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30 Sponsorship Thank You Letter Samples & Templaes

Sponsors are philanthropic individuals who like extending their generosity for the benefit of others. Every person will agree with me that getting a sponsor can be easier said than done. However, after sending your requests, pleas, and meetings, you may land a sponsor willing to walk with you all the way. But even after receiving such support, it’s very important that you appreciate the generous contributions sponsors make in our lives. Your relationship doesn’t necessarily need to stop once you’ve banked their cash. Rather, it should be an ongoing exchange.

One better way to start a healthy relationship with your sponsor is to write them a sponsorship thank you letter.

What is Sponsorship Thank You Letter?

As the name suggests, sponsorship thank you letter is a document addressed to a sponsor, thanking them for their generous and kind support. Whether you are a business owner, a student, or any other sponsorship beneficiary, sending out these letters is very critical in maintaining the relationship between you and the sponsor. Other than making them feel appreciated, the letters also update the sponsors on the impact their contribution is making. That being said, it is easier for the sponsor to continue working with you again in the days to come.  

Writing a Sponsorship Thank You Letter

Are you planning to write a sponsorship thank you letter? Or, are you stuck on which words to use when writing the letters? Well, for this and many such questions, we’ve got you covered. The truth is many people struggle when it comes to writing the sponsorship thank you letters. So, you aren’t alone. The following guide will help you achieve a perfect letter that will make your sponsor feel appreciated.

Sender’s name and address

Just like any other official letter, your sponsorship thank you letter should start with the sender’s name and location address.


After the sender’s address, leave some space, then add the date of writing. The dates should include the day, month, and year for record-keeping purposes.

Receiver’s address

This is the third part of the sponsorship thank you letter. Here, you will indicate the correct name and address of the sponsor.


Make good use of official salutations such as ‘Hello,’ ‘Hi,’ or ‘Dear Sir/Madam.’


Introduce your letter by introducing yourself to the sponsor. Then, thank them for their generous and kind support.

Body paragraphs

In the body paragraphs, you can give an elaborate description of how the sponsorship helped you achieve your ambitions. In other words, you can let the sponsor know how their contribution was meaningful to you, how their money was used, and the result it has affected.


Finally, you can conclude your letter by reinstating your appreciation and thankfulness to the sponsor for the generous support they have offered to you. Then, you need to add a complementary clause, followed by your signature, then name.

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship Sample

James Rodrigues

Principle Bright Star Academy

1234 Main Street, California

28TH September 2020.

Grace McCain


Greenlight Organization

[Input address]

Dear Mrs. Grace,

On behalf of the Environmental Conservation Club, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the generous sponsorship that you provided to our school. As the school principal, I am happy to report that your generous and selfless support made us achieve more than we ever imagined.

Through your sponsorship, we managed to engage in our tree planting activity that was scheduled to take place on 15th august 2020. We managed to plant a total of 5,000 trees within our school compound and along the entrance.

Other than tree planting, we also managed to raise awareness of the importance of planting and conserving forests. Amazingly, we were able to aspire to lots of environmental enthusiasts who joined us in the activity.

As the patron of the environmental conservation club, we do understand the importance of trees to our nature. Therefore, this initiative was one that was closest to our hearts. Kindly note that this event couldn’t be possible without your intervention. Therefore, we deeply appreciate your willingness and determination to come in and sponsor our tree planting initiative. We hope and wish that our association and relationship will be maintained even in the future. Together we can always change the world to become a better place. Thank you.



James Rodrigues

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    Tips For Writing

    Following are the tips to write an Effective Sponsorship Thank You Letter:

    Send the letters as soon as possible: According to pundits, the sponsorship thank you letters should be sent as soon as you receive the sponsorship support. Preferably, you need to send the letters 14 days after receiving the support. Note that the majority of sponsors don’t value late or delayed appreciations.

    Thank the sponsor at the beginning of your letter: Before you mention anything else, let your sponsor know why you are writing the letter. Explain in detail how appreciative you are for the gift.

    Personalize the letter: You need to be as specific as possible when writing the letter. That being said, you need to address the sponsor by their name. If you have multiple sponsors, be sure to match every value and goal with that of a particular sponsor.

    Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and sweet: In order to improve the readability and flow of sentences, you need to avoid using long and complex sentences. Instead, make good use of short sentences that are easily understandable by your readers. The same should also apply to your paragraphs. If you write long and wordy paragraphs, the chances of it being read are very minimal.

    Proofread the letter: After you are done with the writing, you need to ensure that your letter is free from any errors. Take some time, and proofread your letter to consider grammatical errors, common mistakes, misspellings, and punctuations.

    Final Words

    The relationship between the client and the sponsor should not always end after banking the money. Instead, it’s something that should be maintained for a better future. Even after receiving the sponsorship, it’s always wise that the client writes a thank you letter for sponsorship. This is the only way to start making your relationship go in the right direction.

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