6+ Cleaning Service Invoice Templates

A cleaning service performs a very crucial task for people who are busy or those who are unable to keep their homes in order. Of course, they would like to offer the best service and staff to their clients. However, there is also the administrative side of the cleaning business. The business owner/manager must take care of all the paperwork connected to the business. One way to do this is to ensure that the client is billed properly. This requires that they send a cleaning service invoice to their clients. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a cleaning service invoice templates to bill more professionally and efficiently.

What is a Cleaning Invoice Used for?

You clean every corner of your clients’ house with attention to detail. Sending an invoice to them with the same focus on detail is also important. The reason for sending a house cleaning invoice is to inform the clients that they owe you for your cleaning services. Other than billing your clients, a house cleaning invoice is useful for recording important financial information and keeping payments in check.

There are several benefits to using a cleaning service invoice; they include:

  1. Recording necessary information for tax purposes
  2. Avoid missing payment due dates
  3. Keep a comprehensive record of all the transactions
  4. Keep a record of debts and late payments
  5. Organize payments for house cleaning services
  6. Describe the type of cleaning service offered
  7. Organize and simplify your bookkeeping

A well-drafted cleaning service invoice will do more than just payment request- it will serve as a record for all the transactions and payment information. Keeping a clean and tight record of all these things helps one to have an accurate account and an easy time filing their taxes.

What is included in a Cleaning Service Invoice?

Clarity and transparency are some of the most important qualities of any service-based business. As you draft your invoice, it is important that you ensure all the details are included. These include:

  • Your unique identification number
  • Your company names
  • Your company’s address and contact info
  • The clients’ name, address and contact info
  • All the services offered and their corresponding prices
  • Date of the invoice and the date the services were offered
  • Any taxes, surcharges, and other important details on a separate line
  • The total amount owed
  • Payment details and terms and conditions for payment

Finding the Right Cleaning Service Invoice Template

The right invoice template should be acquiescent enough and professionally designed to allow you to customize it to fit all your needs. A professionally designed template shouldn’t force you to constantly create a new invoice outline every time you are invoicing your clients. A good template must include important information for both you and the client. This way:

  • Your client will have a solid understanding of the services offered and their respective costs
  • You will be able to reference past services, equipment, and material used as they are usually included in the invoice
  • Your client will know your service warranty and the terms and conditions as they are clearly stated on the invoice
  • Your client will have your contact information and can easily contact you should they require your services again.

Download a Cleaning Service Templates

A cleaning service template is basically a blank invoice that you can use as an outline to create an even more detailed invoice for your clients. You can download our ready to use templates that are professionally designed and easily customizable to make your work far much easier. After downloading the template, make sure to tailor it to your specific clients’ needs.

Cleaning Service Invoice Template 01

Cleaning Service Invoice Template 02

Dry Cleaning Services Invoice PDF

Cleaning Service Invoice Template 03

Cleaning Service Invoice Template 04

Cleaning Service Invoice Template 05

    Why Should you use Invoice Templates?

    1. A cleaning service template helps you stay organized and able to account for all necessary information every time.
    2. They also reduce room for any errors by providing the mandatory fields that need to be filled out.
    3. They help in saving your precious time by allowing you to fill in the blanks without any additional work.
    4. They help in keeping track of the rates and prices in case one needs to make any changes to improve their margins in the future.
    5. They help the client process your payments faster.

    As a small business owner or a cleaning company, you most certainly don’t want to face payment related issues, especially after you completed your work on time. By making sure that you have invoiced your client on time can help prevent any inconveniences.

    Make sure to list all the services and the amount that the client owes you. Include detailed instructions with the terms and conditions for your payment. After making sure that everything is included in the invoice, send it via mail, snail mail, or any other means as agreed upon with the client. When you bill your customers with a detailed and well-organized invoice, you can rest assured that you will be getting your payment on time without any delays or confusion.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should use a cleaning service invoice?

    Basically, anyone offering cleaning services can use a cleaning service invoice to bill their clients.

    How and when do I write a cleaning receipt?

    It is important to note that a cleaning receipt is not a part of the invoice or bills. A receipt is usually sent after receiving a payment from a client. The format of the receipt is simple, as it is an acknowledgment that you received the payment.

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