statuses, among others. Therefore, through the professional relationships cultured by these corporations, many have found themselves in a bind with the need to thank specific corporations for a particular prior engagement/interaction. This may often take verbal or written forms. Written thank you letters to these corporations are usually recommended and preferred by many. They are significant in many aspects, such as their tangibility, use for reference, and capability to reach masses at once.

Definition of a Thank You Letter to a Corporation

These are professional/official letters written as communication and directed from an individual or a corporation to another individual representative/another corporation thanking them for the prior fruitful interactions between the two parties involved. These letters are essentially great ways of building and maintaining a professional relationship in the corporate world. They will indicate to the other parties how grateful you are and how much you value their time. Many scenarios often warrant sending a thank you note. For instance, some of the best times to send these letters include appreciating help with job search, stating general appreciation, following up on an interview, and being awarded a contract when a customer makes a purchase, among many other possibilities.

The Importance of Writing a Thank You Letter to a Corporation

Saying thank often carries significant weight to the receiving party, not only personally but professionally too. Therefore, expressing gratitude in these letters usually has some benefits, which include;

  • Illustrating Professionalism

Thanking a corporation for the opportunity to interact/transact with them is always a demonstration of respect and adoration, elements for further fostering of business relationships.

  • Building Individual Rapports

The positive vibes associated with a thank you note usually make the sender memorable among the corporation’s other associates. Furthermore, despite being a basic etiquette, sending these letters will let the recipients know that you care and value your developing relationship.

  • Provides An Opportunity For Personal Promotion

These letters further provide for an opportunity for the sender to remind the recipient of their value in the relationship. For instance, if it was a thank you letter for an interview awarded, you could reiterate your qualifications, goals, and what you would bring to the table if hired.

How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Corporation

Since these are usually official communications, they often should follow the official letter writing format with a little tweaking to match the intended message. Thus, once you have made up your mind regarding sending the letter, you should start writing it immediately to facilitate immediate follow-up delivery.

Letter header/sender’s address

This is the first part of the letter you should put down. In this part, you should include the origin address details such as the physical address, sender’s name, company name and logo, and any relevant contact information. These will indicate from whom the letter originated while providing for possible ways of contacting the sender.


This comes after the header. It usually indicates the date the letter was written. It should incorporate all the elements of a date, such as the day of the month, the month, and the year.

Recipient’s address

This is the third part of the formatting criteria. It entails the receiving corporation’s information with the optional indication (although most recommended) of the letter’s specific recipient. Therefore, it entails the recipient’s full name, the company’s physical address, and any of their contact information. This will confirm to the recipient the letter was directed to them.


This is the next part of the official letter formatting. This will initiate a respectful tone in the letter by addressing the recipient appropriately. You will thus use Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. followed by the recipient’s last name if you know it. If you don’t, you may refer to them as Sir/Madam depending on gender identity.

The body

This is usually the heart of the letter, and it comes immediately after the salutations. It, therefore, contains most of the vital information/message being passed along. In this case of a thank you letter to the corporation, you should try and incorporate some if not all of the following data in your body;

  • First, you should start by sharing your gratitude by thanking the recipient.
  • Next, you should notify them of the reason you are grateful.
  • This could be followed by referring to specific details of the previous encounter to show your commitment.
  • You are also free to include any information you deem relevant that could further your relationship.
  • Finally, conclude the letter by further affirming your appreciation of what transpired prior to writing the thank you letter.

Sign off

This is the final part of these letters. They constitute a complementary clause, which includes phrases like “Yours faithfully.” Cordially”, “Sincerely yours,” “Sincerely,” among others, followed by the sender’s signature for authenticity and recent contact information.

Sample Thank You Letter to a Corporation

(Sender’s Name)

(Sender’s Address)

(City, State, Zipcode)

(Sender’s Contact Information)


(Recipient’s Name)

(Associated Company Designation)

(Corporation/Company Name)

(Recipient’s Address)

(City, State, Zipcode)

Dear (Sir/Madam, Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (recipient’s name))

I would like to thank you for awarding my firm with the ten years contract for legal representations to your corporation. As a law firm, we are excited to go into business with you. I am confident that this business relationship will yield positive outcomes throughout the decade.

In your official communication, you noted that you expected maximum efficiency from our part. I guarantee that our dedicated team of experts in the field of law and investigations will provide you with timely and consistent positive results. Our firm prides itself on quality and efficiency, as witnessed by some of our other clients. You are always free to contact me with any additional work as per our contract.

Thank you again for your time throughout the process of the contract award. I am grateful for the opportunity you have provided, and we look forward to honoring our promises and commitments.


(Sender’s Signature)

(Sender’s Name)

(Sender’s Contact Information)

Use our free corporate thank you letter templates to write a professional letter to anyone you’d like to thank.

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    Tips on Writing a Perfect Thank You Letter to a Corporation

    These letters usually need to be perfectly composed and written to ensure that the message is delivered as intended. Therefore you should try and avoid simple writing mistakes by adhering to the following tips;

    • The letter should be timely as a quick response follow-up.
    • The letter should be in the official formal format.
    • It should be written in a polite, professional tone.
    • It should be precise and to the point.
    • The letter should be legible and comprehensible.
    • The letter should be free of any grammatical/spelling errors.
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